The Best Haircuts for Man with Medium Length Hair

Retro, vintage, revival, call it what you like, but never use the word: old-fashioned. Undoubtedly, medium long haircuts for man follow a clear trend for the second part of 2022. These are styles that pay homage to the classic manes of psychedelia and the hippie movement of the 60s, without leaving aside one or another focused on the extravagant seventies glam rock.

That’s right, as you will be able to glimpse a key to medium-length haircuts is the retro style, which at the same time merges with genderless fashion, being increasingly present not only in clothing but also in aesthetics and grooming. The ones selected below are cuts that work and have been used- by ​​both men and women alike. It is time to discover the four bets on hair for those men who have let it grow, some will be a challenge for your hairdresser — due to the way — while others will be easier to achieve.

Here we bring the best haircuts for man who has medium length hair. 

Rock-star two-miler

Three aspects are important to achieve this cut successfully. First, have the right length (at shoulder height) to get the right texture and volume. Second, entrust the style to your trusted hairdresser, who can give the correct finish -starting from the center to the sides-. Third, have the right attitude to wear it, although glam rock singers imposed a fashion -misunderstood- during their time, it is time for you to carry it safely.

Diagonal geometric

We had our doubts if we should include this within the medium long haircuts for men , due to the length of the hair. At the end of it all -as you can see- we did choose to include it. It is a medium length style (somewhat short) but it really challenges the look of any man. A quite popular fashion of the 70s , where the hair was worn in a geometric way. The sides should be cut in a triangular shape, marking an ascending line, where the eyebrows are covered with the length of the fringe.

The shag

Although we had already anticipated that the medium-long haircuts presented had the peculiarity of being unisex, here is an example that reinforces it. Made fashionable by actress Jane Fonda in the early 1970s, this haircut is known as progressive. That is, the layers of the upper part are short and little by little the length of the hair is lengthened until it reaches the back. The rounded parting in the hair like an open book gives a very stylish retro look.

Half-length hippie style

Unlike the previous three, which are quite structured haircuts and with a refined technique, if you arrive at the barbershop asking for this style, it will be a piece of cake for your hairdresser. It has no science; just the same length all over the head — above the shoulder, and you’re on the other side. The way of combing it can be open book, experiment with wet look, or give it volume with the dryer, any option will be valid.

The retro fashion in medium long haircuts for men is something that we cannot miss. Hence, whatever your choice -of the four shown- you just have to be very clear that the objective is to achieve an appearance that is as vintage and androgynous as possible. Without fear of being wrong, we tell you that you will be in the right tune for the world of fashion and trends.

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