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PDFDrive: Top 75 Alternatives to PDF Drive in 2023

PDF Drive

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PDFDrive is a free online PDF search engine that allows you to find, preview, and download PDF documents. According to the site, over 75 million eBooks, magazines, articles, and other documents are indexed and discoverable directly on PDF Drive as of right now. 

It’s no surprise, given that PDF Drive covers a wide range of topics, including Business & Career, Art, Environment, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle, and Biography. With so much variety, you’re sure to discover something. If you’re not looking for something specific and just want to look around, categories such as Editor’s Pick and Most Popular can help you locate anything.

The use of PDFDrive is quite simple. Directly search for anything by typing in a query or browsing and scrolling through the categories. Simply click on a title you’re interested in, and PDF Drive will present you with three options:

  • A rudimentary pop-up viewing interface allows you to preview the eBook on the site. You can visit the site where the PDF was first published by clicking the Go to distant file button while in preview mode.
  • Save the file to your computer by downloading it. The file can then be viewed immediately on your computer using your preferred PDF viewer.
  • Alternatively, you can click to see further alternatives, such as converting the PDF to EPUB or PDF to XLS and MOBI, sending it through email, sending it to Kindle, or reporting the file.

How to View Content on Pdfdrive.Com?

It’s extremely simple to use this platform, and there are just three key controls to consider when going around

  • Preview — This button is self-explanatory, but it allows you to read a PDF document before downloading it. You’ll be able to get a sense of what you’ll be able to download here.
  • Download – Before clicking “Download,” I recommend previewing the file to be sure it’s what you’re searching for. The PDF file will be downloaded to your device when you click this button. This will automatically save it to a PDF-compatible program, which is usually Adobe.
  • Vertical ellipsis (three vertical dots) Next to the preview and download buttons is a vertical ellipsis (three vertical dots), which is their “additional options” menu. You can convert the PDF to EPUB or MOBI, send it to an email, send it to your Kindle device, or report the content if you choose this option.

There isn’t much to the website aside from these three buttons, and it’s really simple and easy to navigate.

PDF Drive
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Is PDFDRIVE.COM Completely Free? 

This software’s PDF search engine is completely free to use unless you sign up for a premium account, which isn’t required to download information from their site. The upside is that PDF Drive will provide you with statistical reviews of your file to gauge how many pages are in the PDF. Even you people are familiar with how large the document is, and also how many times the content was downloaded. However, you could give try an online PDF converter in order to convert files to PDF document format. Also, make a visit to the online converter where you can get the best and most free PDF converter that allows you to convert files to and from PDF files without distorting the layout of the document. Remember that Adobe PDF is typically used to display documents in an electronic form that is highly compatible with all platforms and Operating Systems.

About PDF Drive Free Account

The PDF Drive free account is sufficient for downloading content, but if you use the site frequently, you may wish to upgrade to a premium account. The free version allows you to tailor your experience by presenting you with a variety of options. You’ll receive a list of related PDF titles, brief descriptions of the files, and a cover image after finishing a search through their search box. This helps you to immediately recognize the content.

All free accounts include 100MB of “My Drive” storage space, which you may use to create your own PDF drive directory.

PDF Drive Premium Account

This account category includes all of the above, as well as certain exclusive features available exclusively to premium clients. Depending on your usage, a paid subscription costs $3.99 per month or $29.99 per year and includes the following features:

Ad-free interface – It is self-evident that websites must generate revenue in order to provide you with the services they do. Because this is often a free website, cash is generated through adverts placed throughout the site. If you’re one of those people that gets upset by it, this is well worth the money.

Faster download speeds – Due to the large number of people who download content from their website on a daily basis, they must divide the download speed equitably between each download. In comparison to free users, you have faster download speeds with a premium membership.

Unlimited My Drive storage – PDF Drive’s free 100MB of My Drive storage is a thoughtful gesture. It isn’t much in the actual world. In a matter of seconds, most PDF documents will fill this up. You receive unlimited storage of this cloud program with a premium membership, so you don’t have to worry about filling it up.

Both premium plans have a 7-day free trial, and you may cancel your subscription at any time to avoid being charged.

If you’re an Android user who enjoys reading on the go, you’re in luck! You can download the PDF Drive app from the app store and preview or download all of the content they have available.

PDFDrive features and capabilities

  • For the rest of your life, you can use Pdf Drive for free. We can save time by downloading files with cover pictures.
  • We can also filter the pdf by publication date, page number, download size, and popularity using the advanced filtering option.
  • It takes only milliseconds to find the desired pdf.
  • With the passage of time and new collections, the pdf drive gets updated.
  • It’s also smart; the pdf drive suggests categories or expectations based on our previous searches.

How to Download PDFDrive App?

As we previously explained, this wonderful PDF search engine has its own that we can access for free in just 2 minutes.

The simple procedure to download the pdf drive app free is as below:

  • First, go to and search for PDF Drive app free download, then click the first link that appears. It will direct you to a link where you can download the file.
  • Now press the download button with the pdf drive icon in the middle of the page.
  • You will be taken to another website after pressing the download button, which is the last step you took.
  • PDFdrive will appear in your downloads.
  • Install it and have fun with it.

Advantages of PDFDrive

You can easily perceive the advantages that driving provides. In this PDFDrive, we’ll go over a few perks that are important aspects and parts.

  • You may effortlessly carry millions of books with you at all times, read or drop any of them wherever and anytime you require an online connection and keep them on track whenever you wish.
  • A separate infrastructure, such as a reading light and a bedside table, is not required at home.
  • It’s user-friendly and simple to use.
  • Not only are ebooks available, but also articles, journals, and current information.
  • With less time, you may search and obtain the correct book in a matter of minutes, regardless of where you are, and all you need is access to the Internet.
  • eBooks can be read and downloaded at any time by users.
  • While preparing or analyzing, no advertisements are displayed.
  • You have complete freedom to read whenever and wherever you wish. Almost whenever you want, in any situation or location.
  • The main advantage of using a pdf drive is that you may quickly lend books to pals, even if they live far away.
  • It offers services that are absolutely free.

Is PDFDrive legal?

  • First, in the United States, PDF drives are likely to operate on the edge of legality.
  • To make free PDF files available on their service, they scrape the Internet.
  • Several books should not be present, implying that someone has made an unauthorized copy and uploaded it to their website.
  • This duplicate will then be detected and saved until someone complains.
  • It will, however, remove items on demand, but many publishers are plainly too busy to protest.
  • Depending on the country, the legal repercussions may differ.
  • Information, in general, You will not be fined if you download it for personal use.
  • In general, PDF units operate within the bounds of legality. I locate the original PDF files on the internet and convert them to Word documents.
  • The service is available.
  • It affects people who share or distribute copyrighted material without permission in general.
  • You will not be penalized if you download it for personal use.
  • You may quickly convert a PDF or HTML file if the book you want isn’t available in the format you prefer, or if you locate a PDF or HTML file you’d want to have on your reader.
  • Caliber, on the other hand, is a wonderful tool for maintaining and converting files into the necessary forms.
PDF Drive Alternatives
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Top 75 PDFDrive Alternatives:

  1. Bookboon
  2.  Bookyards
  4. Google
  5. Internet Archive
  6. ManyBooks
  8. Open Culture
  9. Open Library
  10. Smashwords
  11. Europeana
  12. Read Print
  14. Librivox
  15. Authorama
  16. Kupdf
  17. Page by Page Books
  18. Readanybook
  19. Idoc
  20. Academia
  21. Free Kindle eBooks
  22. SmallPDF

Is it safe to download free PDFs from internet libraries and search engines?  

Isn’t downloading free pdf books illegal? That’s the first question that should be answered regarding internet libraries. Downloading books that are either free or have reached the public domain owing to copyright expiration is not unlawful. The majority of books on websites like PDFdrive, on the other hand, are pirated. Their disclaimers frequently caution you not to download any books for free that you don’t have the right to download.

One of the greatest collections of free PDF downloads is PDFdrive. Is PDFdrive secure? It contains anything from legally free books, instructional materials, and freely shared files to pirate stuff – the worry is that anyone might add ebook files containing malware at any time.

While services such as PDFdrive, Library Genesis, and the Internet Archive strive to keep their sites and content safe, the majority of that content is stolen, isn’t reviewed for copyright infringements, and maybe hijacked and added to them by anybody, including cybercriminals.

Any PDF that you try to download may contain Trojan phony PDF files and dangerous programs. pirate sites make an effort to deliver great information to their visitors in order to keep them coming back to watch or click the adverts. However, keeping track of billions of books, documents, magazines, and other items is unfeasible.

Free ebook download apps are subject to the same risks as free online libraries. Frequently, they are nothing more than an app wrapper or a link to an external online library. Worse, such downloadable programs can lead to viruses on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

As a result, it appears that free online libraries are not just attractive sources of freebies, but also reliable malware repositories. Fortunately, there are locations where you may legally and sometimes even for free download books.

How to avoid getting a virus from a PDFDrive  (or another ebook format):

  • Use an online library that has been pre-moderated and requires registration (like Scribd).
  • Make sure the title of the book and the author’s name are both correct. If there are, you may have discovered a forgery.
  • Instead of opening questionable files on your computer, use cloud readers (such as PocketBook Cloud or Google Drive’s preview features).
  • Disable third-party plugins and JavaScript execution in your e-settings readers if you need to open the book on your computer.
  • Antivirus software should be used to scan the PDF file for viruses before opening it.
  • Inside the book or document, do not click any links.
  • If you think that a PDF file has already infected your machine, use your antivirus software to do a comprehensive antimalware scan.

Why is Blocked?

Because of its offensive content, has been prohibited.

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