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Top 150 CrackStream Alternatives to Watch Live Sports for Free in 2024 [Detail Guide]


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CrackStream is one of the most well-known free live-streaming sports sites available. There are several options to consider if you’re seeking free live-streaming sports on the internet. Crackstreams provides free access to live sports streaming of dubious legality and varied reliability. It operates in a legal grey area but remains popular for streaming events.

In this article, we’ll go over all of the features (both positive and negative) and provide you with advice on how to safeguard yourself while using CrackStream or CrackStreams. 

What is CrackStream and How Does It Work?


CrackStream was created to be a one-stop shop for all of your sports streaming needs. CrackStreams popularity grew over time, and there was a point when millions of sports fans used it on a regular basis to watch live sports online. The website was quickly taken down by officials due to copyright issues.

Since then, many Crack Stream mirrors and CrackStream have been created, but none of them has been able to match the number of services offered by the genuine CrackStreams website. Consider using these CrackStreams instead of any mirror or proxy.

Here are some key details about Crackstreams:

  • It is a sports streaming site that provides free live streams for various sporting events including NFL, NBA, MMA, boxing, soccer, and more.
  • The site does not host any content directly but aggregates streams from third-party sources, sites, and social platforms.
  • The streams are typically unauthorized broadcasts of paywalled sports content, making the legality of Crackstreams questionable.
  • Stream quality can be inconsistent as they come from different sources. There are often multiple links for an event, requiring testing links to find a good stream.
  • There are intrusive popups, ad redirects, and overlays on the site. Using an adblock is recommended.
  • Crackstreams does not require registration or payment for access. The content is free but has to be accessed through the ads.
  • The site changes domains frequently, likely to evade takedown efforts. It is accessible through various mirror and proxy sites.
  • Besides live sports, Crackstreams also offers free replays, highlights, and updates for sports events.

How to Stream a Match on CrackStreams?

CrackStreams is a simple interface that anticipates your visit to their website. There are a variety of matches that can be seen or are currently being streamed live. You can pick any of these to start the live broadcast of that match. In any event, the information displayed regarding the game being streamed is updated on a regular basis to avoid any ambiguities.

How to Watch CrackStreams on FireStick?

Let’s walk through the steps to watch Crack Stream on Amazon Fire TV now that you know what it is.

CrackStreams is a browser-based live-streaming service, as we indicated previously. You can use any web browser, such as Silk, Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox, to access this service on your FireStick, PC, or tablet. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to stream CrackStream or CrackStreams on Fire TV with Silk Browser.

We’ll download Silk Browser in the first section below. We’ll use the browser to access CrackStream in the second portion.

Step-1: Download Silk Browser

To begin, you must first install Amazon Silk Browser on your FireStick.

  1. Scroll down to the Find option on the FireStick’s home screen. Then scroll down and press the Search button.
  2. Begin typing Silk Browser. Click it when Silk Browser appears as a search suggestion beneath the virtual keyboard.
  3. Select Amazon Silk – Web Browser from the APPS AND GAMES section.
  4. On the next screen, click Download and wait for the browser to download and install.
  5. A popup with the words Amazon Silk – Ready to Launch will display in the bottom right corner. If you want to use the browser right now, click Open; if you want to use it later, return to the FireStick home screen.

Step 2: Watch CrackStreams on FireStick

  1. Now that you’ve installed Silk Browser on your Fire TV, you can start watching CrackStreams with it. Press and hold the home button on your FireStick controller to launch Silk Browser.
  2. Select the Apps option when this screen appears.
  3. Select Silk Browser from the drop-down menu.
  4. You can move Silk Browser to the top row of apps so that it can be accessed from your FireStick home if you desire. To do so, press the settings button on your Fire TV remote (three horizontal lines), then click Move. Press the Choose button on your remote once you’ve moved the Silk Browser app to the top row.
  5. Click on Silk Browser to open it. Select the Search bar on the home page to type the CrackStreams URL.
  6. Type into the address bar and click Go.

With Silk Browser, you may now view CrackStreams on your FireStick device.

How to Watch CrackStreams on PC, Android TV, iPhone?

CrackStream is one of the simplest methods to watch your favorite sporting events on a PC, tablet, Android TV box, iPhone, or Android smartphone. You do not need to download an app or establish an account to use this service. Simply open your browser on your computer, tablet, or smartphone and type into the URL/search bar.

What happened to CrackStream?

Recently, many have been having problems accessing the website – CrackStreams or CrackStreams. So, what went wrong with the website? This is a cause for concern because many individuals have enjoyed the services throughout the years. The site is currently unable to live stream updates and is occasionally unavailable.

Google has removed the majority of the site’s URLs. Like many others promoting piracy, this website has become a victim. These websites, on the other hand, are like hydraheads. If you destroy one microbe, another will emerge. This is why sites like these frequently have many domains.

Furthermore, it is fairly normal for a popular website to be shut down. That’s why the news of CrackStream’s demise isn’t as shocking as it may appear. As we previously stated, it is not permanent. You can still get to it with different domain names from time to time.

Features of CrackStreams

Here are some of the key features of the sports streaming site Crackstreams:

  • Extensive range of sports coverage, including NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MMA, boxing, soccer, and more. Offers streams for mainstream as well as niche sporting events.
  • Provides multiple streaming links for a single event in different qualities and from different sources. Allows testing streams to find the best one.
  • No registration or payments are required to access live stream links or replays. Content can be accessed completely free but with ads present.
  • Offers live game stats, scores, video highlights, and streams. Useful for tracking events in real time.
  • Mobile-friendly site with the ability to stream on mobile devices. Provides stable mobile-optimized streams.
  • Regularly updates Domain Name System (DNS) records to avoid anti-piracy tracking. Harder to take down streams.
  • Minimal and uncluttered interface for easily finding available event streams. Categories are divided by sports and leagues.
  • Features a chat section where users can interact with others while watching streams and discussing games.
  • Wide selection of mirror sites and proxy domains to access streams if the main site is down. Ensures stream availability.
  • Streams have minimal delays compared to actual live event telecasts. Almost real-time streaming experience.

Comparison With Other Live Streaming Platforms

Here is a detailed comparison table between the sports streaming sites Crackstreams, ESPN+, and Stream2Watch:

Streaming Site Crackstreams ESPN+ Stream2Watch
Content Wide range of sports, including NFL, NBA, NHL, MMA, Soccer, etc. Extensive live and on-demand sports from MLB, NHL, La Liga, Bundesliga, PGA Tour, etc. Covers NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Soccer, Rugby, Tennis, etc.
Video Quality Inconsistent, depends on stream source High-quality official streams Decent, streams up to 720p HD
Legality Unauthorized streams, questionable legality Officially licensed content A grey area may include unauthorized streams
Price Free access, ad-supported $9.99 per month subscription fee Free access, ad-supported
Device Support PC, mobile devices Wide device support including mobiles, web, TVs PC, mobile devices supported
Reliability Streams can lag or get taken down Very reliable, outage rare Moderate reliability, streams can lag
Chat Support Yes, the ability to chat while watching No integrated chat function No chat function
Drawbacks Ad overlays, popups, shady links Paid subscription, limited free content Flash player requirement, pop-up ads
Ease of Use Simple interface, easy-to-find streams Polished apps and interface Outdated design, cluttered navigation


Top 150 CrackStream Alternatives

  1. SSportStream
  2. 12th Player
  3. FirstRowSports
  4. Stream2Watch
  5. ATDHE
  6. SportP2P
  7. AceStreams
  8. Sports365
  9. CricFree12thplayer
  10. MamaHD
  12. NFLBite
  13. FootyBite
  14. Time4TV
  15. Sports RAR TV
  16. SportLemon
  17. Fox Sports Go
  18. NFL Mobile App
  19. ESPN+
  20. ESPN Live
  21. Offside Stream
  22. MLB TV
  23. Stream2U
  24. First Row Sports
  25. Visiwig
  26. Hotstar Sports
  27. Time for TV
  28. Acestream
  29. SportzTube
  30. Cricfree
  31. SportSurge
  32. Crackstreams
  33. Bufferstreams
  34. ESPN3
  35. DAZN
  36. Watch Live Sports
  37. Feed2All
  38. Streamcomando
  39. StreamHunter
  40. StreamWoop
  41. Stream Commando
  42. Daddylive. live
  43. Volokit
  44. Navscore
  45. LiverpoolFC
  46. Ussoccer
  47. SoccerStreams
  48. Football-Highlights
  49. Soccercirclejerk
  50. Taraftar TV
  51. Vola Sports
  52. Slipstream Tv
  53. JioTV
  54. Ac-Milan
  56. Sport365
  57. StopStream
  58. OffsideStreams
  59. Ling TV
  60. YouTube TV
  61. Redstreams
  62. Sky Sports
  63. VIPRow Sports
  64. CricHD Live
  65. LiveTV
  66. Red Bull TV
  67. Hulu
  68. Joker Live Stream
  69. NBC Sports
  70. Facilprintsl
  71. StopStream TV
  72. Hesgoal
  73. Total Sportek
  74. ESPN Sports
  75. Grandmastreams
  76. BuffStreams
  77. 25taraftarium24
  79. Vidgo
  80. BossCast
  82. FromSport
  85. 123sport
  90. Sling TV
  91. FuboTV
  92. SportStream
  93. Wiziwig
  94. VIPLeague
  95. Laola1
  96. VIPBoxTV
  97. Jio Tv
  98. BatManStream
  99. RedStream
  100. StrikeOut
  101. 365Scores
  102. Batman Stream
  103. CricHD
  104. FirstRow Sports
  105. Crackstream.Net
  106. 12thPlayer
  107. Bilasport
  108. Ronaldo7
  109. Bally Sports
  110. goATD
  111. MyP2P
  112. RedstreamSport
  113. FOX Sport GO
  114. Facebook Watch
  115. Hotstar
  117. JokerLiveStream
  118. NewSoccer
  119. Streamiptvonline
  120. Universal TV HD Sports
  121. Myp2pguide
  122. Rojadirecta
  123. Live Football TV Streaming HD
  124. Moviedroid
  125. BBC iPlayer
  126. USTVGO
  127. SonyLIV
  128. ESPN
  129. LiveTV Sports
  130. Buffstreams
  131. Nbalives
  132. 1stream
  133. Soccerstreamlinks
  134. Socceronline
  135. Redditsoccerstreams
  136. Nbastreamlinks
  137. Streamsgate
  138. Givemenbastreams
  139. Nba-streams
  140. Nflnews
  141. Topstreams
  142. Talksuresa
  143. Wanatel
  144. nbastreams
  145. hidemytraffic
  146. nbastream
  147. nbafullmatch
  148. redditstreams
  149. nbastreams100
  150. streameast

Crack Stream Mirror Sites 

These CrackStreams, such as Free Movie Websites and Torrent Sites, are always down and offline when CrackStreams is.

All of the CrackStream websites listed below are not working right now.

  4. crackstreamsnfl

All the above links are currently not working. The only working stream link is: 

Is Crackstreams legal?

No, Crackstream is a live sports streaming website that broadcasts live sporting events from all over the world. It is criminal to watch any unlawful streams that are not authorized, and you could face jail time.

It is not only unlawful but also unreliable and dangerous to stream matches without paying for them. You never know what kind of malware is in the stream you’re watching or how much damage it’s causing to your device. Use legal streaming sites such as Sky Sports and ESPN wherever possible.

However, because of the nature of the platform, your favorite streams may be subject to unexpected content changes from time to time. Furthermore, some streams may feature a large number of adverts, which can be irritating at times. Fortunately, there are a plethora of excellent choices. The following ten sites, similar to Crackstreams, are the greatest for easily streaming sports.

Crackstreams Site Quality

The website itself falls short. In all fairness, the site is straightforward and simple to navigate. 

If you’ve come to watch free game streams, chances are you’re willing to sacrifice some quality and customer service in order to watch your sports.

All stream connections are kept up to date, thus the site makes an effort to provide the greatest streams possible to its viewers.

In terms of stream quality, you should expect it to be as inconsistent as other CrackStream. All of this will be fantastic occasionally, and the stream will freeze when you need it the most.

In view of several rating surveys, stream quality appears to be hit or miss to some extent. A few customers complain about sluggish broadcasts and buffering, while others rave about it.

After joining a stream myself, I noticed that the quality isn’t quite HD, but it’s not bad by any means. Given the fact that it is free, this 50/50 quality experience may be expected.

When you click on a stream interface, you’ll be bombarded with popup adverts, much like with other free streaming sites like Buffstreamz. Keep in mind that these advertisements are what keep the site up and running.

Sports You Can Watch on CrackStreams

sports You can watch in crackstreams

CrackStreams was originally created to provide live NFL, NBA, and MMA streaming links, but as the site’s popularity grew, the proprietors decided to expand it to include additional sports. Crackstreams may not have as many sports as some other free sports streaming websites, but it does have some extremely high-quality and free sports streaming connections.

Remember that the possibilities on CrackStreams are restricted for now, but the website’s founders claim that more sports will be added shortly. All of the sports that you may watch live on Crack Stream are listed here.

  • NCAA Football
  • NBA
  • NFL
  • MMA
  • NHL
  • Boxing
  • MLB Streams

CrackStream Reviews

When it comes to free live-streaming games on the internet, there are limited options to consider. CrackStream – a free sports live-streaming service — is one of the more well-known ones you’ll come across.

However, as with any site that provides free live streams of normally paid-for events, you’ll have to accept certain compromises. It’s up to you to decide whether or not those tradeoffs are worthwhile.


Disclaimer: The sole purpose of this post is to provide information. We strongly recommend that you avoid illegal streams. If you must visit these websites, please do so with strong VPN and antivirus protection.

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