8 Behaviors You Must Avoid to be Socially Successful

Being socially successful is a term used to describe the ability to feel at ease in large groups of people and to present an image of ourselves to others that leaves us feeling satisfied, rather than regret or shame when we return home.

This can be accomplished through the effective management of unconscious behaviors that can be unsettling for others or for ourselves. Obviously, it is not about eliminating all forms of diversity and pretending that everyone has the same personality, but you must find a way to feel socially successful by being at ease with how you act around the people you know and live with.

In other words, if you want to be socially successful, you must learn to control your social anxiety. However, because this is not always easy and these feelings are often the result of a series of insecurities, doubts, and past experiences, we’d like to offer you some advice on behaviors you can adopt to be socially successful and, as a result, feel more fulfilled in that area of your life. They are listed below.

Too much or no eye contact

According to the sociologist Burce L. Lambert, in order to avoid feeling uncomfortable in social settings, it is essential to maintain an appropriate level of eye contact with others. For instance, the key would be to avoid staring at people without completely avoiding eye contact. During a conversation, it is natural to occasionally look away, then back at the person, etc. Eye contact is crucial for success in social situations, including romantic dates, because it allows others to feel seen and heard.

Keep space fair

When we feel too close to another person while conversing, we may experience some discomfort. In a romantic or intimate setting, physical contact is essential for determining a person’s chemistry with us. However, in more general social settings, avoid getting too close to someone, as it can make them feel uncomfortable. Find a distance that allows you to feel at ease without completely withdrawing from the situation.

Take care of personal hygiene

In general, presenting a clean and pleasant image of ourselves will help us a great deal to be socially successful, which is why we must take care to brush our teeth, bathe, dress in clean clothes, and follow a series of other habits that will not only help you succeed better with the people around you, but will also boost your self-esteem.

Have filters

Some people go through life saying anything that comes to mind, regardless of whether it is appropriate or correct. And being an honest person is not a negative trait; on the contrary, it is an admirable trait. It is advised to pay close attention to the contexts in which things are said, as this can make people uncomfortable. For instance, if you are at a funeral, you should avoid jokes that are in poor taste. You see? These are very fundamental restrictions that can be implemented.

Control your body language

Try to make your body language comfortable for you and others when you are with others. This can also assist you on a date, for instance. Usually, maintaining composure and steadiness while interacting is sufficient.

Introduce yourself little by little

When meeting a new person, it is best to introduce yourself gradually. For example, if you are introduced to someone, it is recommended that you begin by telling them a brief, but sufficient, amount of information about yourself. Your name, where you live, a few of your hobbies, etc., are topics that will help keep you safe around others. If you don’t want to frighten people who aren’t used to this, you should gradually reveal more private aspects of your personality as you gain confidence.

Follow the conversation

If you want to blend in with a group of people who are discussing a particular topic, try to stay on the same page as what they were saying. In other words, it is not advisable to join a social space with disconnected ideas or interactions, as this will leave individuals unsure of how to respond.

Not leaving the conversation on time

Sometimes people have to leave or want to change the subject, and they can do so with phrases such as “well, it was a pleasure to meet you” or “let’s see if we can catch up again later.” If you continue to force this interaction, the atmosphere may become awkward. Observe the optimal time to end a social interaction.

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