5 Tips for Moving Out of College Dorms!

Are your semesters going to end? The time has come to move out of college dorms, but you wonder how to move out! We completely understand that it can be both mentally and physically challenging for you. You have to say goodbye to friends, give exams and also start your preparation to move out at the same time. That is why we bring you an amazing guide from the best interstate moving companies.

Moving can be challenging and messy, but we have gathered some best tips for you. Of course, it will be more difficult if it is your first time. Therefore, you may consider the below tips for moving out of college dorms without messing up everything.

Planning to Fail is Failing to Plan

Are you thinking of starting packing a week before moving out? If you want to mess up everything and move out a sort of nightmare, then it’s not a bad idea. On the other hand, if you don’t want that, then start planning early. 

You can create a list of the things you have in your dorm. Now categorize items into these three lists, i.e., Storage, home, and get rid of. The storage list will contain everything you are going to store in your rental storage unit. The home category will contain everything that will go with you to your home. The get rid of the list will include things you have decided to toss out or sell.

Don’t Pack Everything in Your Dorm!

It’s an excellent idea to sell and toss out things. It can be emotionally challenging, but you will not regret this move. We all have unused items, and moving out is a perfect time to get rid of these things. 

How do I decide which things to get rid of? It’s simple. If you have not used something for more than 3-6 months, it’s better to throw or sell them. 

Many people will advise you to throw your not-needed academics stuff like papers, assignments, etc, but we are strictly against this. We recommend you keep those things for future use in your academic life. At that time, if you don’t have them, you will be in serious trouble.

Don’t Take Everything Home!

Are you going to take all your packaged material with you? Stop. Please, don’t do it. It would help if you asked yourself this question first. Are there things in your dorm which you will don’t need in your house? If yes, then it’s better to rent a storage unit and keep this stuff there. 

Do you think renting a storage unit is expensive? If you don’t do this, you will have to pack and unpack a whole lot of things many times. This will not only be more expensive but also physically exhaustive. 

If you plan to return or are in a period of transition after graduation, then renting a storage unit is a must.

Don’t Just Fill the Boxes!

Please don’t be like somebody who just fits everything in boxes and considers things to be done. It’s not that simple. It would be best if you had this thought in your mind that ‘you have to unpack whatever you are packing” during the whole packing. 

First of all, you must follow the protocols of moving out. Every rental place has some rules for moving out, and dorms are no exception; after that, focus on packaging things effectively. You can check out the below tips to effectively pack your belongings.

– Have a toolkit ready when you are starting to pack things. It’s recommended to have power tools in your toolkit.

– Pack more oversized items first. If you clean oversized items first, then it will be easy to pack small things. 

– Pack your boxes properly. If some boxes open during the move, then it won’t be good.

– Have an essentials backpack. It will contain the clothes you are going to wear, a toothbrush, and other things that need to be handy.

– If you can pack with friends, then it will be great. It makes boring things like moving out more fun.

If you don’t stay on the ground floor, you will also need a dolly to lift heavier items. It would be best if you decided the price with the dolly operator beforehand. If there is excessive waiting time, try to find out some other dolly operator.  

Don’t Forget to Do This Before You Move Out!

You are responsible for almost every damage in the dorm while you are living there. Therefore, please check for damage or loss before moving out of your dorm room and confirm it with the concerned person. Doing this will ensure that you don’t have to pay fines for the damages that were made during your absence. 

Don’t forget to do essential paperwork before moving out, if there is any. These are some of the things many students get careless about. Therefore, don’t procrastinate and do it.


If we tell the truth, then it’s tough to move out of your dorm room. Although the above tips will make your move more accessible. However, it will still be tricky to manage the whole moving process. Therefore, hiring a professional moving company will not be a bad idea. It will make your whole move a lot easier and hassle-free for sure. You can then achieve your goals in life with a fresh start.

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