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Grimes Net Worth 2022, Bio, Age, Weight, and Relation with Elon Musk

Grimes net worth is estimated at $3 million. The Canadian musician and singer began her professional career with her debut album Geidi Primes in 2010. Since Grimes and billionaire Elon Musk came together, fans started want to know about Grimes net worth.  

So, when Elon Musk and Grimes first appeared together in public, the world was shocked by the seemingly odd couple. It’s been almost three years since then and they now have a child together. How did two people from such different worlds meet and find love? Find out all the details of their relationship, as well as the identity of Grimes.

Who is Grimes?

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Ms. Grimes has built quite a solid career and made a name for herself even before she met Elon Musk. She emerged on the alternative music scene in the early 2010s, creating experimental music in genres such as electronica, synth-pop, art-pop, etc.

Grimes has released a total of five studio albums to date, with the latest, Miss Anthropocene, due in 2020. The Guardian described her musical style as “It all sounds a bit like anything you’ve heard before.”

Born Claire Elise Bouchet on March 17, 1988 in Vancouver, Canada, she began making music as a self-taught artist under the name Grimes in 2007 through her Myspace account. Her third studio album, Visions, released in 2012, earned her critical attention and the Juno Award for Electronic Album of the Year. Ultimately, Grimes throughout her career life achieved $3 million and Grimes net worth is updated as of 2021.

Grimes and Elon Musk

Grimes and Elon Musk first appeared in public as a couple when they attended the 2018 Met Gala together in May. Elon Musk, holder of net worth of around $161.3 billion, later admitted in an interview with The Wall Street Journal that he fell in love with Grimes because of her “wild creativity and super intense work ethic.” The couple surprised fans by bringing the music and business worlds together. People were curious about how they met in the first place.

According to Business Insider, the two met on Twitter when Elon Musk wanted to write a tweet about artificial intelligence, specifically a pun referring to a thought experiment called “Rococo Basilisk.” However, Musk revealed that Grimes first joked about the topic in his “Flesh Without Blood” video. Who wouldn’t blush at this encounter between the two nerds?

That’s not to say the two haven’t had their ups and downs. For example, Musk and Tesla had to pay $20 million each to the SEC over a prank he tweeted to amuse Grimes, and the two also had an infamous online feud with rapper Azilia Banks. But after that setback, Elon Musk and Grimes had a son, X Æ A-Xii and the couple continues to look strong and stable.

How much is Grimes really worth?

Little is known about Grimes, who has been linked to Elon Musk since her Met Gala debut in May 2018. In May 2020, the couple had a son, whom they named X Æ A-12 Musk, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Grimes was born and raised in Vancouver, BC, and studied neuroscience at McGill University. She began recording music under the name Grimes in 2007 and released her first album Geidi Primes in 2010 and Halfaxa the same year. In January 2012 she released the album Visions and as soon as she signed with Roc Nation, Jay-Z’s label, everyone knew who she was. Currently, she became famous musician and holder of Grimes net worth of around $3 million.

Grimes continued to release albums and enjoyed success in February 2020 with the album Miss Anthropocene. The album reached number one on Billboard’s Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart and number 32 on the Billboard 200 chart. Grimes seems to be successful, but fans may wonder how much she is really worth. Read on to find out more to know details of Grimes net worth.



Full Nаmе

Сlаіrе Еlіѕе Воuсhеr




34 years old

Birth Date

17 March 1988

Birth Place

Vancouver, Canada




1.65 m


50 kg

Sexual orientation



Singer, songwriter, visual artist

Net Worth

$3 million

Last updated

October 2022


The Canadian musician and singer began her professional career with her debut album Geidi Primes in 2010. After the release of Halfaxa, her second album, she began touring under the name “Grimes”. In early 2012, Grimes signed with 4AD. Soon after, she released Visions, her third album, which propelled her career to new heights. The success of the singer’s third album, “Oblivion,” is largely due to her YouTube followers, who have viewed her music millions of times.

The successful singer shows no signs of slowing down. In 2015, Grimes released the album Art Angels, followed by Miss Anthropocene in 2020. Her songs have also appeared on film and television soundtracks, such as Teen Spirit and an episode of Mr Robot. Thus, she achieved Grimes net worth which is estimated at $3 million.

According to Billboard, Grimes collaborated with Jack Antonoff in 2015 to create the song “Entropy,” which was included in the soundtrack of the movie Girls. According to IMDb, she has used her musical talent in many other TV series such as Orphan Black, The Vampire Diaries, Madam Secretary and others.

Elon Musk and Grimes
Photo: Collected

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Grimes is constantly touring and illustrating her own productions. When she’s not making music, she’s a visual artist whose illustrations are displayed in museums around the world. In March 2021, she sold her digital art collection for $6 million in exchange for “non-playable tokens,” or NFTs, according to The Guardian. The 10 works were part of a collection called WarNymph Collection Volume 1. Two of the works were short video clips called “Earth” and “Mars” and sold about 300 copies two days after their release. 

What is Grimes net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Grimes, whose real name is Claire Elise Bouchet, has an estimated Grimes net worth of $3 million. Although the publication did not specify how she earned her money, it can be assumed that some of it came from producing her music and touring to promote it.

She “began actively touring under the name Grimes” following the release of her second album Halfaxa. This second album follows her 2010 debut, Geidi Primes, which was released on various formats, including cassette.

Grimes and billionaire Elon Musk gave birth to their first child together on May 5, 2020. While we are still deciphering the baby’s unique name, X Æ A-12, both mother and child are reported to be doing well. Right now, interest in Grimes is growing, and not just for her music. With a fan base loyal to her unique pop sound, Grimes net worth of $3 million is earned by her own. However, the Internet suggests that her fortune will grow as the mother of the son of the titan Tesla. However, it is impressive to see how Grimes has built her own wealth and brand.

Where the Canadian music star lives

In 2018, Grimes bought a house in Pasadena. This was shortly before she and Musk made their public debut, so it’s possible she hasn’t yet considered living together. The house has no garage and only two parking spaces, which is almost insufficient for the Tesla founder’s fleet of cars.

The 3,721-square-foot home has five bedrooms and three bathrooms. It has lovely details, such as vaulted ceilings with exposed beams, floor-to-ceiling windows and a gorgeous fireplace. Of course, if your boyfriend is billionaire Musk, he probably spends a lot of time in one or more of his five homes. If you are looking for movierulz, you can take help from Google.

Is Grimes cashing in on her relationship with Elon Musk?

Although Elon Musk and Grimes prefer not to change anything. In a recent interview, he revealed that he admires Musk’s lifestyle and appreciates that he “walks the world to make it better.”

She also made it clear that Musk does not fund her career and that she would be uncomfortable if he “diverted funds from Tesla to my stupid art project, for example.” The artist flatly stated that “Grimes is funded by Grimes.”

While some things may change when the couple has a child, for now, Grimes is determined to do things her way and not let someone else’s opinion change her life.

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