5 Things to Make You Consider Investing in a New Mattress

Sleep has evolved from being a necessity to being a luxury. With the fast-paced lifestyle everyone seems to have adapted to, people barely have time to slow down and take their much-needed rest.

However, studies have shown that fewer hours of sleep is detrimental to your overall health. In the US alone, adults who only spend a few hours of sleep (less than the prescribed 8 hours needed) were more likely to report developing chronic health conditions than those who get adequate rest in the evening.

One factor that contributes to the quality and quantity of sleep is the best value mattress.

 Perhaps you have been keeping yours for as long as you can remember and notice that the mattress might be falling apart and is not as durable as it has been. Here are some factors that you might consider to convince you to start investing in getting a new one:

1. Your mattress is getting old.

Sure, you can say that your mattress was made for durability, but like any other furniture in your household, it would go through wear and tear. The average adult spends 7-9 hours of sleep per day, and if you do the math – multiply that number of hours by the days in a year. Then you factor in the lifespan of your mattress; you can imagine how used up your bed is.

A deteriorating mattress exhibits the following tell-tale signs:

  • There is noticeable sagging which shows that the mattress surface can no longer provide support to the body. This happens faster for people who co-sleep with their partners or other members of the family. Lesser support given by a saggy mattress can lead to incorrect sleeping positions, resulting in improper alignment of the spine.
  • You can see apparent softening of the material itself, especially when it comes to latex and foam mattresses. A softened bed loses its ability to reduce pain and body pressure while you take your slumber.
  • Squeaking noises can also be experienced when resting on the mattress and can disrupt sleep. Not only does this bother you as a sleeper, but also your partner if you share the bed with someone else.

Overall, the effect of an old, overused mattress results in unrested sleep. The best mattresses have a lifespan of approximately eight years, but even the best things need to come to an end.  

2. Your children are growing.

It is optimal to guarantee that your family is getting the sleep they need for their overall well-being as a parent. However, it is inevitable that members of your household, especially your kids, will eventually grow out of their beds.

Although kids can sleep anywhere, even in some awkward spaces, it isn’t a guarantee that they will get the proper quality of sleep that they should have on a bed that fits them well. In standard US sizes, the ideal size for each age range, with its corresponding dimensions, are as follows:

Twin Bed/ Mattress (38” x 75”) – This mattress is suitable for kids who have outgrown their crib or toddler bed until they enter their teen years. This is also ideal for bunk beds or small guestrooms.

Double or Full Bed/Mattress (54” x 75”) – This is the middle size between a twin mattress and a Queen mattress. The full bed is preferable for teens and young adult sleepers. It can also fit those who share beds with siblings for families with smaller apartments.

Queen Bed/Mattress (60” x 80”) – The queen mattress is considered the most popular type of mattress for sizing. This accommodates single sleepers who move around a lot during slumber hours, couples, and those that co-sleep with family members or partners, children and pets included.

These are but some of the other options for sizing that you can choose from, which you can tailor-fit to your kids’ growth vis-a-vis their sleeping needs.

3. Your quality of rest is compromised.

Do you experience waking up feeling achy and tired every morning? Does getting sleep not leave you rested and refreshed?

If you find yourself asking these queries, perhaps you should consider the common denominator to address such issues, which would primarily be your mattress.

An uncomfortable mattress might be the reason for your tossing and turning at night, most probably due to the quality of your mattress or because your bed can no longer sustain the comfortability that should match your sleeping positions.

For side sleepers, memory foam and latex types are ideal for supporting your shoulders and side body. Front sleepers need a medium to medium firmness. Hence memory foam mattresses fit this type of position. As for back sleepers, the choice is yours, as long as the bed has a medium firmness for comfortability.

4. You often get allergic flare-ups when you lay down on your mattress.

Another sign that your mattress needs a replacement is when you suffer from allergies whenever you spend time resting on your bed. Dust mites are considered the top cause of allergy attacks and abundantly thrive in old mattresses and beddings.

Note when you are mattress hunting that the types of mattresses resistant to dust mites are latex, memory foam, and waterbeds. A dust mite-resistant mattress cover, along with frequent tossing in the laundry of your pillows, pillowcases, and beddings, can help lessen the presence of dust mites in your bed.

5. You can get your bang for your buck when mattress shopping.

The great thing about deciding to buy a new mattress now is that the options are not only limited to your local physical mattress stores, but you can check out online different mattress types with prices that you can match with your budget.

Not only that, there are so many US shopping holidays that businesses take advantage of to put up significant sales and discounts for consumers, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Free Shipping Day, and Boxing Day. So many deals are in store for shoppers, and this would also include your preferred mattress and bed shops.


A good night’s sleep leads to quality overall physical and mental well-being. Your mattress is a significant factor in ensuring that you get the quality of rest you deserve. By doing your research and knowing the things to look out for when going mattress shopping, you can assure that you can get the mattress that would benefit you and your entire family.

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