The Rookie Season 5: What We Know So Far in 2023?

The cop drama The Rookie Season 5, starring Nathan Fillion, has been renewed for Season 5 by ABC. Alexi Hawley is the creator and executive producer of The Rookie.

The Rookie Season 5 renewal comes less than two months after Deadline exclusively disclosed that ABC is planning to expand on the drama’s world with an FBI-focused spinoff starring Niecy Nash, which will debut this spring as a two-episode backdoor pilot on The Rookie. Kat Foster, Felix Jones, and Frankie Faison will join Nash in the potential spinoff.

The untitled spinoff from Hawley and The Rookie executive producer Terence Paul Winter will reside in the same universe as The Rookie, allowing for frequent crossovers in a programming block akin to Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19. Here is the details information about The Rookie Season 5. Let’s check it out.

The Rookie Series About?

“The Rookie” is an ABC television drama starring Nathan Fillion, Alyssa Diaz, Richard T. Jones, Melissa O’Neil, Eric Winter, and Mekia Cox. When the film begins, John Nolan (Fillion) is a divorced middle-aged man from Pennsylvania who has recently relocated to Los Angeles.

He owns and maintains a construction company, but he decides to quit it to pursue a new career with the Los Angeles Police Department.

He graduates from the Police Academy and is the oldest rookie on the force when he joins. Sergeant Wade Grey (Jones), Detective Angela Lopez (Diaz), training officers Nyla Harper (Cox) and Tim Bradford (Winter), and fellow rookie Lucy Chen (O’Neil) are among those with whom he regularly collaborates.

The Rookie Season 5: Renewed?

The NBC television drama The Rookie Season 5 has not yet been renewed for a fifth season. The Rookie Season 5 has yet to be confirmed, so keep an eye out. The Rookie, on the other hand, is still in the works.

We anticipate that The Rookie’s fifth season will be announced very soon. There is a good chance that The Rookie’s fifth season will be confirmed soon. Let’s have a look at what occurs next.

This page will be updated with any new information or developments concerning The Rookie’s sixth season. As a result, bookmark this page and return to it frequently to learn more. Check out the cast of The Rookie’s fifth season, which begins on September 14th.

Is The Rookie Season 5 Happening?

The Rookie Season 5 has not yet been renewed. So yet, Season 5 of The Rookie has not been confirmed. However, the series The Rookie is not yet complete.

We anticipate that the fifth season of The Rookie will be announced soon. There is a good likelihood that the fifth season of The Rookie will be confirmed. Let’s wait and see what occurs next.

If we receive any additional information or updates about the rookie season 5, we will post them here. As a result, make it a point to return to this page on a regular basis. Let’s take a look at the cast of The Rookie’s fifth season.

When will The Rookie Season 5 premiere?

Although ABC has confirmed that The Rookie will return for Season 5, the renewal announcement did not include a particular launch date, which will most likely be determined much closer to the show’s airdate. Because three of the show’s four seasons have premiered in the fall, it’s likely that it’ll be part of ABC’s fall schedule, which typically begins in September.

Season 3 debuted in the middle of the season in January 2021, although that was an outlier. With the possibility of a Rookie spinoff, it’s more probable that the series will remain in the autumn to “partner up” with the new show (like the network has done with Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19).

The Rookie Season 5 Plot: What Will Happen?

The official plot specifics have yet to be disclosed; nonetheless, the previous season finished with a stunning twist. After graduating as a rookie, Nolan will be promoted to the level of P2, allowing him to work as a patrol officer and even on his own, as he will no longer require a trainer.
In the previous season of The Rookie, we saw cops approaching Reynolds at the USS Iowa Museum and shooting him. Bradford then decides to follow her sister but rejects to meet with her father, endorsing Nolan for the role of a union representative.

Meanwhile, Lopez files a RICO suit against Stone, only to discover that Evers informed Grey about the complaint and that they want to use Evers as an informant. The following The Rookie Season 5 will pick up where the last one left off, and it will be interesting to see what occurs next.

This series’ viewers are now antsy to find out what happens next.

The Rookie Storyline:

Alexi Hawley’s drama centered around small-town man John Nolan, a law student at the University of Pennsylvania. He entered the construction industry after dropping out of college. After assisting policemen in a bank robbery case, a forty-year-old man packed his belongings and relocated to Los Angeles to pursue his ambition of becoming a police officer. In season 1, his path from becoming the oldest Rookie in LAPD to embracing the perilous and unpredictable world of crime was pretty exciting and entertaining to witness.

Given that the season 2 finale left not just Nolan but also all viewers on a cliffhanger. The Rookie Police Officer was falsely accused of being a dirty officer by his mentor, who had betrayed him. His friend’s betrayal completely humiliated him. At the end of Season 2, John Nolan was hunting for proof to divulge after discovering that his mentor Nick Armstrong was cooperating with Crime Boss Serj Darien. But Nick was one step ahead of the cops and planted the evidence against Nolan while he was being apprehended.

We saw Nolan’s attempt to prove his innocence in Season 3. You also watched how he was able to clear his name from this disaster. In Season 3 of The Rookie, John Nolan swept up plaster dust at his house. It remains to be seen, though, whether he can clean up the mistakes he has made over his career.

The Rookie Season 5 IMDb Rating 

The Rookie is a television show that airs in the United States. This episode provides a lot of information on policy, crime, drama, and action. The Rookie has gotten a lot of positive comments from its audience.

The film has an 8 out of 10 rating on IMDb. This page will teach you all you need to know about The Rookie’s fifth season.

The Rookie Season 5 Trailer

The season 5 trailer is not yet available. So, you can enjoy the previous season 4 trailer, which is here-

The fourth season of The Rookie received an average of 2.95 million viewers aged 18 to 49. Season four’s demo and live+same-day ratings are down 29 percent and 21 percent, respectively. It is compared to season three (including DVR playback through 3:00 AM).

Ratings are a good indicator of how well a show is doing, particularly. But they do not account for subsequent delays or stream viewing. In general, the more popular shows are renewed, while the less popular ones are canceled, based on their ratings. Consider how The Rookie compares to other popular ABC shows.

The Rookie Season 5 Cast

The following actors may return to reprise their roles in the upcoming season:

  • Nathan Fillion in the role of John Nolan
  • Alyssa Diaz in the role of Angela Lopez
  • Richard T. Jones in the role of Wade Gray
  • Titus Makin Jr. plays the role of Jackson West
  • Mercedes Mason in the role of Zoe Andersen
  • Melissa O’Neil in the role of Lucy Chen
  • Afton Williamson in the role of Talia Bishop
  • Eric Winter in the role of Tim Bradford
  • Mekia Cox in the role of Nyla Harper
  • Shawn Ashmore in the role of Wesley Evers
  • Jenna Dewan in the role of Bailey Nune
  • Mircea Monroe in the role of Isabel Bradford
  • Sara Rue in the role of Nell Forester
  • Currie Graham in the role of Ben McRee
  • Demetrius Grosse in the role of Kevin Wolfe
  • David DeSantos in the role of Elijah Vestri

The Rookie Season 4 Review:

The Rookie Season 4
Photo Credit:

The Rookie Season 4 received favorable reviews from critics. We anticipate that the audience of The Rookie Season 5 will receive it.

The fourth season of The Rookie is now running on ABC. In recent episodes of the fourth season of the television show The Rookie, we saw the cops corner and shoot Reynolds at the USS Iowa Museum.

Bradford then decides to accompany her sister but declines to meet their father, and subsequently publicly endorses Nolan for a union representative.

Lopez, on the other hand, files a RICO case against Stone, but subsequently discovers that Evers told Gray as well and that they want to use Evers as an informant. Let’s wait and see what occurs next.

If we receive any new information on the plot of The Rookie’s fifth season, we will post it here. Let’s see when the fifth season of The Rookie will release.

For more information regarding other dramas stay tuned with us at

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on The Rookie season 5 

Will there be a The Rookie season 5?

The cop drama The Rookie, starring Nathan Fillion, has been renewed for Season 5 by ABC. Alexi Hawley is the creator and executive producer of The Rookie.

Is season 4 of The Rookie over?

The Rookie Season 4 returns to ABC on Sunday, April 3rd, 2022, with episode 17.

What happened to the Rookie after ODST?

Jonathan will never forget Gage Yevgeny or his sad life. Following this, he decides to promote to Lance Corporal and join a squad. The leader GySgt Edward Buck is a replacement for an ODST kill during the Fall of Reach.

How much does Nathan Fillion make?

Nathan Fillion’s Salary and Net Worth: Nathan Fillion is a $20 million net worth Canadian-born actor and producer.

Is The Rookie based on a true story?

The Rookie is a sports drama and the film director is John, Lee Hancock. and released by Walt Disney Pictures in 2002. It is based on the true story of Jim Morris, who made his Major League Baseball debut at the age of 35.

Who left The Rookie 2021?

Officer Jackson West has bid the Rookie farewell. The original cast member Titus Makin Jr. the character left in the Season 4 opener on Sunday night.

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