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NFL Live Stream: How to Watch NFL Games in 2023 without Cable?

NFL Live Stream

Are you looking for watching the NFL live stream? And you are finding NFL live stream free. In this article, we have provided the best ways to watch the NFL live stream.

With a Thursday night battle between the Washington Football Team and the New York Giants, the 2023 NFL season opens its second week. The game airs on NFL Network at 8:20 p.m. ET. NFL games are broadcast on five different channels throughout the season: ESPN, NBC, Fox, CBS, and the NFL Network. Meanwhile, NBC will show the next Super Bowl.

About NFL Live Streaming Game:

We’ve broken down the ins and outs of streaming the NFL season without a cable subscription to help you get access to any game you want to watch.

This season, football fans who have chosen to cut the cable cord have a plethora of options for streaming NFL activity. You can watch Sunday afternoon games on CBS and Fox, Sunday Night Football on NBC, and Monday Night Football on ESPN with the correct streaming services. Fox, Amazon Prime/Twitch, and the NFL Network all broadcast Thursday Night Football. Some games will also be offered on new streaming services such as NBCUniversal’s Peacock and ViacomCBS’s Paramount+.

You may already have access to a large number of games if you use a cable-replacement streaming provider. Live local channels, on the other hand, aren’t accessible on every cable-replacement streaming service in every market. To watch sports in your area, you’ll need these channels, so check out the channel lineups before signing up for a service like Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, or YouTube TV.

Before we go over all of your streaming alternatives, there are a few more things to consider.

For starters, Verizon no longer has an exclusive arrangement to broadcast games to smartphones and tablets, so you’ll be able to watch a lot more games regardless of your mobile provider. (See below for more information on the NFL Mobile app.)

Second, as it did last year, Fox Sports intends to broadcast Thursday Night Football games in 4K HDR, or high dynamic range. (The games are actually shot in 1080p, but Fox upconverts them for 4K HDR TV viewers.)

The Fox Sports and Fox Now apps on Apple TV 4K and select Roku devices, as well as FuboTV and YouTube TV streaming bundles that carry the channel, will broadcast games in 4K HDR. Pay-TV providers such as Altice/Optimum, Comcast Xfinity, DirecTV, and Verizon FiOS also offer 4K service to some subscribers.

Best Streaming Services for NFL / 1
How to watch NFL Live Stream for free without cable?

The Yahoo! Sports App is one of the greatest ways to watch the NFL live stream for free. All local market and national TV games — Thursday, Sunday, and Monday Night Football — are available for free on Yahoo. This streaming option is very useful for people who watch on their phones or tablets.

Most NFL games are also broadcast on the major live TV streaming sites in the United States. Streamers can choose between AT&T TV Now, fuboTV, Hulu Plus Live TV, Sling TV, or YouTube TV, as all of them contain Fox, CBS, NBC, and ESPN, which are the key networks on which games will be broadcast.

Free trials are available for all 5 NFL live stream TV services. Streamers will be able to use all of the free trials and then unsubscribe before they expire in order to keep the experience free.

Amazon Prime

This season, Amazon Prime subscribers can watch 11 Thursday Night Football games. The games will be broadcast live on Fox and NFL Network, as well as on Amazon’s Twitch channel. (Beginning in 2022, Amazon Prime will be the only place to watch NFL Thursday Night Football; the games will no longer be broadcast on Fox or the NFL Network.)

The deal, which will include 15 games next season, is part of a long-term agreement that will last until 2032. Each game will also be broadcast live and free in the home markets of the participating teams. Each year, Amazon will also broadcast one preseason game.

We expect Amazon to obtain one or two exclusive late-season games, similar to last year, and to broadcast a wild-card playoff game that is also broadcast on other networks.

AT&T Television

AT&T is forming a new company called New DirecTV to house the company’s TV and video businesses, including DirecTV and AT&T TV.

AT&T TV packages start at $70 per month for around 65 channels. In most markets, you may watch NFL live stream games on all four broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC), as well as ESPN. The only games you won’t be able to watch are the NFL Network’s exclusive Thursday Night Football matchups.

Even with the more expensive options, getting the NFL Network, NFL Red Zone, or NFL Sunday Ticket is no longer an option. If they can’t receive a satellite where they reside, AT&T TV users can get NFLSundayTicket.TV. Every Sunday, you may watch live, out-of-market NFL regular-season games with this service. Meanwhile, AT&T TV Now and AT&T TV will be merged into one brand, DirecTV Stream, in the near future.

Can I watch NFL games on AT&T TV Now?

Yes. Streamers can watch all local-market and practically all nationally broadcast games on AT&T TV Now, which carries Fox, CBS, NBC, and ESPN. However, because AT&T TV Now does not carry NFL Network, streamers will be unable to watch the first three “Thursday Night Football” games of the season.

  • CBS All Access is a subscription service provided by CBS.
  • CBS All Access has been renamed Paramount+ (see below).

NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV

Every Sunday afternoon out-of-market game is included in the NFL Sunday Ticket package, which is the most comprehensive NFL package available. (It excludes games broadcast on your local stations.) This year, DirecTV has exclusive rights to the package, so you must be a DirecTV member.

As previously mentioned, AT&T’s parent business allows consumers who can’t get DirecTV’s regular service because they don’t have a satellite dish to view the football package via a streaming service. This includes many people who live in apartments or townhouses, college students, and people who live in single-family homes where satellite TV reception is blocked by an object.

You can get NFLSundayTicket.TV for $294 a season if you match the eligibility requirements. A $100 upgrade to the Max package adds NFL Red Zone and DirecTV Fantasy Zone. For an additional $100, you can add NFL Game Pass, which streams every regular-season game after it airs.

NFLSundayTicket is available to college students. For just $100, you can get TV U, which includes everything in the TV Max plan. For an additional $100, a Game Pass can be purchased. None of these packages are available through AT&T TV, which is the new name for DirecTV Now’s cable-style streaming service (described above).

Because DirecTV’s arrangement for the NFL Sunday Ticket bundle expires at the end of the 2022 season, a lot will change in the future. Several corporations have expressed interest in obtaining the rights, including Amazon, Apple, Disney, and YouTube, according to reports.

What you will receive:

All out-of-market Sunday afternoon NFL live stream games are included in both subscriptions. This means you won’t be able to watch games on Thursday, Sunday, or Monday nights. With simply an NFL Sunday Ticket subscription, you won’t be able to watch locally televised games. However, for those who want to watch complete live games of their favorite teams outside of the market, this is the only option. Both options provide the ability to watch four games on your screen at once, which is a nice feature.

NFL Sunday Ticket Max also includes NFL RedZone and the DirecTV Fantasy Zone, which is a new channel dedicated only to watching games through the lens of fantasy football.


The sports-oriented FuboTV costs $65 a month and is one of the only sites to watch NFL live stream games in 4K with HDR (from Fox). In many markets, it allows you to watch games on CBS, Fox, and NBC.

FuboTV also offers Monday Night Football, as well as the NFL Network for Thursday Night Football games, thanks to a long-awaited arrangement with ESPN. (Some of them can also be found on Amazon and Fox.)

NFL RedZone is available as part of FuboTV’s $11-per-month Sports Plus add-on bundle, which includes game highlights and replays from every Sunday game.

Is it possible to watch NFL games on FuboTV?

Yes. FuboTV offers Fox, CBS, NBC, and ESPN, but not NFL Network, like AT&T Now does. However, fuboTV offers a plan that includes NFL Redzone, which broadcasts live look-ins from 1-8 p.m. ET every Sunday afternoon game.

What you will receive:

The Starter Plan gives you access to local CBS, NBC, and Fox channels for NFL live stream free games (regional availability and blackout restrictions apply). The FuboTV Starter Plan also includes all-season access to ESPN for Monday Night Football and NFL Network for Thursday Night Football.

Hulu + Live TV

Hulu’s live TV package, Hulu + Live TV, costs $65 per month and gives you access to ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC local broadcasts in many markets.

CBS Sports, ESPN, and Fox Sports are also available. The big news for 2021 is that Hulu and the NFL Network have agreed to make the NFL Network available on Hulu + Live TV. Because the NFL Network offers eight exclusive Thursday Night Football games that aren’t available on Amazon or Fox, this is crucial to sports fans.

You can acquire a sports add-on pack for an extra $10 per month that includes NFL RedZone, which features 7 hours of Sunday Night Football action, as well as the chance to view all RedZone programming from the 2020 NFL season before the 2021 season begins.

Is it possible to watch NFL games on Hulu?

Yes. Streamers will be able to watch all local and national games on Hulu, which includes Fox, CBS, NBC, and ESPN. Hulu has recently added NFL Network to its lineup, giving it nearly identical viewing options to YouTube TV.

What you will receive:

Hulu + Live TV, like an HD antenna, gives you access to all local affiliates of the major broadcast networks, such as Fox, CBS, and NBC. With the exception of any blackouts, these will show the games that are televised inside your regional broadcast map. You also get ESPN, which includes all Monday Night Football games as well as some of the best NFL coverage and commentary on television.

While you won’t have access to out-of-network games as you would with NFL RedZone or NFL Sunday Ticket, this is a complete option to view most locally and nationally televised games. However, because the first three regular Thursday Night Football games will be shown on NFL Network, Hulu does not provide a method to watch them.


Locast is an internet-based streaming service that provides free over-the-air broadcast channels. It’s currently accessible in 36 different markets across the United States. Locast allows you to view any games that are broadcast on ABC, CBS, FOX, or NBC affiliate channels.

However, there is a catch. The organization is a nonprofit that does not charge consumers directly for content and relies on a copyright exception for nonprofits. It relies on monthly donations of at least $5 to stay afloat. (Until you pay up, Locast will interrupt your show on a frequent basis to ask for that money.)

It’s possible that this is too wonderful to be true. Locast has been sued in federal court by ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC Universal, alleging that the service breaches its copyrights by transmitting TV programs to clients without paying for them. The broadcasters are demanding that the service be shut down and that they be compensated for their losses.

Network Apps

If you have a pay-TV subscription, you may be able to watch football on the move by downloading a network’s mobile app. All of the apps listed below require authentication, which means you must be a cable or satellite subscriber.

CBS Sports: 

In addition to Paramount+ subscribers, the network is allowing “authenticated” CBS viewers—those who receive CBS through a pay-TV service—to watch games on the CBS Sports app and online at

Fox Sports: 

The Fox TV Everywhere app provides live coverage of regional sports networks and local market games. Most cable-style streaming providers, such as FuboTV, Hulu + Live TV, and YouTube TV, also offer access to the games. On your laptop or tablet, as well as some streaming devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Roku, you can watch NFL games on Only the channels in your TV schedule are available to you.

NBC Sports: 

Every Sunday Night Football game in 2021 will be streamed live on and the NBC Sports App. Both will enable you to watch football on an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet, computer, Samsung smart TV, numerous streaming players, and Xbox game consoles if you have a cable, satellite, or live streaming TV subscription. The games will also be streamed through NBCUniversal’s Peacock service (see below).


The ESPN mobile app brings Monday Night Football, as well as shows like SportsCenter, to your computer, smartphone, tablet, Xbox game console, and streaming players like Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, and Roku, to your computer, smartphone, tablet, Xbox game console, and streaming players like Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, and Roku. Live Monday Night Football games are not available on the current $5-per-month ESPN+ streaming subscription, but they will be available in 2023. Starting in the 2022 season, ESPN+ will offer one exclusive game (a regular-season international game).

NFL Game Pass

With NFL Game Pass, you can watch almost any game you choose, with one major caveat: you must wait until the game’s original broadcast has ended.

The streaming subscription, which costs $99 for the season (or four $30 monthly installments), allows you to see replays of all regular-season games as well as games from previous seasons. The Super Bowl is not included.

NFL Mobile App

The NFL mobile app, which was previously solely available to Verizon phone customers, now allows you to view NFL live stream free games regardless of your provider.

The service is free, and the same programming is also available for mobile devices through Verizon’s Yahoo Sports App. It’s only available for live local-market games and national prime-time games. It includes national playoff games and the Super Bowl. However, you won’t be able to view DirecTV-controlled out-of-market games on Sunday afternoons.

What you get:

Live to stream for regular-season local and primetime games, playoffs, and the Super Bowl is available through these applications. As a result, the games can only be seen on a mobile device. You’ll also need to make sure your phone or tablet’s location services are turned on.

Paramount+ (formerly CBS All Access)

If you enjoy watching Sunday afternoon football games, CBS is a must-have. Cord cutters can utilize Paramount+, the company’s new streaming program that succeeded CBS All Access. It gives you access to the entire CBS NFL football season, albeit the Super Bowl will be shown on NBC this year.

AFC Wild Card games, AFC divisional playoff games, and the AFC Championship game are all on the schedule. All NFL pregame shows, including “The NFL on CBS” and “Inside the NFL,” which is going from Showtime to Paramount+, are also featured.

The games will be accessible on both the $5 ad-supported Paramount+ and the $10 ad-free Paramount+. Games can also be streamed on mobile devices, which was previously only available to Verizon cellular customers.

Starting in 2023, a new arrangement inked a few months ago will deliver an expanded slate of games to both CBS and Paramount+, including those involving NFC teams.

What you get:

Every NFL live stream game that airs on the main CBS channel in your market is streamed live on Paramount Plus. You won’t be able to view any games that air on other networks or any out-of-market matchups because Paramount Plus only offers CBS content. A complete schedule of NFL games scheduled to air on CBS can be found here.

Sling TV

For football enthusiasts, Sling TV is a bit of a mixed bag. It does not include ABC or CBS, despite the fact that it includes NBC, Fox, the NFL Network, and ESPN. To receive all of the games, you’ll need to subscribe to both the Blue (NBC, Fox, NFL Network) and Orange (ESPN) plans. Each plan costs $35 per month, but you can obtain a $50 monthly package if you combine them.

Because Sling TV doesn’t have CBS, you won’t be able to watch the AFC games that the network broadcasts on Sunday afternoons. Sling has restored access to the NFL Network, and NFL Red Zone is now available as part of the $11-per-month Sports Extra add-on.

Is it possible to watch NFL games on Sling TV?

However, not all of them. Sling TV offers two different packages — Orange and Blue — with Fox, NBC, ESPN, and NFL Network included in each. They do not, however, have CBS. So, if you utilize Sling TV, be aware that you will not be able to watch CBS local-market games through the service.

What you get:

Sling Orange includes ESPN, while Sling Blue includes Fox and NBC, as well as the NFL Network in some cities. Sling does not yet provide CBS. A Sports Extra bundle is available, however, it does not include any channels that broadcast live NFL games.

Sign up for the Sling Orange + Blue plan and take advantage of Sling’s current special offer of a free antenna for local channels to get the most NFL games via Sling. You must prepay for two months of Sling service in order to receive the free antenna. You may also add the Sports Extra bundle to the Orange + Blue Plan for a total of $61 per month if you desire RedZone.

In addition to the local services included with the antenna, you can join up for Sling Blue to obtain access to Sunday afternoon games on Fox and Sunday Night Football games on NBC, or only Sling Orange to gain access to Monday Night Football games on ESPN. Game availability is subject to blackouts, as it is with all streaming platforms.

You can get access to all local stations, the NFL Network, ESPN, and NFL RedZone with Sling’s channel lists, add-ons, plus the fact that they supply a free antenna, making it one of the most cost-effective ways to watch the NFL without cable.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV now offers 70+ channels for $65 a month, following a pricing increase. All four main broadcast networks—ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC—as well as the ESPN networks and Fox Sports—are included. Last year, YouTube TV added the NFL Network to its Sports Plus package, as well as the option to add NFL RedZone for an extra $11 per month.

In addition, YouTube TV now offers a 4K HDR option for an extra $10 per month for the first year. This year, the company stated that some Thursday night games would be in 4K.

Product Picks

Regardless of which service you use, you’ll have a better time watching the game if you utilize a reliable device to stream it to your TV. Here are a couple of the highest-rated streaming media devices according to Consumer Reports, sorted alphabetically.

Is it possible to watch NFL games on YouTube TV?

Yes. All four main networks are represented on YouTube TV: Fox, CBS, NBC, and ESPN, meaning streamers will be able to watch all local-market games. Because YouTube TV also carries NFL Network, fans will be able to watch NFL Network-only games on the platform.

NFL Redzone is also available on YouTube TV as part of a bundle.

What you get:

YouTube TV, like other packages in this pricing range, gives you access to all of the local channels you’ll need to watch NFL games, such as CBS, Fox, and NBC. YouTube TV’s base plan includes ESPN and NFL Network, allowing you to watch all Monday Night Football and Thursday Night Football games. You may also watch NFL Redzone for an extra $11 per month with the launch of the new Sports Plus bundle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on NFL Live Stream

How to watch NFL games live in Canada?

DAZN offers all NFL live streaming games in Canada. All smart TVs, mobile devices, PCs, and game consoles can access the streaming service.

DAZN provides access to NFL Redzone and NFL Game Pass in Canada. This means that on Sundays, viewers will be able to watch seven hours of commercial-free football live, as well as live on-demand replays via Game Pass.

How can I watch NFL games in real-time in the United States?

Games will be broadcast on a variety of services and channels, including old standbys like ESPN, NFL Network, and your local FOX, NBC, and CBS affiliates, according to the NFL 2021-22 schedule.

ESPN will broadcast Monday Night Football like it did last season, and NBC will broadcast Sunday Night Football. On Sunday afternoons, CBS will broadcast AFC games, while FOX will broadcast NFC games. Thursday Night Football games are available on Amazon Prime Video, and the NFL Network will continue to broadcast a number of games throughout the year.

As a result, recommending Fubo TV to cord-cutters to watch the NFL season is a piece of cake. Fubo is a sports streaming service that includes all three local broadcasters, as well as ESPN and NFL Network. That is why it is regarded as one of the greatest streaming services available.

How do I use a VPN to watch NFL games in the United Kingdom?

Outside of the UK, services like Sky Go and BBC iPlayer are geo-restricted, but that doesn’t mean you can’t watch the NFL.

All you have to do is download and utilize a VPN service like NordVPN, which will disguise your IP address and make the app think you’re in the UK. You may then use your web browser to browse Sky’s services and watch whatever you like.

How do I use a VPN to watch NFL live streams?

You’re not out of luck, football enthusiasts, if you’ve had to leave your own “bubble” — or if you’ve been hit by a dreaded local blackout — and can’t watch the NFL live stream you want. You can use a virtual private network (VPN) to pretend to be surfing the web from your hometown (or somewhere else where blackouts aren’t an issue) and access the same streaming services you previously paid for.

Are you unsure about which VPN is best for you? We’ve tried a lot of different VPNs and found ExpressVPN to be the best overall. It boasts lightning-fast speeds and top-notch customer service. You do, however, have alternative VPN options. Here are a few of our favorites.

It’s really simple to use a VPN.

1. Download and install the VPN service of your choosing. As previously said, ExpressVPN is our preferred VPN service.

2. In the VPN app, select the location to which you want to connect. For example, if you’re in the United States and want to see service from the United Kingdom, you’d choose the United Kingdom from the list.

3. Relax and take in the action. Watch the game on Sling, Yahoo, or any other website.

What is the best way to watch NFL live stream free?

If you only want to watch on your phone, the Yahoo Sports app for iOS and Android allows you free access to every NFL live stream game that is televised in your local TV market. Yes, Monday Night Football and Thursday Night Football are included. You may also use the Yahoo app to sign in to your NFL live stream Game Pass membership and watch it live.

Anyone can watch live with one of our finest TV antenna selections. You may also create your own stream using a service like Channel Master or Tablo and a DVR box connected to your antenna. This enables you to transmit the stream – live or recorded — to almost any set-top box, mobile device, or computer on the planet.

The cost varies based on the HD antenna you buy and the service you use, but the local channels are free and there are no NFL-sponsored hoops to pass through.

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