Young Justice Season 4: What We Know So Far about Updates in 2023?

Young Justice season 4, titled Phantoms, is now complete, with nine episodes in various stages of production. Young Justice season 4: Phantoms was announced on July 20, 2019, during the DC Universe panel at San Diego Comic-Con. The DC animated series will reportedly focus on a group of teenage superheroes. The main cast includes familiar characters such as Robin, Kid Flash, and Superboy, as well as many others who appear throughout the series. The first season aired in 2010 and the second season, subtitled “Invasion,” followed shortly thereafter in 2012. Young Justice’s first two seasons were aired on Cartoon Network. After a six-year hiatus, the series returned with a third season, “Outsiders,” on the DC Universe streaming service.

Compared to other DC projects, Young Justice season 4 was a breath of fresh air. Instead of focusing on tried-and-true characters like Batman and Superman in the new series, the animated feature put the spotlight on its young wards. While viewers were familiar with Robin and Superboy, lesser-known comic book characters like Miss Martian, Artemis, and Impulse were finally given a chance to shine. Unfortunately, poor toy sales led to the cancellation of the great series after two seasons.

Fans didn’t take it personally and, as is usual nowadays when a beloved series is criticized, petitions were quickly started. Finally, fan demands were met when it was announced that the series would return for a third season, but this time on DC Universe instead of Cartoon Network. Initially, it seemed that the goal of the third season would be to tie up all the loose ends from the original version, but many questions were left unanswered, and shortly after the animated return, it was announced that a fourth season was in development, which would again switch platforms and air exclusively on HBO Max, under the title Phantoms (via CBR).

Young Justice has already shown that it’s not afraid to make deep cuts in what it borrows from the comics, so the upcoming episodes could go in a lot of directions. Here’s what we already know about Young Justice season 4, which you’ll be very excited about.

No official premiere date has been announced for the new episodes of Young Justice season 4 on HBO Max. The build-up to the new season may seem long, but fans should remember that there was a seven-year hiatus between Seasons 2 and 3, so this should be much quicker, relatively.

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, things have been delayed even further. Despite being an animated series, the team had to make some major production changes behind the scenes, as co-creator Greg Weisman explained to CinemaBlend: “We all work from home. And when it comes to pre-production, scripts, storyboards, and design work, we’ve successfully transitioned to working from home. It’s not exactly fun to be out of the office and have everyone together, but we’re getting there.” At this point, a release date of late 2021 or early 2022 seems most likely.

Who is in the cast of Young Justice season 4?

As with every new season of Young Justice, there will inevitably be new heroes and villains. For Young Justice season 4, no new cast members have been announced yet, presumably to keep fans from speculating on potential spoilers that could give away the plot. In the end, it is certain that the core cast of characters from previous seasons will be retained.

They are Dick Grayson/Robin/Nightwing (Jesse McCartney), Conner Kent/Superboy (Nolan North), M’gan M’orzz/Miss Martian (Danica McKellar), Caldur’ahm/Aqualad (Hari Payton), and Artemis Croc/Tigress (Stephanie Lemeline). Each new season brings new members to the team, with the third season focusing on newcomers Prince Brion Markov/Geo-Force (Troy Baker), Violet Harper/Halo (Zehra Fazal), and Victor Stone/Cyborg (Zeno Robinson). DC vintage comic books has a wide range of characters to add to the team’s ranks, including Signal, Teen Lantern, and Amethyst.

What’s the plot for the Young Justice season 4?

Justice has proven on more than one occasion that it’s not afraid to adapt relatively obscure comic book storylines, and the Season 3 finale opened the door to some intriguing possibilities. In the last scene of the finale, we see a close-up of a waitress wearing the distinctive ring worn by members of the Legion of Superheroes in the comics. They are a team of teenage superheroes (making them perfect for Young Justice, which is aimed at young people) who normally live in the year 3000, but can time travel. This only usually happens when there are timeline issues, so the fact that at least one of them is already in the present is not a good sign. Perhaps the term “Ghosts” in the Season 4 subtitle indicates that this Legion is lurking in the shadows, waiting for the moment to reveal itself.

Several hints have been dropped throughout the series, hinting at possible storylines for future seasons. What should excite DC fans is the mention of Jason Todd/Red Hood in season three. It would be a missed opportunity not to use him to torment Batman and the rest of the Batman family in what could easily be a multi-episode arc. There’s also the “Rebirth” storyline in the comics that returned Wally West to the land of the living after becoming part of the Speed Force. So Wally died at the end of Young Justice Season 2, and while everyone thought he was gone for good, there could be a very emotional reunion in the upcoming season.

But maybe Young Justice: Phantoms will change our minds and do something completely new. With an entire galaxy and multiverse, anything is possible.

The film crew:


  • Brandon Vietti – Developer / Producer / Art Director / Writer
  • Greg Weissman – Developer / Producer / Story Editor / Writer


  • Phil Bourassa is the designer of the main character…
  • Doe Hong is the designer of the main character
  • Christopher Jones is a storyboard editor
  • Emily Hu is a storyboard artist
  • Kelly Kao is a production designer.
  • Cole Rothacker is the assistant production manager.


  • Winton Heck.
  • Cristina Sotta.

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