Clothes for music festival
If we take the phrase "summer is short", we should not miss any of the days. Moreover, now the music festivals season. Some kind of dscodes are needed everywhere. We present you 6 examples and ideas for summer parties.

Alessandra Ambrosio, Kendall Jenner, Bela Hadid - Coachella are frequent guests. They know exactly what is festive - first practical things. Take an example from the planet's most beautiful girls
Vetements's new show on Georgian motives
Vetements Spring 2019

Demna Gvasalia has decided to host the 2019 Men's Collection for Georgia and 40 girls selected from Tbilisi and took the boy to Paris. The show was held under the bridge and 76 models were involved in it. Souvenirs in Georgian motifs include Russian influence. First of all, Demna still does not betray the logonium trend and the depiction of the veteran in the Georgian language. The word "clothing" is tailored to t-shirts, socks and shoe.
Sex and the City is 20 years old - what influenced the pop-culture and fashion
In 1998, the first American TV series HBO Cultural TV series Sex and the City was released, which replaced social stereotypes forever and became a true fashion bible. It's been 20 years since "sex big city" is one of the most outstanding TV series of all time. In addition to gaining world recognition and fan army, the project earned impressive record awards: 7 "Emi"; 8 "Golden Globe" and 11 Guild Prize. Yet what is the phenomenon of this legendary history that has captured New York and the world of men.

Sex and the City is 20 years old!
Influence on pop culture and fashion
London Fashion Week Guests
This time the attention of the followers is on London. In parallel with the fashion show of the London Fashion Week, it is interesting for street-fashion photographers to capture the attire of the guests. Here you will find items of the most expensive and hype brands from the latest collections, which are so simple and comfortable to the British, that you can not even understand that this is a fashion show nearby at the Avenue Avenue. Accessories and accessories for Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Christian Dior and Acne Studios are prevailing. Sports massive shoes and chain jewelry are still top-trained, and the novelty is a boon for the British cobbler prints.
Fear of God - Autumn Collection
The brand name Fear of God presents the 6th collection. California photographer Jerry Lorenzo's campaign photographer Tommy Ton was photographed. It's like the louboutin Jared Lemo as a model. Men's clothing collection and Nike's shoe boots are designed for the fall-winter season of 2018. The brand handwriting is protected: large sails.
Amal Clooney - Human Rights Defender, Influencer, Styling Walk
She is named after her husband, George Clooney, but half the world prefers to be a prominent actress called "Amal's husband". Over the last few years he has become a real phenomenon. Never had the intellect for such a fashionable and attractive mass like Amal Clown. He is a professional, feels the best of humanity and as an international lawyer fights for them.
Muse Drones World Tour (2018)
a one-night only event in cinemas worldwide on 12 July 2018

The English rock band MUSE, released in 2015, has returned to the sound of heavy drones. The album received the title of Best Rock Album at the 58th Grammy Awards. The 34st concert tour in the world of drones held a 360 degree concert, where the stage and the hall were connected with pilot screens, projectors, and dances that led to the visual and sensory perception of perfumes. This ambitious and innovative concert was recorded as a movie, with the screening of the world only for 1 day, with only 1 session. MUSE's Cave will host Tbilisi Cinema.

The Drones album comprises 6 singles: Psycho, Dead Inside, Mercy, Revolt, Aftermath, Reapers, and singing in singles: Madness, Uprising, Plug in Baby, Supermassive Black Hole and Knights of Cydonia.
"Style big city" - New York Fashion Week street fashion
Recently, one of the world's top megapolis festivals took the start of the opening of Tom Ford. New York is considered to be the most fashionable city in a few days. Street style is already actively dictating trends of next season. The Manhattan area is filled with bright colors, prints of the Leopard, Cubic costumes and massive earrings.

"Style in the big city"
New York Fashion Week Street Fashion
Triumph Milan Fashion Week - Prada SS 2019
Mousia Prada showed us what the young Tiggy had lived in the era of Minelian

Tired of the fall-winter collection of neon colors, the designer has restrained himself with the creative expression.The new spring collection of Prada consists of laconic shirts, the shape of the trapezes and the satin babydoll dresses, the length of which stops at the knee. Despite the simplicity of the simplicity, the creativity of the creativity of the brand was revealed in the prints: abstract colors and images resemble the epoch of revival. The expression and brightness of the 60s are presented in a variety of colors palette.
Matériel's collections on MB FW
Fashion House "Materia" Collections by Lado Bokuchava and Aleksandre Akhalkatsishvili Presented by Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. It should be noted that The designers have presented the collections on their own, independently of this season. Showcasing the collections created for Matériel was held at the Brand Factory, and Bokuchava selected the 6th Experimental School for Independent collections and Akhalkatsishvili hosted guests at Silk Factory.

Matériel will have two different collections for all season
, Young designers who work on the brand have different visual and style modes, as well as multi-client Matériel's numerous clients.
9 Main Trends from Gucci SS 2019
Presenting the Most Wanted Items of the Next Season "From Gucci"
Ostrich feathers to huge vests

The most talked-up brand of recent seasons, which Alessandro is headed to, is pushing the zenith of popularity to each show.
As soon as Alessandro Michele arrives, the brand "Renaissance epoch" begins. Clients, who have been young in the 70s and 80s, are fond of designer's allies. Millenniums became part of the "Gucci" culture due to innovative vision and creativity. Every item of the brand is relevant. This time, Mikele's light, theatrical, and the footsteps of the past arrived.
10 Trends From Milan Fashion Week in 2019
Italian Fashion Week is always feminine and elegant. Vintage gloves and Victorian dresses in the new season have successfully made the cover and sports style successful.

Italians know perfectly that lightweight dresses and forms of art are beautiful, but the lady needs a romantic evening dress as well as comfortable clothes for everyday situations. In the Milan fashion week, the new season has been modernized: sports forms, eccentric prints, gentle dresses and designing surprises. Presently, the 10 weekly and topical trends of the week ending the streets will be completed next year.
Kendall Jenner's personal style during the coming week
22-year-old American Supermodel and Selbybrand Kendall Jener is in the fashion week active, modeling a few screenings in Milan and Paris. The paparazzi in Europe are as active as in America. To mark the Kendall style, the model looks perfectly in street photos, which shows its personal style.

Kendall has already returned to Los Angeles to look up his seals from September: Paris, Milan, New York.