Do You Know Why We Face Trouble Attending Practicals in Final Exams? Let’s Release The Fear Together

Practical subjects seem practical in reality till some burden has not hit our doors. When the doom day or what we call exam day arrives we hurriedly finish all our assignments and courses. What makes our schedules hectic is not the assignment help or the subject, it is the pressure that arises because of them.

However, between this preparation time and final examinations, reach practical. Though we like them or not, they decide a good percentage of our results. There would be many of you not wishing to attend them, but there would be others who love the process of getting into the next class soon after the completion of exams.

That’s why today, we will try to explore why we face troubles in attending practicals. Mostly, when we have to face the final practical. Furthermore, we will also figure out the solutions to face the situation perfectly.

● Frustration

No matter how well you have prepared yourselves, there will be a definite moment when a student faces frustration in practical. Not getting the test tubes of perfect size or verifier calipers can be the best reason to put you into the frustrating vibe.

Some people have the compassion and strength to handle situations. But the would-be some who lose their cool easily. This is one of the prominent problems while doing practical.

● Noncooperation

Unable to get any cooperation from the teacher or a peer will lead to distress. In an environment, when an educator needs to attend to the guest instructor and your friends are busy with their work, it gets difficult to ask for help. Here help doesn’t mean to cheat.

But if you lack a pencil or scale and need to urgently, and nobody is listening to you, there would be much turmoil. However, there is a solution to everything and we will discuss this later on.

● Hurrying

It’s 10:45 am, you have only fifteen minutes left to complete the paperwork of the practical. Much is withdrawn to be written. How you will be feeling? As a student, you would rush to finish off it as soon as possible.

Because you can’t lose marks in practicals, these are the only thing that is scoring. But this hotchpotch in a practical time leads you to hurry up. Sometimes we do things so fast we end up creating a mess.

● Anxiety

All the things discussed above contribute to causing anxiety. It’s obvious to have some panic attacks while attending the practical sessions. The anxiety that has engulfed you will make your work go worse. Because you can’t pay attention when in tension and hence the endeavor will get affected.

Now after we have realized, what are the problems that we face during practical final exams. Let’s try and seek the solutions to these problems.

● Pre prepare always

Before you enter the doors of the practical halls, you must have thoroughly read the experiments. If there are specimens, learn the characteristics by heart. If it is any practice of physics, learn the theory well. If it is chemistry remember, the chemical reactions involved. So, get yourself ready before the final thing.

● Read the theory well

Most of the students get stuck when the examiner is imploring questions to the student. The twists he puts up from doubt from the doubt tangle the child’s mind. Sometimes, an offtopic question arises which you will have no idea about. How will you tackle this? Or will need any assignment help?

Well, to deal with such situations qualify the theory. Every bit of it should be memorized. Maximum of the question get formulated from the theory part. So to ace, your practicals, do the theory and also prepare a background knowledge of the topic.

● Plan your timing

Suppose you have 2 hours to conduct your practice. Divide the period according to how much time a segment will require. Suppose conducting the practical will need half an hour or one hour, assign the time. If the writing part will need half an hour, allot the time. Herby, planning is the thing that will keep you out of frustration or anxiety.

● Remain calm

After you have planned everything, it will be good if you start early as possible. If you will be on time according to your expectations then for sure you are on the right track. Do not lose your temper. There will be times when everything in the room will look shattering away, don’t get motivated, and keep on working.

So, that was all to provide you some homework help. If you still feel something is missing and is highly required, you can follow it on your own. Remember, if there is a will, there is a way. Do not forget your way and stay willing to do your best.

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