Easy Kebab Recipes: 15 Best Vegetarian Kebab Recipes

Vegetarian Kebab Recipes: Here’s a collection of 15 of the best vegetarian kebab recipes, including dahi le lebab, bhutteyan da kebab, beetroot kebab, sabudana seekh kabab, rajma ke kebab, and more, along with crucial ingredients and preparation instructions.

Best Vegetarian Kebabs: No Indian get-together is complete without a plate of delectable kebabs as a beginning. Nothing beats the combination of moist and juicy kebabs with spicy mint or pudina chutney and sliced onions on the side. Kebabs are meaty appetizers served on skewers or in minced patties that were historically prepared in a tandoor or tawa. To enhance the flavor, a large number of spices are added to the marinade, which is then carefully cooked to achieve the desired texture. Galouti, kakori, tangri, Afghani, tikka masala, malai, hariyali, and so on are just a few of the many types of kebabs available. There are also vegetarian options. Why should meat eaters get all of the fun?

If you thought vegetarian kebabs were exclusively about paneer, you’re in for a rude awakening. Vegetables can be transformed into mouthwatering kebabs in a variety of ways. From lotus steam, raw banana, beetroot, and green peas to dahi, sabudana, corn, coconut, and a variety of other ingredients, there’s something for everyone. Do you want to try your hand at manufacturing some?

Here are 15 of our favorite vegetarian kebab recipes:

1. Dahi Ke Kebab

Kebabs cooked with spicy yogurt and besan that melt in your tongue. Serve with a spicy pudina chutney for a delectable meal.

2. Bhutteyan Da Kebab (Bhutteyan Da Kebab)

Potato, corn, cheese, and seasonings are used to make these delectable kebabs. At any dinner table, these crunchy and tasty kebabs are a show-stealer.

3. Kebab made with beets

These beetroot and tofu kebabs are packed with nutrients. These kebabs are packed with antioxidants and have very few calories.

4. Seekh Kabab Sabudana

By adding sabudana to conventional kebabs, you may give them a new spin. These kebabs are simple to cook and will be a huge hit at your evening party.

5. Seekh Kebab with Vegetables

Seekh kebabs with vegetables, nuts, and figs are a perennial favorite. ‘Directly from the sizzling tandoor to your dinner table!’

6. Kebab de Paneer Anardana

This is a dish you’ll want to serve at any dinner party. Marinated paneer cubes served with crunchy capsicum and a dipping sauce.

7. Bhein Ke Kebab

Here’s how to make a great party appetizer. Kebabs with a particular flavor profile of lotus stems, chana dal, and mild spices.

8. Coconut Chatpattey Kebab

Vegetable kebabs covered in desiccated coconut and cooked till crisp in a pan. Served with a pine nut sauce flavored with mint.

9. Rajma Ke Kebab (Rajma Ke Kebab)

These vegetarian rajma kebabs are a terrific way to start your dinner party. On the outside, it’s golden, but the inside is soft and tangy.

10. Kebab of Green Peas

Green peas, cashew nuts, chickpea flour, and a variety of spices are used to make delectable kebabs. This is a great way to get your party started – and it’s also a great party nibble!

11. Pineapple Salsa with Badam Papite Ke Kebab

Making kebabs might be a time-consuming process for some, but it also provides an excellent opportunity to experiment with a range of ingredients and create something unique each time. Believe it or not, some of the most famous kebabs were either created by chance or by a brilliant mind that followed their instincts and tried something new. Badam papite ke kebab with pineapple salsa is a delectable twist on the traditional vegetarian kebab. This delectable dish, made with raw papaya, potato, almonds, and a variety of spices, is best served with pineapple salsa dip.

12. Hara Bhara Kebab

These melt-in-your-mouth kebabs are a mainstay in any occasion with an all-vegetarian diet, made with the health benefits of spinach and green peas, mashed potatoes, chilies, and select spices. This kebab is a must-try because it’s quick, easy, and delicious.

13. Potato Kebabs on the Grill

Raise your hands if you like potatoes! Grilled potatoes are coated in an unusual blend of herbs and spices to make these mouthwatering kebabs. For the finest flavor, serve with mint chutney, tomato ketchup, or yogurt.

14. Tangdi Kebab with Veggies

Vegetarian tangdi kebab is a vegetarian variation of chicken tangdi kebab made using bread slices, boiled potatoes, and paneer, as well as spices such as garam masala, red chili powder, and sour chaat masala.

15. Kathal ke Kebab 

This kebab is constructed with boiled chana, soft kethak chunks, and aromatic seasonings, making it a perfect substitute for chicken and mutton kebabs.

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