Muse Drones World Tour (2018)
a one-night only event in cinemas worldwide on 12 July 2018

The English rock band MUSE, released in 2015, has returned to the sound of heavy drones. The album received the title of Best Rock Album at the 58th Grammy Awards. The 34st concert tour in the world of drones held a 360 degree concert, where the stage and the hall were connected with pilot screens, projectors, and dances that led to the visual and sensory perception of perfumes. This ambitious and innovative concert was recorded as a movie, with the screening of the world only for 1 day, with only 1 session. MUSE's Cave will host Tbilisi Cinema.

The Drones album comprises 6 singles: Psycho, Dead Inside, Mercy, Revolt, Aftermath, Reapers, and singing in singles: Madness, Uprising, Plug in Baby, Supermassive Black Hole and Knights of Cydonia.
Grace Kelly
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LOUDspeakers for
LOUDSpeakers have been working for four years now and this is a well-known Georgian group
During the time, many Georgian melanisms were able to win the heart. Indie and alternate
The band of rock music keeps listening to the most listening day
And the status of the well-known Georgian group, which they have attached to fans
The entire army will be reflected.

Because of these deserved status and the distinctive love of the people our site,
Engel.Ge Group offers an exclusive interview with LOUDspeakers
The group spoke frankly about everything in our interview and in the end they are very interesting
The interview was held. It can be said that this article is written by: Georgian for the melodies
Alternatives, group fans and those who do not have the quality in Georgia
Music is created. So you can get acquainted with our guests and be proud of them.

LOUDspeakers for

The Georgian group KID JESUS ​​has been working for two years and actively promotes the listener
Indie and alternative rock music. The first performances of the band took place for "Aivani season 2"
After that, the group soon achieved great success in NEWCOMERS 2012.

Engel.Ge reads boldly that their music is quite quality and pleasant
Listening. Thus, the group decided to cooperate with us so much. Whatever
We received a positive response and you have the opportunity to share the basic information about the group
Find out from an exclusive interview. The group members of us
In the interview they talked about the band, new song, influence, inspiration and
Future plans. As we expected, their answers were really very much
It was interesting and convincing.

Alain Delon Romy Schneider
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