Squid Game Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Cast, and All You Need to Know

Squid Game Season 2 is coming, confirmed “Squid Game” Director Hwang Dong-hyuk. He voiced optimism that Netflix’s dystopic South Korean TV series “Squid Game” will be renewed for a second season.

Writer-director Hwang Dong-hyuk in an interview on Monday said, “We are in talks for Season Two. It’s all in my head,” he said. He and his team are at the brainstorming stages because I have the core storyline and general plan, he added while telling about Squid Game Season 2.

Anyone moaning that there’s nothing interesting to watch on Netflix has obviously not been paying attention to the incredible Korean entertainment available to Netflix subscribers all over the world. There’s a huge world of Korean entertainment out there, from Love Alarm to Itaewon Class to Kingdom and Crash Landing On You, that wants to be explored. However, if you haven’t already, you should start with Squid Game, a new thriller that could become Netflix’s most successful Korean export to date. Also, you will be keen to watch Squid Game Season 2 if you have already seen the Squid Game.

Since its initial release in September 2021, it has had a significant cultural influence all around the world. Giant-sized ‘Red Light, Green Light’ dolls terrorized shoppers as far afield as Sydney, Maastricht, the Netherlands, and Westfield in Shepherd’s Bush in October.

The distinctive pink guard uniforms and green competitor tracksuits grew so popular around Halloween that they were officially forbidden in New York City schools (yeah, that usually works – the kids will lose interest soon). If you attended a Halloween party this year, we bet you saw at least one person dressed in Squid Game garb, most likely wearing a black sieve with a white circle painted on it as a face mask.

You can buy a Squid Game cryptocurrency called Squid (as in “I owe you six squid”) to participate in an online version of the game, which is hilarious given such a stinging critique of capitalism. Before the game even launches, speculation has boosted the in-game currency’s value from one cent to $4.39, a 43900 percent increase.

“We allegedly do not deliver deadly consequences!” declare the game’s developers, with that unsettling ‘apparently’ thrown on at the end.

Then there was Lizzo’s performance at San Francisco’s Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival, where she dressed up as the frightening doll and danced to Michael Jackson’s Thriller, because… Isn’t it Halloween?

As you may know, Squid Game is a cruel and violent tournament that forces strangers to battle to the death in a similar vein to The Hunger Games and Japanese stories like Battle Royale, As the Gods Will, and Alice In Borderland. They are awarded an insane amount of money if they survive long enough to win, but what sets this show distinct from the rest is that each of these contestants voluntarily agrees to participate. Even after learning of the horrors that await them, they are all in such a desperate state (due to debt, primarily) that they want to return.

The games are also a lot easier than in other death-arena stories. Hwang Dong-hyuk, the writer-director, told the Indian news agency IANS: “Many works represent survival games or deathmatches, but the majority of those survival game-themed artworks illustrate how intricate and dangerous the games are… The Squid Game is unique… It includes a variety of easy and infantile games for children.”

Join us as we place our own call, fetch the green tracksuit out of the cupboard (or would we have the red jumpsuit and black facemask…?) for those of you who have already binge-watched all nine episodes of Squid Game Season 1 and return to the pastel-colored world of Squid Game Season 2 for a second round.

When will Squid Game Season 2 be released?

With Squid Game Season 1 of the South Korean drama’s great success, its director confirmed the making of Squid Game Season 2.

There has still been no formal confirmation that the show will return at this time. This isn’t surprising, given how popular the program has become and how quickly it has risen from obscurity to become one of the most popular Netflix originals ever. It’s understandable that everyone would need some time to catch up and figure out the next steps.

Furthermore, with so many people still finding Squid Game and enjoying Squid Game Season 1, there’s no need for Squid Game Season 2 to contribute to the show’s exposure just yet. Fans looking for a new batch of Squid Game Season 2 episodes in the near future may have not to wait a lot longer. Hwang Dong-hyuk, writer and director of Squid Game, admitted to work for Squid Game Season 2, according to media reports.

Additionally, earlier, he told The Guardian, “There’s a film I really want to make. I’m debating which to do first. I’m going to Netflix to talk to them.”

He said: “I understand there are a lot of expectations for season two,” he admitted. “It’s not that I haven’t considered Squid Game Season 2; in fact, I have a rough outline for it.” But I keep wondering if I can make it better than the first season – Squid Game. I don’t want anyone to be let down by the new season (Squid Game Season 2).”

“If I ever do a second season (Squid Game Season 2), I’m going to try to dig up those many ideas, and if any of them are good, I’ll incorporate them into the tale,” he stated. “Since I enjoy writing alone, perhaps all of these YouTube ideas can serve as my writer’s room.”

“Or I could ask my social media followers for suggestions.” Meanwhile, I’ll try to think more when working on films,” he earlier said.

So, if you want to help speed up the development of Squid Game Season 2, maybe you should come up with some very fantastic thoughts and share them on social media. You never know when you’ll find yourself in the virtual writers’ room!

However, even if and when the show is greenlit by Netflix and everyone is on board, great television takes time to produce, so there will still be a long wait.

Squid Game Season 2 is unlikely to air until 2023, despite the fact that the first season – Squid Game — was delayed by the epidemic. As Squid Game Season 2 is in the works and much of 2021 is already gone, it’s unlikely that we’ll see Squid Game Season 2 until 2023.

Squid Game
Photo Credit: Netflix

Is Squid Game a limited series?

Contains Spoilers!

Squid Game’s creator Hwang Dong-hyuk told Variety at the end of September that he had no immediate plans to write Squid Game Season 2 and didn’t have any “fully formed” ideas for a follow-up season. “Just thinking about it is exhausting,” he added.

In an exclusive interview with RadioTimes.com, Hwang earlier said he’s asked himself if he can develop a Squid Game Season 2 which would be “better than season one,” adding, “I don’t want fans to be disappointed over the Squid Game Season 2.”

It took Hwang over ten years to bring Squid Game to our screens after a number of studios turned it down due to its “bizarre” concept, so it’s reasonable if the Korean director only intended for the Netflix series to last one season – Squid Game Season 2.

That said, we’d be surprised if Squid Game didn’t return at some point after its massive global success – (it’s on track to become Netflix’s most successful original show yet) – and Hwang has already spoken about what he’d do for Squid Game Season 2, telling The New York Times that Squid Game Season 2 would focus on “the story of the Frontman.”

What would Squid Game Season 2 be about?

Squid Game Season 1 lasted the entire game, with Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae) taking home the 456 billion won prize. When Gi-hun runs across the Salesman (Gong Yoo) recruiting another player a year later, he realizes that the game is going to start all over again. Gi-hun resolves to stay in Korea just before leaving for America in the hopes of putting an end to the Game once and for all.

Fans are hopeful that Gi-story hun’s will continue after the victory, with the victor joining forces with others to shut down the hidden, global death Game. Everything is up in the air except Gi-likely hun’s comeback. He may try to persuade the police to help him after they turned him away in Squid Game Episode 2, or he could track down more prior players who may or may not have recovered enough from their trauma to take on the affluent VIPs and game masters.

Before the announcement of Squid Game Season 2 making, there was no assurance that the next Game in Korea would be followed by a continuation. Squid Game Season 1 revealed that fatal Games are taking place all around the world, with wealthy men from various countries betting on the outcome. Although the first game was most likely formed in Korea, because Oh Il-nam (Oh Young-soo) was involved, another country’s Game could be the subject of Squid Game Season 2.

The fact that Netflix did not apply the show for a Limited Series Emmy—as it did with Maid—and instead entered it as a Drama Series, indicating that it sees Squid Game as a potential continuous series, is perhaps the greatest clue yet that Netflix is pushing for a second season of the show.

What might the plot of Squid Game Season 2 be?

Winner Seong Gi-hun hasn’t shown any interest in spending his large gains at the end of Squid Game first season, understandably distraught after witnessing his buddies perish. But, as he was about to board an aircraft to Los Angeles to see his beloved daughter, he realized the game would go on, and he got off the plane determined to put an end to it. The Squid Game Season 2 will likely be defined by how he re-enters the game. It doesn’t appear like he’ll be able to compete again, but will he disguise himself as one of the red-suited guards?

Hwang In-ho won the game in 2015 and decided to take on the role of Front Man, directing the tournament for the mysterious host (spoiler), who turns out to be the elderly Oh Il-nam. In-ho shot his brother, police officer Hwang Jun-ho, although it’s uncertain if he killed him, as we mentioned earlier. We never saw his body, and the brotherly rivalry would make for a compelling Squid Game Season 2 storyline. What if Jun-ho makes it out alive, and the two brothers decide to take down the game?

Which characters can make comeback in Squid Game Season 2?

Seong Gi-hun

Who isn’t dead, after all? Seong Gi-hun was, of course, the only first-round player to survive. I’m betting the second season, like the first, will be focused on him. And perhaps his wife, daughter, and his wife’s new family will join him from the United States.

Cheol, Kang Sae-byeok’s young brother, will we see him again?

Sang-woo’s mother and Kang Cheol

For many observers, the death of North Korean defector Kang Sae-byeok was one of the most heartbreaking losses. Gi-hun, on the other hand, tracked out her younger brother, Cheol, and gave him to Sang-mother woo’s to raise with the help of a large sum of money. It would be fascinating to see how Cheol is adjusting to his new circumstances (and maybe more family members will show up — see below). It’ll be fascinating to see whether Sang-mother woo’s ever finds out that she adored son has been taking money from his clients.

Brothers Hwang In-ho and Hwang Jun-ho

As previously said, Jun-fate ho’s may not be sealed. He might still be alive, and even if he isn’t, his brother will have to face the knowledge that he attempted to murder him. Perhaps viewers will see a flashback to the 2015 tournament that In-ho won, which could explain why he stayed with the game rather than leaving with his piggy bank full of cash. And if there’s one thing we know about director Hwang Dong-potential hyuk’s ideas for a second season, it’s that he’s fascinated by South Korean police and how swiftly they respond to crimes and situations. He told The Times of London that he can see himself delving deeper into these issues.

The game recruiter

We don’t know his identity, but Gong Yoo, a South Korean actor, plays the gorgeous man who recruits indebted people starving for money into the game. What motivates him? What’s his backstory? Squid Game Season 2 might shed some light on why he’s involved and who he is.

New characters in Squid Game Season 2

Many great characters were created by Squid Game, only to be killed off in the game. It’s possible that a second season may delve deeper into their backstories. Here are just a few of the characters who might appear in Squid Game Season 2.

Ali’s wife

Ali’s wife, a young Pakistani mother, was introduced to us briefly. What if she comes looking for him or finds herself in the middle of the game? Maybe Ali has a sibling who wants vengeance?

Oh Il-nam’s son

Oh Il-nam mentioned his son; may he make an appearance in some way? He’s probably as wealthy as his father, so he might not need to compete in the games, but he could be helping run the event behind the scenes. Or perhaps he spent all of his money and now needs to recoup his losses.

Jang Deok-su’s associates

One of the least likable characters, gangster Jang Deok-su (Heo Sung-tae), seems to know and be known by everyone in the criminal world. Perhaps some of his associates will be able to enter a new competition.

Kang Sae-byeok’s family

Kang Sae-byeok (Ho-yeon Jung) was a fan favorite; her brother, Cheol, was mentioned earlier. Unless Squid Game Season 2 is to be released far in the future, Cheol is too young to compete in the lethal event (we hope). But, despite his youth, Cheol is now wealthy; perhaps he can bring his mother over from the north, and we can discover more about their ancestors.

The mystery of Han Mi-nyeo

Who can say what to think about Han Mi-nyeo (Kim Joo-ryoung)? She had a short toilet encounter with Jang Deok-su before challenging him to a game of glass bridge. She claimed to be a new mother, but she never said anything about it after that. Her life prior to the game is a complete blank, so anyone might claim to be in a relationship with her. They’d be a nice addition if they were half as intriguing as she was.

The creepy VIPs

A group of wealthy guys is brought in late in the series to gamble on the games and watch them live. (One tries to sexually abuse Jun-ho, but the rich man suffers the consequences.) They’re horrible people, but it’s feasible that they — or a different group of rich people — will appear in Squid Game Season 2.

Which games could be in Squid Game Season 2?

The participants battled through hazardous fights of red light, green light, tug-of-war, and marbles in the Squid Game; carved Dalgona candy out of tin without destroying its shape; crossed a glass bridge with breakable panels; and eventually confronted the title — Squid Game. However, the series mentioned a number of other games.

Gi-hun asked several times if one of the games, rather than tug-of-war or anything favored by men, might be something that the female players would be better at. It would be intriguing if a female-focused game appeared in Squid Game Season 2 and the female players gained an advantage over the male players.

Several times, the term “elastics” is invoked. This Chinese jump rope is played by winding elastic ropes around the legs of two players so that a third person can jump in and out. Hopscotch is referenced, while it’s possible that the glass bridge game is meant to be a more dangerous version of hopscotch. Gonggi, which is similar to jacks, was also mentioned. Gi-hun was especially intrigued by the games tag and frozen tag.

Hwang mentioned two other games in a Korean-language article: Dong, Dong, Dongdaemun (similar to the West’s London Bridge Is Falling Down, in which participants create a gate with their hands and capture a player when the song stops) and why did you come to my house? (a game similar to the red rover, where players form a line by holding hands and others try to break through the line). It’s possible he’ll return to those games for fresh installments.

Whatever games are chosen, Squid Game Season 2 will almost surely not be the same as the first, as the thrill of discovering a new game was a large part of each episode.

Squid Game season 2 cast

The fact that the majority of the Squid Game actors who played the 456 in Squid Game will not be returning for Squid Game Season 2 is probably not a spoiler. Because players are killed after they are removed from the game, we won’t see many returning cast members or characters until the upcoming season takes the style of a prequel or includes flashback sequences.

However, it is a spoiler to say that Lee Jung-jae, the winner of the first games, could return as Seung Gi-hun. Of course, there’s no certainty, but it’s a possibility depending on where the creator and writers choose to go with it.

Lee recently told Entertainment Weekly that he would “of course” like to return for Squid Game Season 2, but that he has no idea how the plot will end.

“I’ve gotten so much love and support from [viewers], so if there’s a season 2 (Squid Game Season 2), I’ll have to play him again.” But at this time, I have no idea how the story will end, how the characters will alter, or whether any new characters will be introduced to the series. Right now, I don’t know anything.”

He added: “I’m also not sure if Gi-position hun’s was still the major one or if it was more of a supporting role.” But whatever it is, I’m going to have to say yes.”

We also met the games’ recruiter in the first season – Squid Game, so it’s probable that acclaimed actor Gong Yoo will make an appearance in Squid Game Season 2, maybe to learn more about the deadly challenges backstory.

Hwang Jun-ho, the slipped into the games police officer, was shot and drowned in season one by the Front Man (who turned out to be his missing brother) — but is he truly dead? Wi Ha-joon, who plays Jun-ho, previously told Deadline that he wants him to survive the fall so he can question his brother about how he became the games’ ringleader.

“I’m desperate to find out what happened to him. I want him to come back alive, find his brother, and interrogate him thoroughly. I would beg him truly like a brother,” he continued. “As a detective, I’d like to delve further into the game’s overarching mysteries. I truly want Jun-ho to come back to life and answer all of these things. I’d want to see their connection take on a more brotherly tone.”

Squid Game expected to be worth $900 million on Netflix

According to calculations seen by Bloomberg, Netflix forecasts that its latest megahit, “Squid Game,” would generate about $900 million in value for the firm, emphasizing the bonanza that one megahit can yield in the streaming era.

Netflix is different from movie studios and television networks in that it does not rely on specific titles to generate sales; instead, it relies on its catalog and a steady stream of new releases to entice customers every week. The corporation has a wealth of information on what its users see that it calculates the value derived from specific programs.

“Squid Game” distinguishes out for its popularity as well as its affordable price. The South Korean show, about thankful people competing for a cash reward in a deadly game, made $891.1 million in impact value. This is a statistic the firm calculates to evaluate individual series effectiveness. The series was produced for only $21.4 million, or around $2.4 million for each episode. Those data come from a document detailing Netflix’s success indicator for the show, and they only apply to Squid Game.

The paper emphasizes how successful this one show has been for Netflix, and provides the clearest image yet of how the world’s most popular online TV network evaluates its programming’s success. Netflix records self-selected audience data for a few TV episodes and movies. But it does not reveal its more granular metrics with the media, investors, or even creators of the works. Netflix has begun to share data in dribs and drabs, and predicting the success of a certain show has become something of a parlor game in Hollywood.

In a letter to Bloomberg, an attorney for Netflix stated that it would be inappropriate for Bloomberg to reveal the confidential information included in the documents that Bloomberg had examined. The attorney stated, “Netflix does not discuss these metrics outside of the company and takes great precautions to shield them from disclosure.”

Some of the stats are self-explanatory and reflect information earlier available from Netflix and other services. Total 132 million people viewed at least two minutes of “Squid Game”, in its first 23 days, which breaks the Netflix record set by “Bridgerton”. Netflix makes the two-minute figure available to the public for some shows. About 111 million people had begun watching the Squid Game earlier this month, but this was based on outdated statistics, the company said.

While Netflix has revealed the number of individuals who start a show, it has not revealed how many people stayed to watch the rest of it (stickiness) or how many people finished it (completion rate). The average number of individuals who watch a program for its whole duration is reported by linear TV networks, making the Netflix two-minute stats appear bloated in comparison.

Netflix reports that 89 percent of users who started watching “Squid Game” watched at least 75 minutes (more than one episode) and that 66 percent of watchers, or 87 million people, finished the series within the first 23 days. More than 1.4 billion hours have been spent watching the show, which was created by Siren Pictures, which is a privately held company.

Why Gi-hun shouldn’t be the main character in Squid Game Season 2?

Squid Game, the overnight success from South Korea, is almost certain to be renewed for Squid Game Season 2. But Seong Gi-hun, the protagonist from season one, should not have a key part in the smash Netflix series. Squid Game has officially gone global, becoming Netflix’s most successful new series launch to date. Speculation abounds as to what course an inevitable Squid Game Season 2 would take, thanks to the many twists and turns in its last episode, which leave the door wide open for continuation.

After winning the show’s hallmark death games, Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae) struggles to adjust to normal life after returning home to find his mother dead in the last episode of Squid Game. In a critical sequence, Gi-hun decides not to board a plane to the United States to be with his daughter after noticing the man who originally scouted him for the competition at the airport. All indications point to the character becoming a prominent player in Squid Game Season 2, as he probably pursues the Front Man in an attempt to bring the operation to a halt. While this thread should undoubtedly be continued, Gi-story hun’s should take a back seat to a completely new storyline line.

Squid Game Season 2 should focus on the adventure of one of the game’s numerous nameless masked workers, preferably one with the circular design, rather than Gi-hun. The series’ success is largely due to its masterful use of suspense, surprise, and surrealism, and Gi-hun now knows far too much following the disclosures of Season 1 named “Squid Game”. Though there are ideas about how the Squid Game workers are picked, no official information has been released, which means that a season focused on a circle worker—the lowest rung in the hierarchy—has a lot of room for surprise and mystery.

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