What are the Six Best Productivity Tips for Social Media Managers?

The majority of social media managers have difficulty managing their time. Despite the advantages of working from home, you will drown in work if you aren’t careful. Managing social media involves a lot of tasks, so it’s essential to identify efficient processes that can help you generate maximum results in the shortest amount of time possible.

Tips for Social Media Managers
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This post aims to share six productivity tips for social media managers, including Facebook ad tracking.

1. Install a Chatbot

It can take a lot of time to respond to every single message on the company’s social media pages. Using a Facebook Messenger chatbot, you can automate your messages.

It is possible to create Facebook Messenger chatbots in minutes (without any code), and they can handle various inquiries. The best part is that if the question is complex, an actual person will be able to take over the chat at any time.

Automated chatbots will save you tons of time – so much so that I launched MobileMonkey, a platform for creating Facebook Messenger chatbots, last year.

2. Utilize Social Media Posts Strategically

Moreover, in creating new social media content, it’s vital to resurface evergreen content and boost it on social media! Re-promote content that is still relevant and has performed well in the past as you schedule posts.

3. Automate with Intelligent Technology

Automating repetitive work is always a good idea for social media managers with a lot on their plate. You can automate various busy tasks using tools like IFTTT (If This Then That) and Zapier.

If you’re asked a question on Twitter, IFTTT can automatically reshare your post from one social network to another. You can assign hundreds of tasks to IFTTT.

By using Zapier, you can automate tasks between different platforms – for example. You can send a tweet from your Twitter account whenever you publish a new blog post or video on YouTube.

4. Time Tracking

Keeping track of your performance isn’t the only thing you need to do – you also need to keep track of your usage of time.

It is easier to determine the ROI of a social media project if you know how long it took to create and run while tracking your time will also help you predict how much time will be required for future projects and tasks.

A free app like Toggl makes tracking your time leisurely.

5. Multitasking is not a Good Idea

While writing an article, texting a colleague, and simultaneously waiting on hold with your doctor’s office might seem like you’re getting more done, but your concentration and effectiveness are diminished.

Multitasking has a cognitive cost: studies have shown that your IQ drops and your stress hormones rise. Concentrating on one task at a time facilitates critical thinking and speeds up your work.

6. Tools for Post-Scheduling

You can schedule your multiple posts on multiple social media platforms with tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, and Edgar. You can plan out your posts efficiently from a single dashboard with an intuitive interface that lets you share your posts on your social networks.

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