How Much does it Cost to do Your Home Automation?

Many people think that home automation is a very costly project for realization. But it is just the usual pattern when someone starts to spread as a result of a lack of knowledge in the following area. Is home automation really so expensive? Do you think it is worth your money? 

These and many other questions are essential. As when the potential customer understands the purpose of it and all the advantages it might bring. To learn more on the available options look here and discover top solutions online. Due to the swift advancement of technology, it is possible to find a growing number of budget-friendly variants on the market that can improve your home life in terms of comfort and usability.  

Real Costs for Home Automation 

The average price for smart home system installation is $700- $800 on average. It’s difficult to determine a price range as a lot depends on individual preferences, brands, and supplementary solutions. To guide your expectations, you should understand that the honest price range can vary from  $180 to  $1,340 today. If you check the reports, you will discover even bigger figures like $3,000 for one installation. 

Speaking about large and luxury homes that have been stuffed with versatile innovative smart installations, the price for an automation system can go up to $150,000. These homes are entirely connected and excite their owners every day to enjoy the routine things. By the way, the price for wired system installation is not included above. It costs approximately $80 an hour. 

Generally, smart technology encompasses locks, lights, safety, thermostats, space maintenance due to actuators, and entertainment solutions. Rapid automation development allows people to choose from diverse smart home options offering both affordable and high prices. Only you can understand what exactly you need to improve your life. 

Home Automation Advantages: To buy or not to buy?

If you still hesitate concerning home automation, first off check these simple but important benefits everyone can have in the contemporary world with the smart system for the home. 

  • Distance control of usual functions.
  • Increasing home security.
  • Improving energy efficiency, consequently, you will definitely save your money on household bills. 
  • The advanced functionality of different home appliances.
  • Managing your home space.
  • Convenient storage of important devices.
  • More time for leisure.

This short list of advantages is not fully completed, as each year we can observe new trends and variants of home automation that make people puzzled and they do not know where to start their fantastic home transformation from. 

What can be automated?

Before making a choice decide what exactly you would like to improve at your home starting from your kitchen and finishing with garden gates or garage. You can achieve any result you want in terms of home functionality, the only thing you have to get before is an expert recommendation and explanation of proper technological solutions you can apply for individual purposes.

Please, explore these widespread home automation examples as the next step of learning this topic and finding something useful for yourself:

  • Security system for your home;
  • Interior and exterior lighting control;
  • Locks for windows and doors;
  • A special system with a touch screen to control the temperature inside of your home;
  • Smart blinds, curtains, and shades;
  • Water and gas leak detectors;
  • Table and TV lift to create spacious interior;
  • Thermostats;
  • Sophisticated home theatre systems;
  • Smoke indicators.

After choosing the eligible options for your home, please, turn to an experienced electrician or, even better, to an accredited expert of smart home installation. This way you will protect yourself from unpleasant situations and improper home automation setup. It is really important, as all the devices and appliances need to be linked up to your inner system of electricity. 

Types of home automation and different prices

Looking for affordable prices to convert your home into a functionally smart surrounding? Read further to discover a small rundown to know what type of automation could be interesting for future investment.

Standard Automation:

You can start from a separate device at your home. For this, you can use smart switches that are linked to your home Wi-Fi.  In such a way you will be able to control one or several devices remotely. It is necessary to install a simple app on your phone or tablet to switch on/off the light or even apply a shadow function whenever you need it. When it comes to one appliance, it will cost you something about  $50-70. 

One more great option is smart bubbles installation that is connected to the Internet. It is energy-efficient being at the same time easier on your wallet in comparison with other automated things. Its price ranges from $40 to $60 per one and you can simply use your smartphone to control it. 

If you consider a smart lock as the first automated thing you want to have, be ready to prepare $100-$150 to buy it. These locks are easily mounted and user-friendly. Moreover, you can choose the type of power you need: batteries or wires.

Full Home Automation:

In case you dream about the whole automation of your household with a special control system, it is essential to answer these four questions to understand the potential price. These are:

  1. How many rooms are you going to connect for automation?
  2. What is the size of your home?
  3. Would you like to automate all the devices including tables, TV, shutters, lighting, and safety?
  4. How far are you ready to go with your creativity? What about a hidden room?

The price for full home automation is not stable; only you can decide what is appropriate for your budget and what is not affordable at the moment. In general, the price runs from $3,000 to $15,000. Plan your home automation in advance to get the result you want, save your money, and enjoy everyday life with smart solutions.

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