Best 80 Ways to Learn Easily How to Say Thank You in Spanish

If you think you’re a polite person, you need to learn how to say “thank you in Spanish” and “you’re welcome” in Spanish right away. There are many different ways to say “thank you in Spanish”, just like there are many different ways to say “thank you” in English. This important word can be used in all parts of our everyday lives, and it’s great to know the right phrase for every situation.

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Gracias is the most common way to say “thank you in Spanish”, so you might already know it.

We’ll talk about different ways to say “thank you in Spanish” that can be used in a variety of situations. We’ll also talk about how to say “you’re welcome” in Spanish like a pro, without repeating “you’re welcome” word for word every time.

How to Say Thank You in Spanish?

Gracias is one of those words that we can use all day to thank people and be polite. If you are learning Spanish, you may have noticed that there are a lot of different ways to say “thank you” in Spanish. This is because there are other ways to say “thank you” in Spanish besides “gracias.”

If you want to learn more useful words and phrases, here are some common ways to say “thank you” in Spanish. All of these phrases are used a lot by people who study Spanish. But make sure to read the explanations carefully because some of these phrases may show a deeper sense of gratitude or a different level of formality.

Top 80 Ways How to Say “Thank you in Spanish” You’re Welcome” At a Glance





Thank you


Many Thanks

Muchas gracias

Okay Thank you

Ok, Gracias

Thanks a lot

Muchísimas gracias

Thank you very much

Muchas gracias

Thanks for everything

Gracias por todo

I thank you

Te lo agradezco

A Thousand thanks

Mil gracias

Thanks a Million

gracias mil



Very Grateful

Muy agradecido

I’m very grateful

Estoy muy agradecido

Being grateful


I appreciate it

Te lo agradezco

I really appreciate it

Lo aprecio mucho

I am Grateful for

Te agradezco por

I Thank you with all My Heart

Te/Se lo agradezco de todo corazón 

Thank you in advance

Gracias de antemano

I’m Very Thankful

Estoy muy agradecido/agradecida

Thanks to you

Gracias a ti

Much Thanks

Muchas gracias

Thank God

Gracias a Dios

Thanks again

Gracias de nuevo

No, Thank you


Thank you, my friend

Gracias, mi amigo/a

Thank you for the Gift

Gracias por el detalle

I’m Thankful To You

Te estoy agradecida/agradecido

Thank you kindly

Gracias por su amabilidad

Best Thanks

mejor gracias

Thank you for coming

Gracias por venir

Heartfelt thanks

Gracias de corazón

I’m Extremely Thankful

Estoy muy agradecido

I would like to thank you sincerely

quisiera agradecerte sinceramente

Thanks for asking

Gracias por preguntar

Thank you that’s nice

gracias eso es bueno

I give you my thanks

te doy mi agradecimiento

Thank you my brother

Gracias mi hermano

Thanks a lot for the bottle of wine

Muchas gracias por la botella de vino

I offer my thanks

ofrezco mi agradecimiento

Don’t worry 

No te preocupes

Whenever you want

Cuando quieras

Nothing is Happening

No pasa nada

No Problem

hay No problema

That’s so kind of you

¡Qué amable (de tu/su parte)!

How sweet! / How nice!

¡Qué amable!

Thank you Sir

gracias señor 

Thank you, Madam

gracias señora

Very kind 

Muy amable

Many thanks for all

muchas gracias por todo

Thank you for your hard work

Gracias por tu duro trabajo

Thanks, you too!

¡Gracias a ti también!

Thank you for the Wonderful Time

Gracias por el tiempo maravilloso

Thanks for your time

Gracias por tu tiempo

You’re welcome

De nada

You’re Very Welcome

No hay de qué

My Pleasure/It’s My Pleasure

Es Un Placer

No Problem

hay No problema

It’s okay

Está bien

No worries

No te preocupes

It was Nothing 

No fue nada

It’s Nothing/It’s Not A Big Deal

No Es Nada

The pleasure is mine

El placer es mío

Glad to Help

Encantado de ayudar / Encantada de ayudar

That’s all right

Está bien

Don’t mention it

Ni lo mencione

Not at all 

No, en absoluto

You got it!

¡Ya lo tienes!

Of course

Por supuesto.

It’s all good

Está bien


Cuando gustes

With pleasure

Con gusto

Don’t worry about it 

No se preocupe/No te preocupes

Oh! Anytime!

¡Oh! En cualquier momento

Happy to 

Con gusto

The pleasure is all mine

El placer es todo mío

It’s nothing

No es nada

It wasn’t a problem at all

No fue un problema en absoluto

A lot of pleasure

mucho gusto 

Nothing to thank for

No hay de qué

20 Ways to Say “Thank you in Spanish”

Thank you in Spanish

We have a set of phrases and ways to say “thank you in Spanish” and “you’re welcome” that is, without a doubt, the most common way to say “thank you” and “you’re welcome” in Spanish.

1. “Thank you in Spanish” – Gracias 

In Spanish, this is the most common way to say “thank you.” It means “thanks” in English.

2. “Thank you very much” – Muchas gracias

Muchas gracias means “thank you very much” in Spanish. So, one of the most common ways to say “thank you” in Spanish is this. “Thank you very much” can be used in both formal and informal situations.

3. “Thanks a lot” – Muchísimas gracias 

This is the next step in Spanish for saying “thank you.” It could also be translated as “thank you very much,” which goes a little further in showing how much you appreciate what someone has done for you.

4. “Thank you for Everything” – Gracias por todo 

Thanks for everything is a phrase you should only use when someone has really done a lot for you. For example, you wouldn’t say this to a stranger on the street who gives you some quick information. Now, let’s talk about how to say “thank you” in a casual setting.

5. “I Thank you” – Te lo agradezco

The literal translation is “I thank you,” but “I appreciate it” is a better way to put it. This term should only be used in official or serious situations.

6. “A Thousand Thanks” – Mil gracias

This phrase means “a thousand thanks” in English. You can use this to show how grateful you are for any kind of help that saved your life. You can say “mil gracias” to someone or a group to thank them.

7. “Thanks a Million” – gracias mil

You may have heard someone say “thanks a million,” but in Spanish, it’s “mil gracias,” which means “thanks a thousand.” You might also hear Spanish speakers say gracias mil instead of gracias mil mil, but the meaning stays the same.

8. “Very Grateful” – Agradecido / Muy agradecido 

Agradecido or muy agradecido implies ‘grateful’ or ‘extremely grateful. This word is being used more and more in social media posts, but it can sound a bit corny. When you use these words on social media, you should also say what or who you’re thankful for.

9. “I Appreciate it” – Te lo agradezco

Te lo agradezco “I appreciate it”. This is a roundabout way to say “thank you.” You can say “te lo agradezco” instead of “gracias” when someone does you a favor, and it will still mean the same thing.

10. “I am Grateful for” – Te agradezco por

This one is a favorite among native Spanish speakers. It is used to thank someone or something in a very specific way. It makes what you said about being thankful seem more true. This could also be said as “I’m thankful for.”

11. “I Thank you with all My Heart” – Te/Se lo agradezco de todo corazón 

This is a very kind way to say “thank you.” “Te lo agradezco” is used in informal situations or with people we know well, while “se lo agradezco” is used in formal situations or with people we don’t know as well.

12. “Thank you in Advance” – Gracias de antemano

Say gracias de antemano when you want to say thank you before you get the favor you asked for. It means “thanks ahead of time.”

13. “I’m Very Thankful” – Estoy muy agradecido/agradecida  

Make sure to use the right form of the adjective agradecido based on the speaker’s gender and number.

14. “Thanks to you” – Gracias a ti

Here’s another Spanish way to say “thank you.” It’s also a Spanish way to say “you’re welcome.” This phrase means “thanks to you” in English. You can say “no, thank you!” in Spanish with this phrase. When someone does you a favor, you can say “Thanks to you” as a reply.

15. “Much Thanks” –  Muchas gracias  

Muchas gracias sounds a lot like the English phrase “many thanks.” This is a more casual way to say thank you that you would use with your friends. It also shows a little more excitement when the situation calls for it.

16. “Thank God” – Gracias a Dios 

The meaning of “Thanks to God” is pretty clear. It is used to thank God as if you were talking directly to Him. Many Spanish-speaking countries, especially in Latin America, use this one.

17. “Thanks Anyway” – Gracias igual/de todos modos

When someone tried to help you but couldn’t, they might say one of these two things. If you believe that “it’s the thought that counts,” this is the way to go.

18. “Thanks a Lot for the Bottle of Wine” – Muchas gracias por la botella de vino

In a similar way, Paula’s boss, Andrea, gave each of her employees a bottle of wine with the following message written on it.

19. “I’m Extremely Thankful” – Estoy muy agradecido 

In terms of formality, this is a pretty neutral way to say “thank you.”

20. “Thank you Sir” / “Thank you, Madam” – “gracias señor” / ”gracias señora”

Write “thank you, sir” or “thank you, madame.” In Spanish, “thank you, sir” is written as “gracias, seor.” “Thank you, Mrs.,” written in Spanish, is “gracias, seora.”

10 Ways to Say “You’re Welcome” in Spanish

You’re Welcome

1. “You’re Welcome” – De nada 

This is a pretty common way to say “thank you” to someone in Spanish. It’s short, gets to the point, and is pretty simple to learn.

2. “You’re Very Welcome”  – No hay de qué

This is a very polite way to say “thank you” in Spanish. It shows that the person was happy to help you. It can mean either “there’s no need” or “thank you very much.”

3. “My Pleasure/It’s My Pleasure” – Es Un Placer

This phrase can be used in any situation, but friends don’t usually say it because it sounds a bit more formal.

4. “No Problem” –hay No problema 

This is a casual way to say thank you, no problem, or don’t worry about it.

5. “It’s okay” – Está bien 

If you did something nice for someone, you don’t always have to say “thank you” in its literal translation. It’s okay to say “it’s okay” sometimes.

6. “No Worries” – No te preocupes

For a more formal setting, you can also say “no se preocupe,” which means “no worries” or “don’t worry.”

7. “It was Nothing” – No fue nada

It was nothing means “it wasn’t anything” in Spanish. So, this is another way to say “you’re welcome” in Spanish. “No fue nada” plays down the favor or help you did for someone, just like the English phrase does.

8. “It’s Nothing/It’s Not A Big Deal” – No Es Nada 

With this common phrase, you can let the other person know that the flavor wasn’t too hard, or if it was, you can show that you were able to do it.

9. “The Pleasure is Mine” – El placer es mio

“The pleasure is mine” is what this phrase means in English. It’s almost the same as the phrase “it’s my pleasure.” When someone thanks you for driving them somewhere, you could say, “The pleasure is mine.”

10. “Glad to Help” – Encantado de ayudar / Encantada de ayudar

This phrase means “glad to help” in English. If you’re a guy, you’d say “encantado.” If you are a female, you would use “encantada”. When someone thanks you for helping them, and you don’t mind helping them again, you might say “encantado/encantada de ayudar” (glad to help).


Thank you is a common thing to say in every language. Because of this, we put together a list of 20 phrases and words you can use to say “thank you” in Spanish. We’ve gone over phrases you can use in any situation, as well as how to say “thank you” and some other words. Remember that the best way to use these phrases is to know how formal they are and how much gratitude they show.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Thank you in Spanish

Are there other ways to say thank you in Spanish?

Here are some simple ways to say thank you: “Thanks” or “thank you” in Spanish is “gracias.” Muchas gracias means “thank you very much” or “thanks a lot.” Muchsimas gracias means “thank you very, very much” or “thanks a lot.”

What is da nada?

About nothing: Thank you.

Is it muchos gracias or Muchas gracias?

Many thanks are the only correct way to say “thank you very much.”

How do you thank someone for their kind words?

Thank you for thinking of me and being so kind. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for all of your kind words and constant support. You really are a great friend. I was happy to find your message in my mailbox today. Thank you so much for your kind words.

Is De nada rude?

When someone says “thank you,” “de nada” is often the polite answer. Por nada, on the other hand, is used when you worked on something but didn’t get anywhere, so you worked for nothing. Por nada would be a rude answer after Gracias!, in my opinion. It means “for nothing.”

Can I say thank you for your time?

No, it’s not rude to say, “Thank you for your time.” It’s polite to thank someone for taking the time to talk to you about a job, give you a referral, or help you in some other way.

How do you Thank Someone for Appreciation at Work?

“Thank you, hearing that makes my day.” “I gave this a lot of thought, and I’m glad you noticed.” “Thank you so much, I really appreciate that you took the time to say that.” “Thank you, I’m glad to hear you agree!”

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