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Top 4 Olympic Sports Worth Playing in Everyday Life

We’ve rounded up five Olympic sports you can play in your backyard, gym, park, and even at the village. Here’s what they’re good for, what you need to get started, and how much it costs to train.

Volleyball – Becoming a Team Player

There’s no direct confrontation with your opponent. The whole game is fast and in your own half of the field, which is why coordinated teamwork is so important.

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Volleyball is a soft skill that is useful at work, school, and in groups: it teaches you to think and make decisions faster, negotiate with other teammates instantly, take responsibility, and notice what others are doing. Stepping on your playing partner’s foot hurts; it hurts your teammate twice as much.

Table Tennis – For Fast Movements

Table tennis is also popular among fans. In ping-pong, you move a lot and quickly. The game develops dexterity, coordination, and reaction. And the movements are so diverse that it works all the muscles, ligaments, and joints.

All this is great for everyday life. With a good reaction, you can apply the brakes in time in traffic and drive more safely. Concentration skills help you concentrate on your work. And good coordination and physical training insure against everyday injuries when you bend over and get a backache or stretch and your neck jams.

It’s a fascinating workout for the whole body that makes you sweat. It’s also a great workout for your eyesight when you’re keeping your eye on the ball. It’s great, especially if you stare at the monitor all day.

Swimming – Being Alone With Yourself

Swimming helps to restore the mental equilibrium. You can’t talk, you can’t listen to music (only with special headphones), and nobody will chat. Usually, it’s difficult to find time and disconnect from everything during the day, but here it appears by itself and also improves health.

Swimming involves all your muscle groups. Stamina and strength grow. Lungs develop, the blood is better saturated with oxygen. This is important for the brain and the normal functioning of the whole body.

Also, a swimmer helps the heart and blood vessels. Because in normal life we sit for a long time, we don’t move much and our legs are always lowered down. This affects our blood circulation and makes it hard for the heart to work.

Skateboarding – Not Just for Teenagers

A 27-year-old athlete won the silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics. His peers are the strongest Russian skateboarders Konstantin Kabanov and Semyon Kutuzov. And somewhere in San Diego, Victor Earhart is riding a longboard. He is over sixty.

Skateboarding is attractive because it gives you the freedom to express yourself. Everyone is good in their own way. Valued creative approach to skating, copyright style. If you don’t disturb passersby, no one will say you’re doing something wrong.

Skating regularly, we learn to master the body, strengthen muscles and ligaments. We also build up social capital: it is easy to find new friends for skateboarding at any skate park. And spectacular passes and tricks are just made for posting on social networks. It’s easy to make videos of them and collect well-deserved likes.

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