The Resident Season 5: What You Need to Know for the Last Episode?

In The Resident Season 5, Matt Czuchry and Bruce Greenwood are two of the main characters. Manish Dayal and Emily VanCamp are the other two. Malcolm-Jamal Warner and Jane Leeves are the other two.

It’s nearly a must for any major US network to have a medical drama in their prime time roster, and The Resident Season 5, which is currently in its sixth part, checks that box for Fox.

Amy Holden Jones, Hayley Schore, and Roshan Sethi created The Resident, which premiered on Fox in the winter of 2018. The Resident Season 5, along with 911, is one of Fox’s only two returning scripted primetime shows for fall, with the new series Our Kind of People and The Big Leap both entering the weekly lineup.

Here’s everything you need to know about The Resident Season 5.

What’s This TV Show About?

The show follows a group of doctors at Chastain Memorial Hospital as they deal with personal and professional issues on a regular basis. Despite its motto, “Dedicated to Excellence,” the hospital is staffed by humans, and humans are fallible.

In the fourth season, Chastain is transitioning from a private to a public hospital, forcing the hero doctors to fight from the inside to repair the broken machine. Senior resident internist Conrad Hawkins (Czuchry), resident internist Devon Pravesh (Dayal), nurse practitioner Nicolette Nevin (VanCamp), surgical resident Mina Okafor (Wilson), cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. AJ Austin (Warner), orthopedic surgeon Dr. Kit Voss (Leeves), neurosurgeon Dr. Barrett Cain (Chestnut), and CEO Dr. Randolph Bell are among the staff (Greenwood).

What is the plot of The Resident Season 5?

The Resident Season 5 features a group of doctors at Chastain Memorial Hospital, including Dr. Conrad Hawkins, the titular resident. The storylines center on the groups’ professional/medical issues as well as their personal life.

Season four required a lot of hard lifting. After being forced to cut its third season short due to the epidemic, the first episode of season four featured our main protagonists in the early days of the pandemic. The marriage of Conrad and Nicolette, however, brought a pleasant moment to the commencement of the season. Nicolette becoming pregnant and having a difficult pregnancy was a recurring theme throughout the season, culminating with the birth of her and Conrad’s first child, a daughter.

While no details on the plot of The Resident Season 5 have been disclosed, we do have some hints as to the drama that will be going on thanks to Fox’s first promo for the show (see below) and some startling casting news.

Is there a The Resident Season 5 trailer?

Fox has published a 30-second teaser for the upcoming season of The Resident, which doesn’t go into specifics but promises huge changes.


The teaser trailer, which includes quick glimpses of some of the medical emergencies that will occur throughout the season, also teases how VanCamp’s Nicolette may be written out of the show in the future.

The Resident Season 5 Cast

The Resident’s one-two punch has always been Matt Czuchry as Conrad and Emily VanCamp as Nicolette. However, according to Deadline, VanCamp will no longer be a series regular.

VanCamp requested to be let go from the program at the end of season four, according to Deadline. While she may return as a guest star in subsequent episodes, her character’s story arc is likely to conclude early in season five. VanCamp is best recognized for her role as Sharon Carter in MCU films and TV episodes, in addition to The Resident Season 5.

The rest of the cast is scheduled to return for The Resident Season 5. This includes the following:

  • Matt Czuchry as Dr. Conrad Hawkins
  • Emily VanCamp as Nicollette “Nic” Nevin (Posthumously)
  • Manish Dayal as Dr. Devon Pravesh
  • Malcolm-Jamal Warner as Dr. AJ Austin
  • Jane Leeves as Dr. Kit Voss
  • Jessica Lucas as Dr. Billie Sutton
  • Anuja Joshi as Dr. Leela Devi
  • Bruce Greenwood as Dr. Randolph Bell
  • Shaunette Renee Wilson as Dr. Mina Okafor

Guest Cast

  • Vicki Lawerence as Gloria Ortiz
  • Alan Aisenberg as Zach Brooks

Each week, FOX airs a new episode; see the listed dates below. Keep right here, stay mixed in, because The Resident Season 5 Episode 18 is about to begin.

When is the next The Resident Season 5 episode?

It returns with a brand-new episode tonight, Tuesday, April 19 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

The title of this week’s show is “All We Have Is Now,” and here’s a synopsis:

“With Raptor on leave to care for his mother, the hospital scrambles to stay organized; a camping trip results in a patient with a terrible sickness that none of the physicians have encountered before; Bell and Kit concoct a scheme to help their case.”

The Resident Season 5 Episodes

S5 · E1 · Da Da

Air Date: 21 Sep 2021

A cybercriminal attack sends the Chastain ER into a spiral, and Kit must decide whether or not to pay the ransom. The Raptor has a personal link to the patients who were taken into the ER during the attack, making them all susceptible. Meanwhile, Conrad is adjusting to life as a new father, and Devon and Leela are debating the next step in their relationship.

S5 · E2 · No Good Deed

Air Date: Sep 28, 2021
When one of the doctors is discovered comatose in an elevator at Chastain, the team scrambles to understand what happened. When Billie is confronted with the secret she has been keeping for years, she is forced to confront a personal dilemma. Meanwhile, Bell assists Kit in making a decision on a new neurosurgeon joining the Chastain team.

S5 · E3 · The Long and Winding Road

Air Date:5 Oct 2021
When an accident sends a familiar patient into the Chastain ER, the doctors must face the reality of determining how to proceed with the best care, which causes the entire team to doubt every decision. Meanwhile, The Raptor and Leela deal with a patient who has returned with the long-term symptoms of COVID.

S5 · E4 · Now What?

 Air Date: 12 Oct 2021
Conrad devotes all of his energy to search for solutions in order to find a way to channel his feelings. Raptor has a run-in with the cops that takes an unexpected turn. Meanwhile, Leela begins to see issues with a surgeon who has served as Bell’s mentor.

S5 · E5 · The Thinnest Veil

Air Date:19 Oct 2021
Conrad treats a bunch of witches that cause havoc in the ER while looking for a distraction on Halloween. Devon also sees a patient who believes he is being visited by ghosts. Meanwhile, on his way home from vacation, Bell picks up a hitchhiker who is not who he appears to be.

S5 · E6 · Ask Your Doctor

Air Date: 9 Nov 2021
Conrad brings in a patient who causes a high-security situation. A well-known fighter is sent to Chastain in an MMA brawl, and all hands are on deck. Meanwhile, Bell and Raptor compete for the same job at the hospital, while Leela is visited by her sister.

S5 · E7 · Who Will You Be?

AIR Date: 16 Nov 2021
At Chastain, a new batch of interns, including Billie’s son, Trevor, begin their first day with Devon. Kit and Bell try to persuade Conrad to return to Chastain, and The Raptor’s mother winds up in the ER again. Meanwhile, Leela and Padma struggle with their parents’ unexpected presence.

S5 · E8 · Old Dogs, New Tricks

Air Date: 23 Nov 2021
Kit hires a surgical coach to keep an eye on Bell and Raptor and assist them to hone their talents. Conrad considers returning to the dating scene after garnering interest from several ladies at the hospital. Devon, on the other hand, works with an older couple.

S5 · E9 · He’d Really Like to Put in a Central Line

Air Date: 30 Nov 2021.
Conrad takes Trevor under his wing to care for a patient whose good fortune appears to be running out. Leela struggles with the decision to accept complete responsibility for her uncertain patient’s life, and The Raptor continues to try to devise a care plan for his mother. Meanwhile, Devon and Kit are both overburdened with trying to balance everything on their plates.

S5 · E10 · Unknown Origin

Air Date: 7 Dec 2021.
Conrad forms a new friendship with a fellow doctor on the first day of Kit’s experimental Flight Go team program, which sends him out into the field. Devon collaborates with Trevor for the first time on a patient suffering from an unexplained fever. Meanwhile, Bell is keeping a secret from the entire staff, and they are becoming suspicious.

S5 · E11 · Her Heart

Air Date: 1 Feb 2022.
Conrad’s case becomes personal when the donor-recipient of Nic’s heart is admitted to the ER. Bell receives a horrible prognosis, prompting him to make a heartbreaking decision. Meanwhile, the Raptor requests that Devon include his ailing mother in his clinical research, putting Devon in a difficult position.

S5 · E12 · Now You See Me

Air Date: 8 Febr, 2022
Conrad and Cade investigate what happened to a lost youngster who is taken into the ER with physical evidence of abuse. Devon and Leela come across a woman who is having problems breathing while out shopping, and when she gets to the hospital, Devon takes it upon himself to make her feel at ease with the professionals. Meanwhile, Bell considers running for a seat on the State Medical Board, and Billie believes it’s time to face her demons.

S5 · E13 · Viral

Air Date: 15 Feb 2022.
At Jessica’s sister’s gender reveal party, a horrible tragedy occurs, putting her brother-in-life law’s in danger. Meanwhile, Conrad, Irving, and Trevor are working on an influencer whose life has been jeopardized due to a dangerous cosmetic procedure. Then Bell is cleared for his first operation since his return, and Billie is compelled to confront her past.

S5 · E14 · Hell in a Handbasket

Air Date: 22 Feb , 2022.
When details from Billie’s history emerge, she becomes the target of murmurs and stares throughout the hospital, and the team struggles to find the best approach to support her. With the nursing shortage in full gear, a simple cleaning job becomes a catastrophic calamity that necessitates all hands on deck. Meanwhile, Trevor finds a stunning secret, and the Padma proposes to Leela.

S5 · E15 · In for a Penny

Date of Air: 8 Mar 2022
Devon’s clinical experiment begins, and his first patient is treated with a revolutionary medical fluid that does not proceed as intended. Meanwhile, an overdose is rushed to Chastain, plunging Conrad into a much bigger scandal than he anticipated. Then a stunning detail about Cade’s past is revealed.

S5 · E16 · 6 Volts

Date of Air: 29 Mar 2022
Conrad and The Raptor assist an old buddy whose cardiac troubles reveal a worse problem than they expected. Meanwhile, Devon is treating a suicidal woman who he believes would benefit from Deep Brain Stimulation. Then, Bell confronts the Medical Board about the cases he’s been looking into, and Billie and Trevor share an emotional reunion.

S5 · E17 · The Space Between

Air Date: 5 Apr 2022
Conrad attends to one of Gigi’s classmates, whose stomachache develops into something far more serious. Meanwhile, Devon takes a group of interns to a senior care facility, where they encounter a former doctor whose wife becomes ill while they are there. Then, while hunting for a sperm donor for the Padma, Leela discovers some troubling information about the company.

S5 · E18 · Ride or Die

Air Date: 12 Apr 2022
Conrad’s predicament becomes perilous when he confronts a pharmacy owner about counterfeit medications being filled in his name. The ER is then thrown into disarray as a street racing accident resulted in several critical injuries. Meanwhile, Raptor is confronted with a sad truth as his mother’s illness worsens.

S5 · E19 · All We Have Is Now

Air Date: 19 Apr 2022
The hospital is scrambling to stay organized without Raptor, who is on leave to care for his mother. Meanwhile, a camping excursion results in a patient contracting a lethal sickness that none of the physicians have encountered before. Then, Bell and Kit create a strategy to strengthen their case before the Medical Board.

The Resident Season 5 Episode 14: Hell in a Handbasket

Billie’s reputation is jeopardized in Episode 14, “Hell in a Handbasket,” due to revelations from her past.

Meanwhile, the nursing shortage causes a new issue at the hospital, and Trevor makes an unexpected discovery.

Check out the photographs and teaser video below for a sneak peek at this episode, directed by Manish Dayal. This episode will run on FOX on Tuesday, February 22nd at 8/7c.

When details from Billie’s history emerge, she becomes the target of murmurs and stares throughout the hospital, and the team struggles to find the best approach to support her. With the nursing shortage in full gear, a simple cleaning job becomes a catastrophic calamity that necessitates all hands on deck. Meanwhile, Trevor finds a stunning secret, and the Padma proposes to Leela.

How to watch The Resident Season 5?

To watch The Resident live on Fox, you’ll need one of three things: a TV antenna, a standard cable subscription, or a membership to a vMVPD service that provides live local channels. You’ll need to verify what’s available in your area for the first two, but vMVPD services that offer live Fox broadcasts include Fubo TV, Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV, and YouTube TV.

If you can’t watch The Resident Season 5 live, individuals with a cable/vMVPD subscription can watch it on Fox’s website. If you don’t have a cable subscription, you’ll need a Hulu account to watch the most recent episodes of The Resident. Hulu is also where you can watch earlier seasons of The Resident.

Frequently Asked Questions about The Resident Season 5

When is The Resident’s Season 5 finale? 

The Resident season 5 finale will be broadcast on Fox on May 17th. According to TVLine, Emily VanCamp will reprise her role as nurse practitioner Nic Nevin in the season’s last episode.

Is There The Resident Season 5?

FOX Announces New 2022 Return Date for Medical Drama.

Is Emily VanCamp returning to The Resident?

It has been revealed that previous series star Emily VanCamp will return to reprise her role as Nic Nevin in the series 5 finales.

Is The Resident season 5 Cancelled?

Other economic considerations may play a role in a show’s destiny, but higher-rated programs are often renewed, while lower-rated series are canceled. Find out how The Resident compares to other FOX TV series. The Resident has not been canceled or renewed for a sixth season as of April 21, 2022.

Is The Resident Season 5 on Netflix?

So, as you’ve undoubtedly guessed from your presence here, The Resident is now available on Netflix. The majority of their titles were relocated to Hulu, which is also the streaming home (other than the ad-supported Fox site) of The Resident, where all five seasons are available.

Will The Resident be renewed for season 6?

As of now, The Resident has not been canceled and has not been renewed for a sixth season.

Will there be a resident season 6?

FOX has confirmed the release date of The Resident Season 6 for Fall 2022. Amy Holden Jones, Hayley Schore, and Roshan Sethi created the American medical drama television series The Resident.

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