Coulomb’s Law – Who Invented and What is the Limitation?

Electrostatic Coulomb Law is one of the chapters, which keep students quite frustrated. Well, yes, it is indeed a bit tricky. Though, you can understand it easily, if you go with its basics. What are you waiting for? It is time to explore those layers to develop a better understanding. Let’s check out more about it – 

Do You Know Who Invented This Law – 

Well, the chapter is tricky and you deserve the right who invented this cryptic yet interesting law. Greek philosopher Thales of Miletus observed this law for the first time in 600 BC. To put this law in simple words, if 2 bodies are charged following static electricity then the results would be interesting. Do you know how it would be? Chances are high that they will either repulse or may lead to attracting each other depending upon their charge nature. Though it was just a sort of observation he did. But at that time, he did not establish any sort of mathematical relations in the context of measuring the attraction or repulsion force between the charged bodies.

Over time, Charles Augustin De Coulomb presented an ideal mathematical relation to this concept. He was a French Physicist. He came up with this theory in 1785. He introduces an ideal equation in the context of repulsion or attraction force that happens between these charged bodies. Therefore, this law is known as Coulomb’s law. 

Let’s Understand The Limitation Of Coulomb’s Law – 

Have you been wondering about the limitation of Coulomb’s law? You are at the right place. Here, we are going to cover this topic in a detailed manner. Firstly, we need to understand that Coulomb’s law is completely valid indeed. But it happens only in the case if their sophisticated solvent molecules number available between the 2 interesting charge particles. And it should be large indeed. Apart from it, this law is also valid if the point charges are available at rest. Have you ever contemplated when it could be difficult to apply? It happens only when the charges are available in arbitrary shape. Therefore, it would be easy to figure out the value of distances between the charges following an arbitrary shape. 

It does not matter what term you are going to prepare for the exam, be it coulomb law or Doppler Effect. The thing which matters a lot is that you need to follow smart tricks to memorize them. If you do not try to memorize them then you may not be able to secure good marks in the exam. 

Do Not Forget To learn The Principle – 

It is important to learn the principle of law to develop a better understanding. You need to consider that if you have 2 charged bodies in which one is “+” and the second is “-“ then they would be attracting each other while keeping at a specific distance. Now, it is time to lift up the charge of one body in order to keep the other unchanged. The attraction force will truly be increased indeed. 

Here, it needs to mention that the charge of the second body would be increasing the first one unaltered. The attraction force would increase between them and will be again lifted up indeed. Here, it needs to be mentioned that the force between the charged bodies is quite proportional to the charge of either body or both of them. 

Conclusion – 

We hope that the shared information has helped you a lot to understand these cryptic points. It is time to explore everything in a detailed manner. Whatever you read, try to understand them deeply. Do not just read and leave. Try to memorize them in a logical way.

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