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How to Download Insta Stories Anonymously With Imginn [100 Alternatives]


Curious about sneaking a peek at Instagram stories without leaving a trace? You’re not alone. Imginn is making waves as it offers just that—a stealthy way to watch and download Instagram stories anonymously.

Our guide will unveil the secrets of using Imginn effectively, keeping your identity under wraps while you indulge in endless story exploration. Dive in for the insider scoop!

Understanding Imginn and Its Features

Imginn has emerged as a stealthy tool for social media enthusiasts, offering an array of features that cater to the needs of those who prefer to navigate Instagram’s waters under the radar.

Its suite is equipped with nuanced viewing capabilities that promise a discreet peek into the digital footprints left by Instagram users—without leaving your own.

Instagram Profile Viewer

View any Instagram profile in secret with Imginn’s Profile Viewer. Punch in an Instagram username and a treasure trove of photos, videos, and bio information pops up. Say goodbye to the hassle of logging in or creating an account.

With this tool, seeing someone’s social media presence is as easy as pie—no alerts, no tracks.

Curiosity won’t get you caught—search for an Instagrammer without leaving a trace. Imginn keeps things anonymous, so your browsing doesn’t become public knowledge. Peek at profile pictures, follower counts, and all their posts without ever hitting ‘follow’.

Keep your own online community private while exploring others’ digital marketing prowess or just checking out that cool content creator from class!

Instagram Stories Viewer

Imginn lets you sneak a peek at Instagram stories without leaving a trace. You can watch videos and see photos from different users while staying invisible. Just type in the username, and like magic, their stories appear for you to view or download.

No need to worry about your online footsteps; Imginn uses HTTPS encryption, keeping your IP address under wraps.

This site is perfect for when you’re curious about what’s going on but want to keep it private. It’s user-friendly and doesn’t ask for personal details or make you log into an Instagram account.

Just find the story you’re interested in, click on it, and enjoy watching anonymously! With this tool, following someone’s Instagram activity becomes a secret mission that only you know about.

Instagram Stories Highlights Viewer

You can now dive into someone’s Instagram highlights without them ever knowing. With the Instagram Stories Highlights Viewer on Imginn, your identity stays hidden. Simply type in their username and get access to their saved stories in collections called ‘highlights’.

This feature is perfect for those who want to keep up with content from public figures or brands without leaving a digital footprint.

Viewing these highlights is just like watching a normal story, but there’s no time limit. They stay on the user’s profile until they decide to remove them. You can watch these at your own pace, and if you find something worth keeping, download it directly to your device.

It’s that easy—all while making sure you leave no trace behind.

How to Use Imginn for Viewing and Downloading Instagram Stories Anonymously

Imginn lets you see and save Instagram stories without revealing your identity. It’s simple to use and doesn’t need you to log in.

  • Start by opening your preferred web browser on any device, such as a smartphone or computer.
  • Go to the Imginn website by typing “” into the search bar.
  • Find the search box on Imginn’s homepage once the site loads up.
  • Type in the Instagram username of the account you want to view and press ‘Enter.’
  • Imginn will display a list of accounts that match your search. Click on the correct profile thumbnail.
  • You’ll see their Instagram profile with posts, stories, and highlights, if available.
  • Look for the story or highlight you are interested in viewing. Click on its thumbnail to open it.
  • While watching a story, you’ll notice a “Download” button at the top left corner.
  • Click this button to save the story to your device. The file is usually saved in MP4 format for videos or JPG format for images.
  • Be aware that Imginn shows you content from public accounts only. Stories from private accounts won’t appear here.
  • Enjoy browsing and downloading without worries; Imginn does not track users or store personal data.
  • Remember that while using Imginn is convenient, supporting your favorite content creators by engaging with their original posts is also important.

Safety and Legitimacy of Imginn

Many users worry about their privacy when viewing Instagram stories. They turn to services like Imginn for anonymous viewing, but this comes with risks. The platform operates without clear ownership or contact details, raising red flags.

Users should be cautious, as it’s unclear how the service handles data and what security measures are in place.

Scam detectors often flag sites that imitate legitimate services to capture personal information. Imginn claims to keep you hidden while browsing Instagram content, yet questions remain about its legitimacy.

With no login required, it might seem convenient, but remember that trusted websites often require some form of user verification to ensure safety and protect against misuse or illegal activity.

Popular Alternatives to Imginn

While Imginn offers a notable solution for anonymous Instagram story viewing and downloading, savvy users seek diversification in their toolkit; exploring options to enhance discretion and functionality is key.

Let’s delve into some sought-after alternatives that promise similar capabilities, potentially elevating the user experience with distinct advantages of their own.

1. SaveInsta

SaveInsta is the first thing you can find on Imginn’s list. It is one of the best websites for downloading from Instagram without any software or apps. It would help if you went to the Instagram download website on your browser and pasted the Instagram post’s URL.

Sure, that’s it!

The app will download the Instagram video link and change it to mp4 format. It will also change the photos to JPG format.

It is the best thing for Imginn to do. This downloader can also save Instagram reels, stories, and IGTV. The user can use any device, like a smartphone, tablet, or PC, to get to it.

2. Glassgram


This website has some obvious features that no one else has. Users can use it to find out where their Instagram account is using GPS. It also has a lot of other easy-to-use parts. It lets new users and people just start using the basic features for free.

Besides that, it has all the same features as Imginn, but much more.

3. Storiesig

Storiesig is another of the best alternatives you can use instead of Imginn. The anonymous Instagram story viewer lets people look at, download, and save Instagram stories on their own devices.

It works with all devices that allow access. People like this alternative to Imginn because it has a lot of good points. First of all, if they watch your Instagram Stories, no one will be able to tell. It will also protect the user’s privacy.

4. SnapInsta


SnapInsta is an app that lets users download reels, images, IGTV, and videos from Instagram to their devices. It is similar to Imginn in this way. All kinds of Instagram photos and videos can be linked to the platform.

It is a powerful Instagram downloader that will give you high-quality content. This Imginn alternative makes it easy and quick to download videos safely. The user won’t have to know how to access her Instagram account.

5. Smihub

This website is also well-known for the many things it has to offer. You can look at someone’s Instagram story without their knowledge, just like with Imginn. Instagram accounts also let you save photos and videos.

This website has many other helpful features that are free to use. Users can also use SmiHub to get more people to follow their Instagram accounts. Even this is free.

6. Storydownloader


Lastly, is a site that is like Imginn. But with this alternative, you can easily and quickly download, store, and watch Instagram highlights and stories online. Go to Instagram and search for the username of the person whose story you want to download.

After that, you can copy the username and paste it into the browser. After that, you can view the user’s posts and stories and quickly download Instagram videos. The website is flexible, quick, easy, and safe, so you won’t have to worry about anything. Also, it’s private, so no one will know you’ve looked at Instagram stories.

7. Biblogram


Biblogram is one of the best sites you can use instead of Imginn. The website will collect information from people’s online public profiles and turn it into a page that is easier to use. It will load quickly, remove ads and downloaded photos, and make RSS feeds.

You don’t have to sign up to use it if you want to. But you won’t be able to post, comment, view, or follow the private profile without being known. Also, the site doesn’t keep any Instagram captions from posts that have been deleted.

8. Instagram Scraper

Instagram Scraper is a website like Imginn and one of the best alternatives. It is a Python command-line tool that scrapes and downloads videos and photos from Instagram. The Instagram Scraper can be used in the right way. The platform makes it easy for users to download the history of their posts without having to connect to the social network. The user can download the videos, look for content, and use the hashtag.

9. Qoob Stories

Qoob Stories

This service is different from all the rest. There aren’t many websites that let you look at both public and private Instagram stories, which is a useful feature.

Like other platforms and sites, all you have to do to use Qoob Stories to follow an Instagram account is type in the username of the account you want to follow.


As an alternative to Imginn, you can use, which is also an Instagram downloader. It’s one of the best and most complete Instagram downloaders. With just one click, you can save Instagram stories, photos, and highlights to your computer or phone.

It is the best site for videos from various sources and formats, like 3GP, M4A, and MP4. Unfortunately, the site has no Instagram videos, photos, IGTV, or reels.

11. Instalkr

Instalkr is a website that is easy to use and helpful, especially for stalking. They have everything that a user could want from a website like this. Instalkr is free, and users don’t have to pay anything to access or use its features.

Lastly, like any other site, all you have to do to follow someone is type in their username, which will be easy. It lets you look at someone’s Instagram stories without their knowledge for free.

12. Picuki


Picuki is a good alternative to Imginn that can also be used to download photos from Instagram. The user can also change and look at Instagram posts without checking in. Also, the website works with all devices, making downloading the information easy.

It lets you download, like, and look at Instagram stories without their knowledge. No one can tell who has seen your stories, so you could keep following your ex this way.

13. Websta for Instagram

The next site on the Imginn list that you can find is Websta for Instagram. It is a social networking app that lets you see the Instagram posts, stories, and other content that your friends have shared.

It is one of the many applications that are growing quickly. Millions of people find it one of the best and most useful websites. It works on all devices and can be used on all of them.

14. Gramhir


Gramhir is a tool that lets Instagram users and people who don’t use Instagram look at and analyze profiles. It makes it easier to look at and use public Instagram accounts. It will help you discover everything you want about the profile.

The website is completely safe, just like Imginn. The user will also be able to see their profile and get information like what kinds of Instagram posts they like.

15. Instagram Scraper API (version 12) 

Next on our list of the best alternatives to Imginn is the Instagram Scraper API. It is one of the best tools for making things easier for the user, and it can get data from public Instagram accounts in real time.

The program’s main job is to collect and keep an array of public Instagram data. The user can also use any website or app that supports the JSON data format to download Instagram. It is a website where you can find out about many different things and anyone’s public profile.

Top 80 Alternatives to Imginn & Websites like Imginn

  76. Snaptik
  77. SSKTik
  78. Picuki
  79. Tangi
  80. Tikplus

How can I use it on an Android device?

Since Imginn is an online downloader hosted in the cloud, you can use it on your Android device without any problems. So that the Imginn app can see your photos directly from the Instagram server, you will need to connect to your account using your Google or Facebook ID.

Then, start typing the names of the people whose pictures you want to download into the search box at the top of the main screen. The pictures will show up as results below the search bar.

How can I use Imginn on my iPhone?

To use Imginn, you must go to their website, log in to your account, look at any picture you want (or search for a specific hashtag or username), and then click the Highlight button on that picture. After that, you will be given a link that you can use to download an archive of all the photos in that photo album to your computer right away. You won’t have to wait for Dropbox or anything like that.

If that’s not what you’re looking for, you can also search through their page of video highlights. Again, highlight what you want and click Download. Then choose whether you want it saved as a zip file or downloaded directly to your device. You can also look through their video highlights page if that’s what you want.

How to save images from posts without hashtags? 

When you find an image on Instagram that you want to save to your phone, the first step is to tap on it to open it in full-screen mode on your device. Then swipe up from the bottom to see more of your screen.

Doing it in the top corner is easier than in the middle of the screen. Press down on the photo itself to get it to move. This will start the animation. When you look at a story with multiple photos, there should be a small download icon next to each photo. The picture will appear in a box on the bottom left of your screen.

After saving them, you can return to your feed by clicking Next or Previous under the Stories heading. Then, choose Edit from the menu when you right-click each downloaded image. You can delete it, look at the original, or permanently save it to your computer. Make sure that saving images is the first thing you do before doing anything else.

How Do You Save Stories Using Imagine?

If you click on an image in a story, you can find the link to download it. Save that image file to your computer or other devices. Then, you can upload them to social media from your device or send them to family and friends using popular apps like Facebook, Twitter, email, or WhatsApp. Plus, a lot more! In other words, you can download not only photos but also stories. When you download a story, it stays original and has no watermarks. lets Instagram users download videos and photos by clicking on any picture in an Instagram story.

And saving it on their computer or device right away. The app also lets people save their whole Instagram stories without downloading each photo or video. This is possible because of our special technology, which lets you download all photos and videos simultaneously in a high-quality format. If you’ve tried downloading an Instagram story, you know how slow and annoying it is that a new page opens every time you click on a photo or video.

How to save your profile photo?

Your profile picture is important to building a loyal social media following. Before making it public, you should check to ensure it is safe. When you download your profile picture, save both the original file and a high-quality version that you can use to share later. You can keep these files on your computer or upload them to a cloud storage service like Dropbox so that they are always easy to find.

You would still have a backup file if something happened to your main profile picture. Also, keep in mind that you can find a link to download all of the photos in an album when you look at a person’s Instagram page from their profile page instead of from a post, so make sure you look at their profile page as well.

How do I save a full article using Imginn?

Many Instagram users find it hard to save the stories of their favorite content creators because they can only save a small part of each story. Because there are no direct links to save all stories, many users find it hard to keep track of their top accounts. They don’t keep track of them during the day or know when they post new content because they don’t get alerts.

Is Imginn Capable of Data Hacking?

Depending on how you use the site, you could be hacked. We discovered they had a low-security score when we used different online tools to check out their site.

Strange things happen on this website. There is no information on the website about who owns it. There’s also no policy about privacy. So Instagram only gives you a simple way to look at profiles.

It works and stays in business because it makes money from ads. There will be ads on this website from time to time.

Is it best than others?

Many people want to use their favorite social media sites without signing up and creating an account. This is where imginn Instagram comes in. It lets you look at other people’s social media posts without making an account. The only problem is that it isn’t yet available in all countries. But don’t worry; you can get around this by using a VPN, which will make it easy for you to connect no matter where you live. As well as some tips and tricks that might help you use it in other countries.

You can read the Frequently Asked Questions page, which will answer most of your questions and give you some troubleshooting steps if needed. If, after trying these steps, there’s still something that’s not working, Imginn can help you fix it. Edit Article How to Use Imginn to Sign in to Social Media Sites from Your Phone When Using a VPN Hello. This means that your device can’t get to those websites, not your location.

Why should you trust on imginn?

Do you have an account on the photo-sharing site Instagram? Here’s some good news for people who want to connect with more people and have more influence on social networks. Because they don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account, many people can only use Instagram. They can now make fake accounts but won’t get as much traffic as real users. I made imginn so that everyone could be more connected and easily share photos and videos without having a Facebook account. How should it be used? When you have a business, brand, or product, everyone knows.

Social media marketing is the best way to get the word out about your services and make sales. If you already have a business page on Facebook or Twitter, that’s great! You can link your profile from there, but if you don’t, you’ll need an alternative like Imginn, which lets people who don’t have an account on any of these platforms promote your product or service for free even if they don’t have an account on any of them. Think is easy to understand and use. You must sign up with your email address, username, and password.


Imginn offers a discreet way to see and save Instagram stories. Remember, while it’s appealing for privacy, safety should always come first. Check out AiSchedul or Storistalker if you need secure options.

Keeping online browsing safe is crucial; weigh your choices carefully before diving in! Stay smart on the web; your privacy matters.

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