The Best European Perfume Brands for Men

european perfume for men

If we’re talking about smells, there’s no doubt that best European perfume brands will always be among the most well-known. For those who don’t know, France is where perfumery began. Paris is known as the fashion capital, but Grasse, which is in the south of France and close to Italy, is known as the place where most of the fragrances that are sold all over the world are made. European, Asian, and American shops all get their supplies from this small French city.

Because of this, we think that perfumery grew a lot in this part of the world and that other fashion capitals in Europe, like England and Italy, were influenced by the perfumery of their neighboring country. To also bring together within its brands the scents that have crossed borders and won over more than one country. So, try these best European perfume brands. 

Next, we’ll talk about four European perfumes that we think are the most well-known. We divide them into two groups: those with traditional and elegant scents, and those with more commercial scents that smell young and fresh.

Traditional ones

Europe is part of the “old world,” so we thought it would be a good idea to show two classic perfume houses (one French and one Italian) that have been known for their skill in putting together scents. Elegant men’s fragrances that are great for modern dandies.

Eau Capitale Eau de Parfum, Diptyque

Origin: Paris, France

Olivier Pescheux, a perfumer, chose the smell of roses, the citrusy smell of bergamot, and the exotic smell of patchouli to create a scent that smells like Paris. Diptyque is one of the most famous fragrance houses for a reason: its scent is elegant at every stage of the olfactory pyramid.

Fico di Amalfi, Acqua di Parma

Origin: Parma, Italy

The values of this classic perfume house are being in touch with nature and making things by hand. Its scents are combinations that people who know a lot about smells like. This European perfume tries to smell like the traditional scents of the Italian Mediterranean. Grapefruit, bergamot, and lemon are mixed with fig and cedar to make a scent that is both sweet and spicy.

The current ones

On the other hand, Europe is also a leader in fashion and style trends to follow. So, we will choose two European perfumes that are known all over the world. Getting the attention of both younger men and women with the best European perfume brands.

Acqua di Gio, Giorgio Armani

Origin: Milan, Italy

Most of the perfumes in this Italian shop are based on places the designer has been or things he has done. In this case, it’s on a small island off the coast of Italy, which makes me think of summer vacations. Acqua di Gio is one of the most well-known and liked men’s perfumes. It has a wide range of citrus notes, ocean notes, and five different flowers.

european perfume

Hero, Burberry

Origin: London, England

We end this list of the best European perfume brands with a new one. Even though London is known for being innovative and the birthplace of many urban cultures, this new best European perfume brands started by Thomas Burberry aims to find a balance between the past and the present. Bergamot, black pepper, and three types of cedar wood (Himalayan, Atlas, and Virginia) come together to make a new scent for men.

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