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Top 75 Fastest VPN for PC in 2023 [With Latest Info]

Fastest VPN for PC

With the fastest VPN for PC, you can hide your online presence. Have you ever had the sneaking feeling that someone is watching you while you’re on the Internet? Don’t panic, but your instincts are right: Your internet service provider (ISP) is keeping track of every link you click in order to make anonymous browsing logs that they could sell to advertising companies or give to government agencies in order to censor content. 

After that, Connected to a free WiFi network in a public place? You’re pretty much-asking hackers to join in the fun. Your browser’s Incognito/private mode only gets you so far. It will clear your history, searches, cookies, and login information, so other people using the same device can’t see what you’ve been up to, but it won’t hide and secure your connection from your ISP and other prying eyes with the Fastest VPN for PC.

A virtual private network, or VPN, can give you real anonymity on the internet and give you back your privacy.

Why would you want to use Fastest VPN for PC?

You might want to use a VPN for a number of reasons. But the main one is to stay anonymous online. So, you need the Fastest VPN for PC. By routing your traffic through a VPN, your internet protocol (IP) address. Which is a specific number assigned to your device when it’s connected to a local network, is hidden. This is important because your IP address can reveal a surprising amount of personal information. If someone looks up your device’s IP address, they will see the location of your VPN server, not your own.

Similarly, using a VPN will let you access websites and services that may be blocked in certain places, like Netflix in China or YouTube at your school. You can choose a server in a region where your desired content is available to get around geo-restrictions and firewalls.

It’s especially important to use the fastest VPN for Android. If you often connect to public WiFi networks, even if they have passwords. WiFi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) is the security protocol that most coffee shops, airports, hotels, and subway stations use to protect their hotspots. It’s not hard for people with bad intentions to crack this encryption and use any network weaknesses to launch so-called “man-in-the-middle” attacks. WiFi eavesdropping also called an “evil twin” attack, is one of the most common ways. Hackers set up fake WiFi access points and trick people into connecting to them.

Is Fastest VPN for PC legal?

Most of the world is fine with VPNs. Only a few countries, like Belarus, China, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Oman, Russia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, and the United Arab Emirates, have restrictions or outright bans on them. But keep in mind that even with a VPN, it is still illegal to do things like torrent copy-protected content, buy illegal goods, or hack. First, you have to know which Fastest VPN for Android or the fastest VPN for PC to use in 2023. Then you should go ahead on use Fastest VPN for PC. Let’s not get too brazen, here.

In the same way, using a VPN to access streaming services like Netflix from a country where they aren’t available isn’t technically illegal, but it is against the company’s terms of service. If you get caught, you may get a warning or error message while using Fastest VPN for Android.

Get Both Free and Paid Version of VPN for PC

What features should the Fastest VPN for Android have?

It can be hard to choose the Fastest VPN for PC. There are a lot of providers, so you should definitely do your research before choosing one. Here are some things we think you should think about the Fastest VPN for PC and Android:


Above all, you want a provider who has been in business for a long time, has a great track record and has a clear privacy policy that guarantees your data won’t be logged or collected. You can find out a lot about the Fastest VPN for PC in 2023 with just one Google search. For example, the Fastest VPN for Android won’t have been in the news for security mistakes or customer data leaks.


It’s very important to know where a VPN provider is physically located. Look for the fastest VPN for PC with servers in the British Virgin Islands, Panama, Switzerland, Romania, and other privacy-friendly countries that are not part of the “Eyes” intelligence-sharing alliances: There’s the original Five Eyes group, which was made up of the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand during the Cold War. There’s also the Nine Eyes group, which added Denmark, France, Norway, and the Netherlands to the group, and the Fourteen Eyes group, which added Belgium, Germany, Italy, Sweden, and Spain. Any Fastest VPN for Android that works out of one of these countries could be forced by the government to collect and hand over user data, so it’s best to stay away from them all.

Size and variety of the network

The less likely it is that you’ll have to share your IP address with a lot of other users, the more servers and server locations you have to choose from. That’s great for two reasons: you’ll have more bandwidth and it will be harder for a streaming service that blocks the fastest VPN for PC to find you. 

Help for customers. No matter which Fastest VPN for Android you choose, you’re likely to have connection problems at some point, so having easy access to a responsible, reliable support team is a “must-have”.

We give the fastest VPN for PC more points if it has any of the following security tools and features:

AES 256-bit encryption: Encryption is the process of turning data into “ciphertext,” which is unreadable and can only be read by people who are allowed to and have a secret key or password. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption is a very strong encryption protocol used by the military that is almost impossible to break.

A stop button: If your VPN connection drops or gets interrupted, a kill switch will immediately disconnect your computer, phone, or tablet from the internet and block all traffic, hiding your real IP address until the connection is fixed.

Split tunneling: With a split tunneling tool, you can decide which traffic goes through your Fastest VPN for Android and which goes through your local network. This helps you save bandwidth and avoid bottlenecks.

Connections with many stops: Some providers will let you connect to a multihop VPN, also called a double VPN, which encrypts your data twice by sending it through two servers instead of just one. This gives you more security.

Special IPs: A dedicated IP is an IP address that is only used by one person. This is different from an IP address that is shared by more than one person. Adding one to your VPN subscription usually costs extra, but it’s worth it if you want faster download speeds and to avoid the eyes of streaming services that block VPNs.

Should I spend money on a VPN?

We don’t recommend using most free VPNs because their terms and conditions are usually a bunch of crap, they come with spyware, or the companies that run them might sell the information they collect about how you use them. True privacy on the internet usually costs between $2 and $12 a month, depending on how long you sign up and how many features you want.

On the plus side, many Fastest VPN for PC providers let you try their services for free for a week or a month before you have to pay for a plan. Keep an eye out for sales, especially around the holidays. 

Here are the Fastest VPN for PC in 2023 or the best VPNs of 2023 based on our research and reviews.

Top 75 Fastest VPN for PC or Fastest VPN for Android

NordVPN | Save 63% | 2-year plan

  • Standard plan: $3.69/month
  • Plus plan: $4.69/month 
  • Complete plan: $5.99/month 

NordVPN is quickly becoming one of those brand names that is synonymous with the product itself. And its quickness is a major factor in its immense popularity as well as all the advertising it performs.Using its own WireGuard-based NordLynx protocol, we were able to achieve connection speeds of up to 760Mbps while connecting to US-based servers. This is significantly faster than the 630Mbps we achieved with ExpressVPN. Now, there aren’t many houses with broadband that fast, so don’t anticipate your streaming or downloading speeds to be significantly affected if you have NordVPN running in the background.

Get Nord Vpn

We also discovered that NordVPN excels in server consistency on a worldwide scale. The UK speeds we observed, for instance, were comparable to those in the United States. This is excellent news for tourists and those attempting to access international streaming channels.

Other than that, NordVPN excels in terms of security and privacy. Its no-logs policy is independently certified, and it offers unique features such as Double VPN and Onion Over technology to ensure that your private information is never compromised.

And if you have a need for speed, it’s likely because you’re searching for the fastest VPN for Android. Nord has you covered on this front as well, since it supports Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and BBC iPlayer in addition to Netflix and Hulu. There are also quite competitive pricing alternatives Fastest VPN for PC available, particularly if you upgrade to a multiyear plan.

Supported platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Chromebook, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Chromecast, Kindle, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Raspberry Pi. Nord Account remote is a platform that connects all of Nord’s services, like NordVPN, NordPass, and NordLocker.

SurfShark VPN

Surfshark is a rising star in the industry, and it has shown that it can compete with companies that have been around longer. It’s very good at getting to streaming sites and works reliably with Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer, among others.
Surfshark uses strong encryption and doesn’t keep any logs of information that could be used to find out who you are. Also, as part of its Surfshark One package, which costs an extra $1.49 per month, this provider offers an antivirus program, a secure search tool, and data leak alerts. Apps are easy to set up and are available for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. You can connect an unlimited number of devices at the same time under one plan, which is a big plus.

Atlas VPN: $1.6/ month

Atlas VPN is a good service all the way through, with apps for all of the most popular devices and operating systems. It also has a few extra features that you might find useful, such as split tunneling, a scanner for data breaches, and a blocker for ads, trackers, and malware.

Get Atlas Vpn

The two-year plan, which costs $49.19 upfront, is the only way to get the lowest average monthly price. This is the same lump-sum payment you’d pay at the regular price, but the Black Friday deal includes six extra months for free, bringing the monthly cost down to $1.6.

iTop VPN

You can use iTop VPN, which is a VPN service, for free. It also has a cheap paid plan and some unusual privacy features. The free plan gives you 700MB of data per day, which adds up to 21GB per month. You can also choose from 16 locations, such as the United States and the United Kingdom.
The price to subscribe for one month is $11.99. A subscription for six months costs $6.99 per month, and a subscription for one year costs $2.31 per month. All plans give you 15 days to get your money back. Support isn’t very good, which is a shame. Customers can’t get help from them through live chat or the phone.
If you pay for a subscription, you can use more than 100 locations and more than 1,800 servers made for streaming and gaming. (P2P is also possible, but only on a small number of servers that are set up to do it.)

ExpressVPN (Specs)

  • Monthly plan: $12.95/month
  • Six-month plan: $9.99/month 
  • Annual plan: $8.32/month 
  • Coupon Offer
  • Trial


    The two most favorable aspects of ExpressVPN are Its position at the top of our overall ranking of the Fastest VPN for PC services, and when we switched to its proprietary Lightway protocol, we discovered UK connection speeds of an astounding 630Mbps. This pace is more than sufficient to ensure that your streaming and ordinary web browsing do not experience any lag when the Fastest VPN for Android is on.

    The fact that ExpressVPN conducts its own speed test to ensure you’re connected to the best service possible is a good touch; we appreciate the company’s attention to performance.



    Get Express Vpn

However, we discovered that the speed consistency of other providers was superior and more consistent when testing on overseas servers. In our most recent US test, for instance, Express’s speeds were quite slow (although still no slouch). In our most recent speed testing, it topped out at some Fastest VPN for PC services — 430Mbps, falling short of Nord (760Mbps), (900Mbps), IPVanish (890Mbps), and Surfshark (790Mbps).

Outside of pure performance, ExpressVPN has a lot going for it, from its excellent selection of apps and clients (it works like a dream on Windows, Mac Linux, Android, iPhone, games consoles, TV streaming devices, and more) to the way it automatically connects to the optimal server so you can experience the best possible performance from the get-go.

On the security front, you have a comprehensive selection of supported protocols, including the custom-built Lightway. You receive a kill switch and a private DNS solution with ‘zero knowledge,’ among other privacy perks. In terms of privacy, network activity is not logged, including connection times and IP addresses.

If there’s one disadvantage to ExpressVPN, then it’s probably the price – we think ‘reassuringly expensive’ is probably a good way of looking at it and costs more than the four providers above. Nonetheless, the provider offers a hassle-free 30-day refund and an additional bonus.

Supported platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Chromebook, routers, Kindle, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Smart TV, Roku, Chromecast, Nvidia Shield, Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.


  Proton VPN (Specs)

  • One-month Plus plan: $9.99/month
  • One-year Plus plan: $5.99/month 
  • Two-year Plus plan: $4.99/month 

Proton VPN isn’t the largest or most well-rounded VPN on this list, but it merits praise for its commitment to user privacy: it was founded by scientists from MIT and CERN. It has stored its vital infrastructure in a high-security Swiss data center that requires biometric access, and it maintains open-source applications, which means that anyone can examine the source code. This code has also been reviewed by independent security specialists, which is a significant bonus. If you don’t want 24/7 chat assistance, a larger server network, or split-tunneling for devices other than Windows and Android, then Fastest VPN for PC — Proton VPN is a decent option.

Proton VPN underwent a facelift in the spring of 2023, introducing space in its name, a new logo, a new appearance, and a more straightforward price structure. It now offers a single subscription package (instead of three) that includes access to its full server network, streaming and torrenting capability, a NetShield virus and ad blocker, and a program that automatically routes your traffic over the Tor network. 

Supported platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Chromebook, and Android TV

CyberGhost (Specs)

  • Monthly plan: $12.99/month
  • One-year plan: $4.29/month 
  • Two-year plan: $3.25/month 
  • Three-year plan + 3 months: $2.29/month 

CyberGhost is frequently mentioned in our VPN buying guides. It has impressed for some time with the quantity of solid features the Fastest VPN for PC offers, particularly on its desktop clients. And while it’s not nearly as robust as ExpressVPN and NordVPN when it comes to streaming, it’s a great alternative if that’s not your primary worry.

Obviously, it would not be on this list if our most recent testing had not revealed great server speeds. In the United States and the United Kingdom, we measured maximum OpenVPN speeds of 160 Mbps and 415 Mbps, respectively, using the standard protocol. And when we activated WireGuard, those speeds increased to 850Mbps and 670Mbps. What does this actually mean? The fact that it is running in the background means that you will barely notice any performance difficulties.

CyberGhost may have threatened to move higher on this chart, but it’s true that the variation in speed tests was greater than that of some of the competition above. In the United States, the lowest speeds we observed were around 140 Mbps. CyberGhost is highly recommended because of its 45-day money-back guarantee and excellent pricing on longer-term plans for the Fastest VPN for PC. (Specs)

    • 2 year: $2.59/month
    • 1 year: $4.99/month
    • 1 month: $9.95/month has been one of our Fastest VPN for PC users in recent tests on our main VPN chart. The Malaysian-based company has a lot going for it as one of the few independent providers among the big boys.

    However, its most eye-catching feature from our extensive testing was during our speed evaluations from the US and UK. We had high hopes because takes this aspect seriously, as evidenced by its ability to run in the Windows kernel for improved performance. However, when we enabled the WireGuard protocol on our 1Gbps+ cable connection, we had to double-check it to believe what we were seeing. The US test consistently registered an eye-watering 900Mbps, while the UK test registered an average of 700Mbps.

    And if you know you’ll be using your VPN for activities that WireGuard won’t allow, the results of our OpenVPN testing were nearly as impressive. The speeds of the Fastest VPN for PC we measured were consistently over 400Mbps on both sides of the Atlantic, with highs of 580Mbps in the US. TorGuard managed to outperform it in our speed tests when using WireGuard, but that VPN was found wanting in other areas and thus does not deserve a spot in this countdown.

    How to Pick a Safe and Secure VPN?

    Aside from speed, is easy to use for new VPN users, with plenty of configurable options for those who want to go a little deeper. And the service has recently stepped up its game when it comes to unblocking geo-restricted content, coming out on top in our streaming tests on services such as US Netflix, Disney Plus, and BBC iPlayer. However, there were a few kill-switch issues, and if is serious about competing with the big boys, we’ll need to see a fresh VPN audit. 

    Fastest VPN for Android and PC results table

    The table includes some of the best VPN of 2023 tested, as well as a few others who had particularly noteworthy results (both good and bad!).

      US speed range UK speed range
    TorGuard 50-950 Mbps 315-950 Mbps
    IPVanish 290-930 Mbps 120-700 Mbps 550-900 Mbps 440-720 Mbps
    Mullvad 700-820 Mbps 480-620 Mbps
    IVPN 180-810 Mbps 140-700 Mbps
    Surfshark 90-790 Mbps 130-700 Mbps
    CyberGhost 145-850 Mbps 300-670 Mbps
    PureVPN 180-840 Mbps 250-460 Mbps
    NordVPN 220-760 Mbps 250-680 Mbps
    ExpressVPN 375-430 Mbps 270-630 Mbps
    TunnelBear 310-380 Mbps 290-310 Mbps
    Private Internet Access 70-320 Mbps 170-250 Mbps
    FastestVPN 70-930 Mbps 220-325 Mbps
    UrbanVPN 5 Mbps 10 Mbps


    Other Fastest VPN for PC are in the table below 

  • Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) about the Fastest VPN for PC

    Which Fastest VPN for PC is the best?

    Several providers provided us with blistering speeds during our most recent round of speed testing. NordVPN, on the other hand, is at the top of the list in terms of consistently fast VPN connections in a variety of server locations (opens in new tab).

    When we connected to Nord’s own (WireGuard-based) NordLynx protocol in the US. We saw speeds of 760Mbps on our 1Gbps line. That’s quite remarkable, and it means you can have NordVPN quietly protecting you in the background at all times. Knowing it won’t cause you any lag.

    ExpressVPN(opens in new tab), our top pick, was also impressed with its excellent speeds across a variety of territories and protocols. While on WireGuard in the United States, recorded the very fastest speed – 900Mbps.

    How to Select the Fastest VPN for PC? 

    Many VPNs claim to be the fastest VPN for PC available. But as you might expect, this is often an idle boast. In this article, we will identify the providers who, based on our reviews and testing, have proven to be high performers.

    Of course, the speed of the Fastest VPN for Android isn’t everything, and we always expect solid security and privacy from our VPNs. As previously stated, broad server coverage is critical for obtaining a fast and stable connection. It never hurts to have native clients that are easy to use.

    Keep in mind that the VPN will not be the only factor affecting the performance of your internet connection, which can vary depending on your ISP, the time of day especially during peak traffic times, and the status of the service or website you’re using.

    Methodology: How We Test Speed of Fastest VPN for PC?

    Every six months, we spend a long time testing the top VPNs, and speed testing are one of the most time-consuming parts.

    We use the same Windows setup for each provider on an Ethernet-based 1Gbps connection to level the playing field. We tested our normal connection speed with all the Fastest VPNs for Android. And turned off using a combination of at least three respected speed testing sites. Then we turn on our VPNs one by one, testing the speeds with at least five tests and taking the median average as our result.

    If the service’s default VPN protocol was OpenVPN, we would use WireGuard or its own proprietary protocol (for example, Lightway for Express, NordLynx for Nord, Catapult Hydra for Hotspot Shield, and so on) – or vice versa.

    We conduct this test in the morning and evening to ensure fairness. And, because connection speeds vary across the globe, we test in the United States and the United Kingdom to provide the most accurate representation possible.

    Which is the free fastest VPN for PC?

    We always recommend paying for your VPN to get the best performance from it. Both in terms of speed and other areas. While tools of free fastest VPN for Android are available. It’s best to be cautious because many rely on logging and selling. Your information to third parties to keep the infrastructure running. This means they’re not as safe as you’d like.

    Having said that, ProtonVPN offers fantastic speeds. It may be worth trying out its free plan option before upgrading to take advantage of all of its features and an extensive list of Fastest VPN for PC servers.

    Above all, most other Fastest VPN for PC services provide you with a 30-to-45-day trial period. And these fastest VPNs for Android are to try out the VPN with the security blanket of a money-back guarantee.

    Which is faster, NordVPN or ExpressVPN?

    In conclusion, In our most recent round of testing, NordVPN took the top spot as the fastest VPN for PC. Similarly, its NordLynx protocol secures speeds ranging from 2200Mbps to 760Mbps. However, ExpressVPN’s Lightway protocol, on the other hand, doesn’t lag far behind, reaching up to 630Mbps.

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    Thanks for your time. Keep reading!

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