TheWiSpy Review: Best Phone Tracker App for Android in 2021

Finding a cell phone tracking app that offers quality results and doesn’t charge you much is difficult. It is usual for a naïve person to get confused while choosing a spy app that fulfills their needs rightly. However, you may find some apps simple with low prices and phone trackers that offer quality services with expensive price plans.

You don’t have to lose hope instantly because mobile tracker apps have proven themselves one of a kind. For example, TheWiSpy is one of the best tracking software that is trustworthy and affordable at the same time.

What is TheWiSpy?

Before we start reviewing TheWiSpy, you should overview and know this is a biased review. It is essential to see the app before you go through in-depth services. TheWiSpy is a quality spy app that works for android devices. You can track any device that is compatible with TheWiSpy with a given set of features.

An introduction to TheWiSpy:

TheWiSpy is a market-leading phone tracker app that has marked its territory for years now. The reason for such popularity of the app is because it offers unlimited quality spying features. It is used to monitor children, spy on the spouse, and keep an eye on employees. It is a legal app, and the providers ensure that it is not accessible to bad people. It will help you review in detail the online activity of your target while sitting remotely.

Is TheWiSpy detectable?

TheWiSpy is a non-rooting spy app that you can install on the target device. TWS uploads all the tracked information on an online portal that is web-based. You shouldn’t stress over installation because it has a straightforward process. You have to get a subscription to TheWiSpy to gain the URL so you can download the app version on a device.

Cautious when you are installing the app physically. Other than that, TheWiSpy works in stealth mode that makes it unattainable to detect. The working or transferring of data to the online portal is done in the background. To sum up the question, TheWiSpy is not detectable by the user. 

How does TheWiSpy work?

It is easy to use TheWiSpy; you need to install the application and learn how it processes. TheWiSpy is based on stealth mode functionality that means the spying processes are done secretly behind the screen. So, the mobile phone user wouldn’t know about the data transferring happening on the phone at the same time.

You can fetch data; make changes in files without disturbing the ongoing activity. You and the target phone have a medium where the fetched data is uploaded and commands are interpreted. It is called TheWiSpy online portal/dashboard, and you can view all the spied information without physically accessing anything.

You can log in to your account using the information provided by TWS and start monitoring. It is essential that you install TheWiSpy phone tracker app in your child or employee’s phone because you won’t have access to any form of data without it.

Best tracking features:

TheWiSpy is the best tracker app because it has extraordinary tracking features that make it worthy. We are going to review some of the highlighted features that TheWiSpy offers.

Call tracking:

The call tracking feature is one of the most common and useful features of TheWiSpy and other tracking apps. It allows you to view call log history, including all the details. For example, you can see past caller names and phone numbers, timestamps, and the duration of the calls. If you want to detect a harasser or find out who your employee is contacting during office hours, then this feature is best suited.

SMS tracking:

Messaging is the new communication source that people prefer. If you’re spying on someone, your child, employee, or spouse, then the SMS tracker app is significant. TheWiSpy offers a standard message monitoring feature that can get you to read chats, either old or new. You can also delete messages and retrieve deleted conversations using TWS.

Whatsapp spy:

It is an essential feature because the world has adopted WhatsApp to be the primary source of contact. You can send text and audio messages; you can make calls. If you want to monitor your child or catch your cheating partner, you can use this feature effectively. It will allow you to read chats and view call logs with complete information about the sender, such as call duration, history, etc.                                                                                                             

GPS tracking:

Having real-time GPS tracking means you can get 24/7 updates of where your children are. You can monitor your remote working employees to find out if they’re at home working or doing personal chores. TheWiSpy offers an exceptional GPS tracking feature that can bring live locations within minutes. No matter where your child is, you can locate them and help them instantly rather than waiting around in an emergency.

Camera spy:

TheWiSpy offers a camera spy feature that works remotely. You can view pictures of live events happening around the phone radius. For example, if your kid is in danger and you can’t reach them at the moment, then you can use this feature to watch what is happening around them. Using this mobile tracker, you can click photos later on uploaded on the online portal, and you can view them.

Surround recording:

Surround recording is an advance and remote feature that is highly recommended in the spying world. You can now listen to the surrounding of your target’s phone using its microphone. The microphone is used to record the audio then TWS uploads the audio on the dashboard. You can listen to the recording and then find out what your employee is talking about during an important meeting with a client.


Geofencing allows you to put geographical restrictions on the phone map in tracking apps. If you have a stubborn teenager that doesn’t listen to you when you tell them not to go somewhere dangerous, then geofencing will be a practical use.

TheWiSpy allows the user to block certain areas on the map, and when the target enters that place or exits from the particular location, you’ll get an alert. So you won’t have to wait around for something to happen and ensure the security of your child.

Multimedia spy:

TheWiSpy provides a multimedia spy feature that can offer you remote access to all stored data on the phone. You can watch pictures and videos; you can delete and retrieve data from multimedia. It is helpful when you have young kids that can risk their data. For example, teenagers share private data with friends on social media that they barely know can cause harm to them in the future. You can use this feature and delete such content.

Web browser control:

The Internet has unlimited content that is now accessible to everyone on their smart devices. That means kids can watch whatever they want; they want to explore unhealthy stuff in their teenage years. So, for example, they browse adult content and games that are harmful to their minds.

If your kid already has a mental illness, they can search for suicide or things that can harm them. You can monitor and control their web browsing history using this feature. TWS phone tracker provides you access to block sites and view saved cookies.

App monitoring:

There are plenty of applications installed on the phone, such as social media, entertainment, and gaming apps. If you want to track your kid’s device completely, then this feature can do wonders. It can bring you to all the accounts using stored information and allow you to view online activity. In addition, you can read chats and block accounts using remote functionality.


You will need account passwords and other information to enter into a phone or an application. TheWiSpy offers a keylogger feature that stores all typed keywords. When you need to monitor a social media app such as Instagram, the keylogger will automatically enter details and take you in.

System requirement for TheWiSpy:

TheWiSpy is highly compatible with android phones. You can install it on any smartphone with 4.0 versions and more. You will need one-time installation of the app in the targeted device as cell phone spy software remote installation is not available yet. However, advanced features such as surround recording, GPS tracking, etc., need to have updated versions of android phones.

How much TheWiSpy cost?

TheWiSpy is an affordable cell phone tracking app that offers three reasonable plans.

Price plans:

1.      Standard plan:

The standard plan offers advanced GPS tracking, call log monitoring and other tracking features. In addition, you can get this plan for three different time spams, such as a month for $19.99, three months for $29.99, and six months for $49.99 only.

2.      Premium plan:

The premium plan includes advance and remote features such as surround recording, camera spying, GPS tracking, and many more. Like the standard package, you can get it in a three-time range of $29.99, $49.99, 79.99$ only.

3.      Platinum plan:

The platinum plan is new and suitable for in-depth spying. It includes new and advances features such as web browser history, WhatsApp spy, spy camera, and many more. Again you can get this package in three-time ranges. Such as, you can subscribe for $49.99 for a month, $79.99 for three months, and $119.99 for six months.


We are concluding this review on the note that TheWiSpy is the perfect mobile tracker for android. You can get any plan of your choice at affordable prices that guarantee the same level of excellence. If you value the quality and reliability of an app, then TheWiSpy is a perfect fit for you because it guarantees 100% quality.

The powerful thing about this cell phone tracking app is that it is a stable and well-supported app that will help you smooth spying. Moreover, it will give you satisfactory results to help you provide security to your children and trust for employees.


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