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35 Best Websites for College Students

college student

College can be intimidating and overwhelming, and it can be difficult to find academic assistance. Knowing which websites can assist you with various facets of college life, particularly assignments, can make all the difference.

We’ve compiled 35 best websites for college students that will aid you in your academic pursuits; you may already be utilizing some of them. All of these tools are excellent and can help you with essay writing, organization, and solving math and science problems.

1. Canvas or Blackboard

Canvas and Blackboard are the two most popular learning management systems. Depending on your school and classes, your professors may post announcements, the syllabus, and your grades on one of these websites or a similar website. You will also submit tasks here and choose the best websites for college students. 

2. Your school’s library website

We cannot emphasize this enough – the website for your school’s library will contain all the materials to which your school subscribes, as well as instructions for accessing them. Before starting a research paper on Google Scholar, it is likely that your school’s library website contains a tutorial on how to begin research on various themes. There will also be contact information for research librarians; don’t hesitate to schedule a meeting with one of them, since they may be aware of resources that are difficult to locate on your own.

3. Facebook

Numerous student organizations use Facebook to communicate, and it’s a terrific location to learn about school events you would not have known about otherwise. Numerous student groups utilize Facebook Groups to interact with their members, and following event organization pages can keep you abreast of campus happenings. Facebook is one of the useful or best websites for college students.   

4. Desmos

Desmos is an online graphing calculator that is far more user-friendly than a conventional graphing calculator. 

5. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is a far superior answer engine than Quora. Wolfram Alpha may have a step-by-step answer to your query if you search for it. Wolfram Alpha is a lifesaver for math and science students, but it may also provide answers to queries about the humanities and life. Simply type “ln(4×3) + 6x x” into the search bar to obtain a solution.

6. Chegg

Chegg is a website that offers a variety of student services, including textbook and e-book rentals and flashcards. The most useful portion of Chegg is CheggStudy, which contains textbook solutions and professional Q&A. Textbook solutions are the detailed, step-by-step responses to textbook questions. If you submit a question to Chegg, an expert will respond with a detailed answer. You may also use the expert Q&A option to search and view all previously asked and answered questions. CheggStudy costs $14.95 per month, but you may already have a login or know someone who pays for it. Therefore, inquire around.

CheggStudy is useful for math students because it has both solutions to textbook problems and expert-answered questions. Whatever you’re studying, it’s probable that your question is from a textbook or that someone else has asked something similar. Chegg is an excellent problem-solving resource. That’s why, Chegg is one of the best websites for college students. 

7. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is an excellent tool for organizing your hectic calendar. You can keep track of your classes, deadlines, and extracurriculars using Google Calendar.

8. Quizlet

The creation of flashcards has never been simpler. Quizlet is an online study tool that allows you to locate and create flashcards, as well as test yourself in various ways on those flashcards. You can search Quizlet for flashcards, and it is likely that someone has already created a set for the exam you are preparing for. this is another useful website, so students must follow this best website for college students. 

9. Jstor

Jstor is an online database for research that your institution may subscribe to. 12 million academic journal articles, primary sources, and books are accessible via Jstor. Check the library’s website to determine which subscriptions to research databases it currently has.

10. Ebsco

Ebsco is an additional online research database that may be included in your institution’s current subscription-based resources. It’s an excellent starting point for any research article. The webpage of your school’s library will indicate if you have access to Ebsco. The database site is one of the among best websites for college students. 

11. Your campus newspaper

Utilize the online newspaper on your college to remain current with campus politics and events. Your campus newspaper will keep you aware of what is happening on the quad and in your neighborhood.

12. Word Hippo

Without a thesaurus, no list of websites for college students is complete. Word Hippo is an exceptional thesaurus that will assist you avoid repetition in your essays.

Other 15 Best Websites for Students 

  13. The Ultimate Health Food Guide

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