5 Trendy Wedding Decor Ideas from around India in 2023

Every aspect of Indian weddings has changed tremendously in the last few years, and wedding décor is no exception, having experienced a complete metamorphosis and customization that is no longer confined to simple hanging or scrunched-up curtains and cliched floral arrangements.

Instead, it has taken center stage, and the abundance of newness with each passing day has resulted in the emergence of distinct and new trends. Even the smallest elements are given careful study. For example, using light colors and fresh flowers, as well as focusing the entire décor, from the mandap to the bar and the stage, around a theme. This transition can be credited in large part to the exposure that Indian viewers have received through social media, celebrity weddings, and worldwide trends. All of these variables have unquestionably improved Indian wedding decoration ideas, and there is no looking back now!

Latest trendy wedding decor ideas
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All of this, on the other hand, might be overwhelming for couples, their families, and loved ones who must choose from a plethora of possibilities. However, we know for a fact that following the advice below and using an organized approach can make the process lot easier. with 5 fresh design ideas to help you out and offer you more time to enjoy the wedding ceremonies for those preparing their wedding décor or for someone in the family or friends.
The process should always begin with determining the type of wedding you’ll be planning—indoor or outdoor, depending on the timing—day, evening, or late night—and, of course, the location. Once you’ve decided on all of these things, concentrate on narrowing down the style and theme you want for the big day. There are a million various ways to style the day, whether you choose festive chic, relaxed elegance, or rustic-luxe. ” She outlined 5 of the most popular wedding trends to consider in order to create the most beautiful wedding decor for your special day.

Bohemian Wedding Idea

A Bohemian Wedding is reminiscent of the pages of a legendary woods enchanted book. Boho Chic Weddings feature a warm and romantic vibe that is earthy and inspired by nature and the great outdoors. These are definitely some of my favorite wedding ideas, and I hope you appreciate them as much as we do.
Bohemian Wedding Idea
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Dreamy and whimsical decor idea

When it comes to inventiveness, wedding designers leave no stone unturned, and dreamy & whimsical décor is another wonderful technique that you can never go wrong with. It’s gaining popularity since it makes a statement without being overbearing. Colors should be mixed and matched for this type of wedding. Pastel colors with flora and climbing vines over the arms of the aisle chairs are the most exciting colors for a whimsical mood; this can also be incorporated for a more rustic vibe. Colored canopies and fabrics can also be used to create this type of decor, which improves the look of areas. When it comes to fantasy and whimsical decors, entry passageways that are gorgeously decked out inspired by fairy tales, gigantic flower installations like chandeliers, neon signages, reflecting surfaces, and so on are also becoming hot trends for 2023.

Dreamy and whimsical decor
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Floral Decor

This will take center stage because flowers have always held a special place in wedding decor, regardless of the theme! Suspended flower decorations, which enhance the beauty of any place, are a new style that has recently impressed everyone! One of the most popular trends in Indian weddings is bringing the most gorgeous ‘bageecha’ to life in the venue and mandap area. Expect aesthetically pleasing Genda Phool arrangements in jute or bamboo containers, floral chandeliers, and centerpieces for seating arrangements, as well as flower-filled stages and swings. You can also use flowers such as Tuberoses, Orchids, Roses, Lilies, Chrysanthemums, and Hydrangeas to decorate your wedding.

Floral Decor
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Vibrant Color Trends

The brilliant color trend is a subset of the ombré decor style, which has swept the industry. It employs bright colors to create a cascading and eye-catching effect. We are seeing a fusion of colors, themes, and cultures to demonstrate the perfect harmony of traditions, and this is such a unique concept. However, color preferences may vary depending on the newlyweds and the season of the wedding ceremony. Bright colors combined with classic shades, such as creams, blushes, and peaches blended with hot pinks, reds, and oranges to produce dramatic visual statements, will be widely seen in 2023 weddings.

Vibrant Colour Trends
Photo Credit: Wedding Sutra

Personalization in wedding decor

Your wedding decor can make or break the event, and it’s even more beautiful when you personalize it. So, this wedding season, be creative and think beyond the box. ‘Personalisation’ is a growing trend in weddings, from wedding decor to invitations to bridal clothes. You might choose something personal to you as a couple or something amusing that corresponds with your wedding venue or decor. Couples are also including personal and distinctive elements into their wedding decor to ensure that the setup and theme are genuinely unique and their own! Couples are willing to swing on the entire creative spectrum to add individual aspects to their wedding design, from monogrammed cushions to adding wedding hashtags on cocktail glasses, decor, dance floor, photo pop-ups, and more. It has inundated the social media-driven society and has nearly become a routine these days.

Personalization in wedding decor
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