The Feed Season 2: Everything You Need to Know about its Updates

The Feed Season 2 is a British science fiction television series based on the novel of the same name. The series premiered on Virgin TV Ultra HD in the United Kingdom on September 16, 2019.

The plot of the series takes place in London in the not-too-distant future. It revolves mainly around the British family of Lawrence Hatfield. Lawrence is the one who invents the ubiquitous technology called “Potok”.

This technology is implanted in everyone’s brain and allows the exchange of information, emotions and memories called mundles. But everything goes wrong when the users become murderers. The family splits up trying to come to terms with the monster that created it.

The premiere date of The Feed Season 2

The first Feed Season, consisting of a total of ten episodes, premiered on Prime Video on November 22, 2019. It attracted the attention of a wide audience around the world. Now, fans are eagerly awaiting the premiere of the second season of Fodder.

However, for now, there is no official confirmation of the release date of the second season of The Fodder. But according to some rumors, it could be released in November 2020.

Where we can watch the Feed Season 2?

The main season is available to stream on Amazon Prime. Also, the show is trending on Netflix.

To watch the series, you need a subscription package that you can get at the cost of around $12 to $14 per month on Netflix and $12.99 per month on Amazon Prime.

When we get the official teaser of this TV series?

The release dates are not confirmed yet. So we have no idea about the official teaser of the Feed Season 2. The official teaser always came out before the release. So we have to wait for the dates of The Feed Season 2. Whenever we get the updates on this series, we will certainly make you aware of this. So, don’t forget to bookmark us!

You can also enjoy this trailer — cute little fan-made version of The Feed Season 2.

Is there a trailer for the second season of Fodder?

At the moment, the trailer for the second season has not been released. This is because filming has been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, we should not expect the trailer anytime soon.

Who is returning to the cast for the second season?

However, there is still no confirmation about the cast of the upcoming series. But according to IMDb, the cast could include David Thewlis as Lawrence Hatfield, Nina Toussaint-White as Kate, Osi Ihle as Max, Guy Burnett as Tom Hatfield, and Michelle Fairley as Meredith Hatfield.

The Feed season 2: What will be the plot?  

The series revolves around the world of technology. From the story so far, it seems that the Hatfield family is determined to stop the destruction. Thus, the next season could
reveal the reasons for Bae’s kidnapping and unmask her captors.

Last Words

The creators currently have not confirmed the show but the viewers find the story – The Feed Season 2 so much good. We hope that we will get the series soon. Also, you can watch some latest series including Lie to Me Season 4, Cedar Cove Season 4, and Ascension Season 2.

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