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Top 5 Most Profitable Industries to Invest in

Is there anyone in the world who is not interested in gaining lots of money? Perhaps, such only those who are rich and have big supplies. However, such a supposition may appear doubtful: the more money you have, the more you want to have, and it will never be enough. Probably, starting your business these days is a good idea.

In the view of digitalization, the most profitable industries have changed over the years. Let’s have a look at the industries that were popular and were bringing a high income 20 years ago and those that are money-making in 2021.

The most advantageous industries of 2000

Thus, 20 years ago, prevalent lucrative industries to invest in were considered to be the Internet, mobiles, healthcare, computers, and organic products. Why?


A market the growth of which has not slowed down since the 1990s encompasses everything related to web services, including hosting, digital design, online commercial businesses, payment processes, telecom, and social networks.

Mobile phones

Sure thing, the advent of cellular phones revolutionized the way we communicate. Initially, cell phones were elaborated to allow people to take them while driving cars. At the very beginning, they have named car phones, and they were far from being small and comfortable to use. The early cell phones were heavy, large, and pricey in comparison with those we own these days.

Healthcare and fitness

The percentage of overweight people in countries such as the United States in 2000 was approximately 70%. As well, the generation of Millennials tended to be more stressed out than the previous ones. For this reason, the healthcare industry has seen a huge rise since that time. The awareness of risks made people think of their health. Thus, multiple gyms that use gym membership software, fitness studios, and diet clinics have appeared and developed, being one of the most beneficial industries.


Since the invention of computers, other devices, and various accessories, the technological industry saw its expansion.

Organic products

Mass media took care of dispersion info concerning the use of organic products. They made the world aware of how crucial it is to make a good impact on the environment, grow organic food and economize natural resources.

Travel services

Improved transport and communications facilities have helped to increase tourism. By the year 2000, many destinations became boom areas for travelers thanks to the simplicity of air travel across the Asian-Pacific region. The expansion of social media has considerably contributed to the development of travel.

Thus, the series and films that appeared in 2000 were mostly centered around holidays, various countries, and cultures. For instance, such films as The Beach and Lord of Rings inspired many people to go to other places.

Top 5 most profitable industries in 2021

Has something changed over the last 20 years? Probably yes. Nowadays, among the top industries to invest in our software, crypto, household products, computer accessories, and pharmacy. So, in case you are eager to launch your business, look for the following industries that are considered to get the highest income in 2021.


It’s not a surprise that programming sits at the top of the most profitable industries to invest in this year. Nowadays everything goes computerized and the companies that still deal with papers step by step transform into the digital ones. To make our life easier, giant companies like Apple, Microsoft, and many others work on elaborating software, handy applications, and programs. The industry’s profit is $339 billion.

Crypto industry

The cryptocurrency industry is really far from being eco-friendly. Mining some coins demand a lot of energy. However, this fact has no influence on the profit the sector makes. Namely, famous exchanges, like CEX.IO, gained popularity over the last decade.

Household products

Household products are indispensable in everyday life. Can you imagine life without toothpaste, soap, washing powder, or dishwashing liquid? Of course, it’s hard to go by them. Hence, Colgate, L’Oreal, and Procter and Gamble were featured as household companies with huge returns. According to the statistics, the net income of this industry is $40,6 billion.

Computer accessories

Currently, the life of almost every person is so closely tied to technology that we cannot manage without computers, smartphones, and, of course, peripherals and various accessories that represent an integral part of significant devices. Thus, the new iPad Pro, for example, couldn’t be used to the fullest extent without the Apple Pencil. A pencil is a tool allowing you to take notes, draw and mark documents at ease. You could definitely do the same things with your finger, but, honestly, if you work as a designer and draw professionally, the pencil is a must-have.

Or, another illustration of the profitability of computer accessories’ business the world observed during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Staying at home has fast become boring, and most people started playing video games. Here is when Playstation, X-box, and many other gaming accessories companies got a considerable income.

As time passes, profits in the computer peripheral industry increase. At present, this industry’s net income is $96.4 billion, with a capitalization rate of 19.92%.


Even though they don’t seem to cost much, just observe some of your prescriptions (if you use them), and you’ll be shocked at how much money you’re donating to this sector. The revenue makes $95.8 billion each year. Thus, it should come as no surprise that this sector will be at the top of our list of the five most profitable industries across the globe by 2021. Drugs and pharmaceuticals’ gross profits consist of $643.2 billion, and their return on capital is 17.06%.

To sum up

Launching your own business is a great idea. How to gain a lot of money? Which industry is the most lucrative these days? We have analyzed how changed the industries and businesses to invest in. Now you can compare the income of every sector mentioned in the article and opt for the one which is the closest to your sphere of interest.

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