Rainbow Kiss: An Ultimate Guide to Know about its Style and Importance

What is a rainbow kiss, exactly? How is it carried out? When you first hear this term, you are filled with a great deal of interest. So, you’ve mastered the renowned French kiss, but are you ready for more? If you’re seeking methods to spice up your hookup sessions or are tired of the same old makeout, prepare to be surprised by this type of kissing that not everyone is familiar with. It’s known as a rainbow kiss, and it has something to do with menstruation! Some people even think it’s disgusting! We’ll explain what this X-rated kissing style means, how to perform it, and everything else you need to know to make your next makeout session more passionate in this post.

What is a rainbow kiss?

Consider it a variation on snowballing. When a guy kisses a woman during her period, it’s known as a rainbow kiss. In the meantime, the woman performs a blow job, possibly while in the 69 positions. The couple kisses after the male ejaculates in the woman’s mouth, mingling menstrual blood with semen and making a rainbow with their mouths. And there you have it!

“A rainbow kiss is a wonderful way for everyone to enjoy the few moments of cathartic ecstasy that follow your orgasm. Consider that the goal,” says Velvet Co. co-founder Danyell Fima. Essentially, it’s a one-of-a-kind celebration of your sexual accomplishments.

How is a rainbow kiss performed?

A rainbow kiss, according to some sources, is a joyful accident that occurs when a woman receives her period while her spouse is doing cunnilingus. However, a little forethought goes a long way in achieving that all-important “rainbow kiss” hue.

For example, it appears to be critical that both parties are prepared and willing to hold their respective blood and semen in their mouths after conducting oral sex, in preparation for that magical kiss—which may or may not occur if you aren’t prepared.

“The idea is for you and your partner to finish around the same time, so neither of you needs to hold the blood or sperm in your mouth for too long,” Fima adds. You must become well acquainted with both your body and your partner.” Timing, communication, and consent are all important factors to consider ahead of time.

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How do you give a rainbow kiss?

To do this, both participants must be receiving oral sex at the same moment so that the sex act can begin in the 69 positions. You’d also have to be on your period at the time. One partner will have blood in their mouth as they move down, while the other will have semen in their mouth when the partner ejaculates. After that, both couples can kiss, forming a rainbow kiss.

If the deed does not involve both a penis and a vagina, there are some alternatives to a rainbow kiss. Tanouye explains that in situations where both partners have a vagina, both may be on their periods, or one may have their period while the other does not, yet both create vaginal fluids that can be utilized in the kiss.

If both partners have penises, the act can be performed. “[It can appear as] two partners exchanging semen orally in the kiss after,” Tanouye says.

Is rainbow kiss safe?

Tanouye adds the health dangers of a rainbow kiss are identical to the risks of infection transmission that come with any sort of unprotected sex—you can transfer HIV, hepatitis, gonorrhea, herpes, syphilis, and chlamydia. According to Tanouye, these can all be transmitted by bodily fluids during oral intercourse and may be amplified by exposure to blood.

That’s why you should only do a rainbow kiss with someone you trust or who has just completed STD/STI testing. “STI screens should be completed by both you and your partner. It’s probably not a good idea to try with someone new or someone with whom you haven’t yet explored those difficulties “Tanouye gives advice. Marcantonio also advises against flossing your teeth before engaging in this type of sex play. “When we floss, our gums can bleed. It has the potential to create entrance points for STIs.”

Marcantonio believes that being open and transparent with a partner is crucial, whether it’s a one-time hookup or a long-term relationship. “If a rainbow kiss makes sense after these chats, then go for it.”

It’s totally safe to taste the rainbow as long as both you and your spouse agree and take the necessary measures.

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Is there anything I need to know before I go for a rainbow kiss?

When doing any sex act with a new partner, Hall advises taking precautions. “There is nothing wrong with delivering or receiving oral sex while you or your partner is menstruating as long as you and your partner are both comfortable doing so and have taken the required measures, such as being tested for HIV and other STDs,” she says. If you concentrate on clitoral stimulation, you can execute cunnilingus without coming into contact with any blood.”

“Try doing the act on dark color sheets or towels, or use latex or non-latex gloves, if there happens to be some fingering going on,” she suggests for limiting any potential mess. It’s worth doing whatever makes you feel more at ease and ready to get off.

In the end, it’s entirely up to you whether or not you want to incorporate a rainbow kiss in your sex repertoire. But ideally, if the occasion arises, you’ll be more prepared!

What are the risks of the rainbow kiss?

There are various sex actions that provide a rush while still posing a low risk of disease transmission; a rainbow kiss is not one of them.

Because you’re not only sharing sperm but also blood, you should be concerned about more than just STIs and HIV; hepatitis is also a potential to consider. MSPH Rick Sowadsky specifically addresses the risks of blood exchanges on “The Body,” an HIV/AIDS resource page, saying that “if you drink the blood of a person who is infected with HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and other bloodborne diseases (whether they are showing symptoms or not), you would… be at a significant risk for these diseases.” 

It’s vital to note whether they’re displaying symptoms or not: someone can appear healthy while still have these diseases in their blood. As a result, talking about past testing results and risk factors is an important element of the rainbow kiss equation. “The more blood you consume, and the more times you drink another person’s blood, the greater the chance of infection,” Sowadsky continues.

To put it another way, it’s far better to be safe than sorry. Any risks you take are yours to take, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s also important to treat your partners with the same kind of honesty you demand from them. Before you engage in a rainbow kiss, be honest with your partners about your own HIV and Hepatitis history. If you keep that information from your partners, you’re denying them the opportunity to give informed consent, which is something no GGG, exploratory kinkster should ever do.

However, even in casual settings, there are steps you can do to reduce the risk and ensure that everyone has a good time. Before attempting a rainbow kiss, make sure you’ve tested it with your partners. Get tested for things that a regular STD clinic might not screen for, including HIV and Hepatitis B (HBV) or Hepatitis C, because it’s a sure-fire way to develop a bloodborne disease (HCV).

Why Do Couples Try Rainbow Kisses?

Rainbow Kisses are part of a new movement that celebrates sexuality in all of its complexity and beauty. The practice is a safe and alternate approach for two people to show sensual adoration for each other. It’s a type of intimacy that encourages bonding. This allows partners to become closer, even if they have only met recently. Rainbow kisses are a unique sensation that can also be a statement of love for many couples.

Outside of a few communities, rainbow kissing isn’t well-known. As a result, you should avoid doing it in public places such as parks or shopping malls. This topic may be foreign to your parents. In fact, the significance behind the colors being employed in the middle of foreplay may cause them to panic out.

How Did Rainbow Kiss Become So Popular On TikTok?

As a result of Twitter’s shoutout about TikTok’s Rainbow Kiss, The emotion has turned into something you will regret and be disgusted by. As a result, many Tiktok users chose to videotape themselves and upload it to the platform for others to enjoy. Surprisingly, the recordings went viral, and it appeared that everyone wanted to share their reaction to the surgery. The version before watching vs. the version after searching for a phrase. Some were gross, as expected, while others were truly humorous and relevant.

So, how do they make these Rainbow Kiss Tiktok reaction videos? Here’s how it works: Tik Tok users record half of their video as normal and tag it before searching for Rainbow Kiss. The first part of the film shows them going about their daily routines, being normal, and enjoying the day. The second half consists of the recording themselves after they look up rainbow kiss on the internet and discover what it is. They could be grossed out, trying to maintain control, or almost anything else. But, certainly, since then, videos with the hashtag Rainbow Kiss have been popular. It’s also entertaining to see how various people react to this X-rated kissing procedure.

Is a rainbow kiss good for you?

Male reproductive cells and blood may include harmful viruses that can cause HIV, Syphilis, and others sexually transmitted diseases, so a rainbow kiss may not be the healthiest thing for you and your spouse to try.

Hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, human papillomavirus (HPV), herpes simplex virus, HIV, syphilis, chlamydia, diarrhea, dysentery, gonorrhea… are among the medical hazards of a rainbow kiss, according to Dr. Harvey Olufunmilayo. HPV can cause malignancies of the throat and mouth. It primarily involves all of the hazards associated with oral intercourse, as well as menstrual blood.

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