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Overlord Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Latest Updates in 2023

Overlord season 5 is all the rage! We can’t wait to find out what happens in the anime’s next season. All eyes are on the date when Season 5 will come out. Fans are very interested to learn more about the show’s characters. There are a lot of twists and turns in the anime series. We can’t wait to find out what happens next.

The popular anime show is based on a series of short books called “light novels” that were written by Kugane Maruyama and drawn by So-Bin. Overlord season 4 just came out, and we can’t wait to see what happens in Overlord season 5. 

Stay in touch with us to find out everything about Overlord season 5 right here.

About Overlord Season 5

Overlord season 4 is almost over. Fans are already looking forwards to Overlord season 5. This animation is full of both action and adventure. The best things about Overlord season 5 are the characters and the story. There are now four seasons out. Naoyuki Ito is in charge of it. It has action, adventure, fantasy, science fiction, and animation. Satoshi Hino, Chris Guerrero, Elizabeth Maxwell, and Yumi Hara are all in the cast.

Madhouse Productions is in charge of making it. Minoru Ashina is in charge of making Overlord season 5. Shuji Katayama makes the music for Overlord season 5. Japan is where it comes from. Japanese is where it comes from. It can be read in Japanese and English, among other languages. You can also get it through Amazon Prime.

Overlord Season 5 Overview

Please make sure you’ve read the information below before going on with this article. Maybe it will help you in some way.

  • Season: Overlord
  • No. of Seasons: 4
  • Writer: Kugane Maruyama
  • Director: Naoyuki Itô
  • Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
  • Cast: Satoshi Hino, Chris Guerrero, Elizabeth Maxwell, Yumi Hara
  • Production: Madhouse
  • Producer(S): Minoru Ashina
  • Music: Shūji Katayama
  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • Origin Language: Japanese
  • Available Languages: Japanese, English
  • Next Episode to-be Aired On: TBA
  • Release Date: Not Yet Confirmed
  • Available On: Amazon Prime

Overlord Season 5 Cast 

Great Tomb of Nazarick has characters like Ainz Ooal Gown, Floor Guardians have Albedo Shallter Bloofallen, Aura Bello Fiore, Demiurge, Cocytus, Victim, and Gargantua, Area Guardians have Pandora’s Actor, Kyouhukou, Gashokukochuuou, Neuronist Painkill, and Chacmool, and Pleiades have Sebas Tian, Y

Pestonya Shortcake Wanko, Éclair Ecleir Eichler, Nigredo, Rubedo, and Warrior are some of the other characters. Nazarick’s Allies, which include Hamsuke, Tuareninya Veyron, Carne village, Enri Emmott, Nemu Emmott, Britta, Lizzie Bareare, Lizardmen, Nfirea Bareare, Zaryusu Shasha, Shasryu Shasha, Crusch Lulu, Cocco Doll, Hilma Cygnaeus, and Zero, are among the characters in the New World. There are so many more characters in it that they might need their own article. But these are some of the most important characters you will meet in the series.

Overlord Season 5 Plot – Whom We’ll See Next?

This show is based on a light novel in which a gamer gets stuck in a game after logging off for the last time. He and his friends all reached into the game world they were all playing. The boy’s name is Momongo, and he and his friends are now stuck in the game world.
Momongo and his friends do everything they can to save the real world, which the virtual world has taken over. Their hard work will show up in the show with more details and twists. They work hard to get control of the virtual world, which is taking over the real world.

As of now, we can’t say for sure what the story of Overlord season 5 will be, but we can say that it will show Anise’s act. In the series, we’ll find out if Anise will change into a good person or if she’ll stay bad. The Overlord will have more twists and turns in the next season. If anything changes about when it will arrive, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Overlord Season 5 Trailer Update

Overlord season 5

At the moment, there is no trailer for Overlord season 5. But make sure to come back to our page often because we will keep adding any new information about the upcoming Season.

But if it is available, you will be able to see it on our page. You can watch the trailer for the last season.

Overlord Season 5 Release Date

This is the question that people ask the most. We can’t wait to hear if Overlord will be back for season 5. The main production company, Madhouse Production, hasn’t said anything about when Overlord season 5 will come out. Fans want to know everything there is to know about Ainz Ooal Gown. Naoyuki Ito is in charge of making the popular anime show. There are bits of action, adventure, science fiction, fantasy, and animation in the show.

Your favorite anime characters are back on the scene. Since the show hasn’t been picked up yet, we can’t really say when season 5 will come out. We’re sorry, but we don’t have a specific date for you. But we hope to hear very soon from the above authorities. Currently, if we go by the show’s timeline, Overlord season 5 might come out next year, especially in the summer or fall of 2023. We will let you know when season 5 will come out for sure.

Overlord Season 5 Rating and Reviews


If you haven’t seen the show but are wondering how good it is, I can tell you it’s pretty good! The average audience rating for the show on Myanimelist is 8.32/10, and it has a 7.7/10 rating on IMDb, which is a good score. Because of this, I think this program can’t be replaced. If you’re still not sure whether or not to watch it, read what other people have said about it.


This series is a great animated show that fans of action and adventure should check out. The people in the story are written and directed very well. The plot of the story is a big part of the anime. It’s a good show to watch if you like cartoons and action.


I’ve told you everything you need to know about when Overlord season 5 will come out, what it will be about, and who will be in it. I hope you liked what you read. You can leave a comment below if you want to learn more about the overlord. Many thanks!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Overlord Season 5

How many Seasons of overlords?

From July 11 to October 2, 2018, the third season was on TV. On May 8, 2021, it was announced that there would be Overlord season 4 and an anime film. The anime film would cover the Holy Kingdom Arc of the series. The start of the fourth season was on July 5, 2022.

Is Overlord finished?

Author Kugane Maruyama says that Overlord Volume 18 is the last book in the light novel series. The author of the Overlord light novel series, Kugane Maruyama, has confirmed that Overlord Volume 18 will be the last book in the series. The Overlord Volume 16 came out on July 29, 2022, in Japan.

How did Overlord end?

In the end, the Demon Emperor’s rule is over for good, and the Holy Kingdom’s war is over. A few days later, the Sorcerer King and Shizu are getting ready to leave. Neia’s and some of her followers are there to say goodbye.

When was the original release date of Overlord?

The first version of overlord came out on July 7, 2015.

Did Overlord Season 5 Get Cancelled?

At the moment, there have been no official announcements about the end of Overlord season 5. If the people who made the movie follow their dreams, it might come out at the end of 2023.

What is the story of Overlord?

In a dystopian world, an office worker logs on to a video game for the last time and finds that he and his whole guild have been taken to another world.

Who is strongest in Overlord?

Rubedo. Rubedo is the strongest and most powerful NPC in Nazarick. He is stronger than Touch Me and can beat Ainz Ooal Gown even when he is fully equipped. Rubedo is also one of the four NPCs who are experts at close combat. The other three are Cocytus, Albedo, and Sebas Tian.

What happens at the end of Overlord?

In the end, the Demon Emperor’s rule is over for good, and the Holy Kingdom’s war is over. A few days later, the Sorcerer King and Shizu are getting ready to leave. Neia’s and some of her followers are there to say goodbye.

Who is the villain in Overlord?

The main bad guy in Overlord is Tsaindorcus Vision, who is also known as the Platinum Dragon Lord. His main enemy is Ainz Ooal Gown. He is one of the Dragon Lords of the New World. He wants to get rid of the “Players” from YGGDRASIL because he thinks they are dangerous and could hurt the world he protects.

Who is the hero of Overlord?

Ainz Ooal Gown formerly known as Momonga is the main protagonist of the Overlord series.

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