Do You Need a Blackout Liner for Your Curtains?

Curtains are an essential component of home décor. They provide sunlight protection and privacy and also contribute towards enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the room. Curtains are available in various fabrics, styles and prints depending upon the owner’s requirements. If the owner likes to have a natural effect in the room, then sheer curtains might be a good choice as they allow the natural light to filter in the room gently. But if the owner does night shifts, then blackout curtains are a must. They provide privacy and help block the sunlight entirely and create a night-like effect during the day. As a result, the owner can catch a few hours of good sleep during the day and remain healthy.


Blackout curtains are the curtains that can completely block the sunlight to give an almost night like ambience during the day. They can achieve it because they use an opaque foam-based fabric to block out the natural light from the sun. According to some studies, blackout curtains can block up to 100 percent of sunlight through the material itself and reduce the heat transfer through windows by another 24 percent. They can do it because they use thick blackout cotton liners apart from the opaque fabric.


Quality blackout lining is a must if the owner wants to have a good blackout effect in the room. It will make the curtain heavy and help in keeping the natural light totally out of the room. The answers to the ensuing questions will help the reader decide whether liners are required for blackout curtains or not:

1. Do Blackout Liners Help in Keeping the Sunlight Out?

If the owner of the house opts for a liner that is of inferior quality, the desired blackout effect may never be achieved. It is because the liner might not be thick enough to block the light. It can be
irritating for the owner to come back home after a long night shift and realise that the blackout curtain cant block the sunlight completely. They will be deprived of much-needed rest. If the owner decides to opt for good quality liners, they can get complete privacy even during the daytime in bedrooms.

2. Do the Blackout Liners Help in Enhancing Your Media Experience?

Blackout liners can help the owner create the perfect ambience for media watching. When blackout curtains fitted with good quality liners are drawn, they do not allow sunlight to enter and enhance the media watching experience. As a result, the owner can spend some quality time with the family and friends without bothering about excessive sunlight playing a spoilsport.

3. Do Blackout Liners Help in Saving the Owner’s Furniture?

A blackout liner, when installed with a curtain, stops the sunlight from entering the room. When the curtains are drawn, they save the furniture and the other home décor items from exposure to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiations. This, in turn, increases the lives of these items as they do not fade and wear off.

4. Do Blackout Liners Help Keep the Room Cool?

Good quality blackout lining is so designed to provide sound insulation to the windows. Thus, they keep the room a lot cooler even during the hot summer months. In addition, they can reduce the heat exchange through windows and trap the air-conditioned cool air within the room. Therefore, the overall temperature of the room remains cool and comfortable.

5. Do Blackout Liners Help Reduce the Electricity Bills?

Blackout curtains go a long way in reducing electricity consumption and making the house energy efficient. They can do so because they reduce the amount of ultraviolet and infrared rays entering the room. Consequently, the air conditioners need to work less to cool the air, and the electricity consumption of the owner reduces a lot. Therefore the experts advise the owners to spend a bit more upfront on a good quality blackout liner and save a lot of money later on.

6. Do Blackout Liners Help Save the Environment?

Black out liners reduce the heat loss from the windows. Therefore, the energy consumption of the owner comes down. When fitted to blackout curtains, these liners help reduce an individual’s carbon footprint and help them lead a sustainable and eco-friendly life.

7. Do Blackout Liners Improve the Aesthetic Appeal of the Curtain?

When fitted to a curtain, a good quality blackout liner improves the look and aesthetic appeal of the curtain. It is because they add some weight to it, and therefore the curtains fall nicely from the rod. Consequently, the aesthetic appeal of the room enhances a lot. In addition, these liners help the owner give a sophisticated and modern look to the room.

8. Do Blackout Liners Help Reduce the Outside Noise?

Blackout liners, when appropriately installed to curtains, make them thick enough to block the sunlight. They also are capable enough of blocking the external noise. Thus, the owner can have an entirely peaceful setting in the room free from all sorts of external noise and disturbance.

9. Can Liners Make Existing Curtains Blackout?

Blackout lining can be added to the existing curtains making them capable of blocking the sunlight completely. This saves money for the owner and adds functionality to the existing curtains. So you can add blackout lining to the existing curtain, or a separate liner can be hung from the rod behind the existing curtain. This will create a double layer that will block the majority of the sunlight and, at the same time, enhance the overall style quotient of the room. The blackout liners thus installed also provide enhanced privacy to the owner, and they can have some relaxed moments with family and friends.


Blackout lining can be easily added to the existing curtain, making it block the sunlight. Following are the major steps involved:

1. Remove the curtain from the blind and wash it. The lining should not be added to dirty curtains.

2. The owner should take the exact measurements with a tape that is at least 10 feet long so that the entire length of the curtain can be covered.

3. The required length of the blackout fabric should be cut. In addition, at least half an inch of extra blackout fabric should be added to both sides.

4. The owner should spread the old curtain on the floor with the front side facing downwards. The blackout layer should be adjusted at the back. The owner should remember to fold the extra half an inch fabric in the sides when pinning up the curtain. The other two sides ought to be pinned in the same way.

5. The owner should sew the three sides of the curtain, ensuring that the alignment is proper. Next, they should stitch the liner to the curtain.

6. The rod should be inserted into the curtain and put in the brackets for the curtain to be hung again.

Blackout liners are a must for curtains as they help block the light, reduce glare, and make the house energy efficient. At the same time, they also give adequate privacy to the owner. Needless to mention that it is blackout liners that create opportunities for the owner to have some relaxed moments with family and friends by enhancing the media watching experience. They protect the owner’s furniture and ensure that the owner remains healthy by having a sound sleep devoid of any outside disturbance. Therefore, blackout liners make the curtains the functional and aesthetic focal points of the room.

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