Isabel Marant SPRING 2019 RTW
Isabel MarantThe summer collection of the summer of 2019 was held outside the silver curtain in Paris's fashion week, along with the Bohemian-Shik designer's collection and testimony. On the podium we saw marine-cloth jackets, jackets, pants, shawls shoes, silver shorts and shimmering wax stripes, as well as combs and wide trousers in eastern style.
How do you look at Victoria's Secret casting girls?
Victoria's Secret has begun active training for the 2018 show. September is always loaded for models. Together with the New York Fashion Week, girls also visit the famous brand's office to merge onto the podium with the goddess of the planet. At the entrance of the Victoria's Secret, paparazzi are gathered and left without any attention. In the street style, there are mini-jeans, tapes, mini-bottom and high-quality shoes. No big clothes - the image should be exposed to the maximum.
Beach Robes - Marine Clothes
The best weather, swimming costume and of course a different and high quality marine chest that shows your unique style is what the ladies most need in the hot summer season. Beach Robes is a brand that offers you the desired and necessary clothing.

Marine clothes for unique women

Beach Robes's coats were well-known in the short time since the brand's brand, and they remained loyal customers.Besides marine cottages, the bridges are not only for ladies but also for children and men. Likewise models are also created. The most demanding of the brand is the Silk Flame Chain, which has been renewed in two colors this season. The coats are shifted to Georgia, in Tbilisi, and their order is available online.
The collection of water - Saint Laurent SS 2019 is still on the background of the Eiffel Tower
It is hard to imagine a more "French" thing than a grand show at Eiffel Tower.

Saint Laurent's The creative director, Anthony Vakarello, has already held a second time with the French maiden symbol, but this time, the models have created extreme conditions and high-water shoes have been on the surface of the water. The brand new glamorous collection certainly lacks vulgarity and the highest level of sophistication.
Off-White sports-glamorous marathon spring 2019
Off-White Equally popular and captivated-hype is the brand of how America is also in Europe. On the Paris Fashion Week, Virgil Ablom made a show of sports marathon, which was opened by Bela Haddi, Kendall Jenner and Kaya Gerber. With this generation supermodels we saw professional athletes at the podium, when each model appeared on the table their names and nationality were written.

Virgil describes Off-White as an aesthetic masterpiece, which comes with the combinations of completely incompatible material and ideas. The collection is a collaboration between off-white and Nike collaborated with glamor injections.

Which tendencies returned to Paris
Street Style at Paris FW
Part one

The streets of Paris are observed trends that were roughly ten years ago. Recently fashioned Paris fashion week, a fashionable society with colored dresses, classic woven jackets, wide-sized sweaters, vintage bags and glazed pants, with simple monotonous "ballets" and glittering subtleties. We are well aware of that Everything is newly forgotten old. The return of these vintage-style items teaches a significant resurgence, and their new clothes will be more original and attractive.
Grace Kelly
Complete style 6 secret
On November 12, 85 years will be one of the most beautiful films of the world cinematography. Remember, things have created such an unforgettable and brilliant.
Directed by Alfred Hitchcock
He did not hide the reason why Greys was chosen from others: "He's like a volcano under the snow, it's a hottest passion behind her cold, it's much more interesting than just a sexy woman." Her passion knew her place. Grace was incredibly loved and had a very passionate personal life. Sometimes during the shooting, he had a romance with several partners. Unlike other actors he had a sense of tact and tact and a sense of dignity that he did not have to make a personal university. Not because he hid something from his adventures, just did not act on it and remained the ideal lady's ideal for many worshipers.
6 trends in the fall season, which will change your wardrobe
For the autumn season, there is always a special preparation in the fashion world, this period is beautifully dressed and offers many novelties and challenges. Presented items will occupy a decisive place in your wardrobe and put a modern emphasis on each seal.

Stylists dictate that we can immediately buy or tie up online: go-down bottom lines, sexy corset, leather or vinyl jacket, high-powered straight pad boots, tuxica bags and stick to satin flakes!
"I did not see a way out" - Giselle Bundenhagen found out about suicide
A great deal of people think that the stellar life is always inevitable. But famous people try to destroy this myth and speak openly about the price of success. As it seems, Giselle Bundenhagen was planning to complete his life by suicide. He wrote about his new autobiographical book "Lessons: My Way to Analyze Life" (Lessons: My Path to a Meaningful Life).

At the age of 15, when her career began to rise to the peak, the girl had a panic attack that caused turbulence in the plane. After that, the fears were regularly bothering.
JACQUEMUS Summer in the French Riviera
Jacques does not lose the feeling of reality and the designer presented a ready-to-wear collection for the summer of 2019, which is sensitive and loyal to her woman.

In the odium we saw models Stella Maxwell, Eddie Campbell, Blanca Papilla, Cindy Bruna ... Among the guests, most of them were impressed by the current collection of jacomas, the most celebrated ladies of the Paris fashion week celebrated Jacquemus's clothes and accessories.
The best Ladies of September
PORTER Online magazine publishes the list of the best ladies of September, whose seams attracted the attention of the editors by considering several factors: it is fashionable, the style of the person is in line with the event.
Futurism and Utopian Prints - Louis Vuitton SS 2019
The science-fiction experiment for the Louis Vuitton, Nicola Gesiker, with modern trends symbolically completed all four city's marathon marathons. Welcome to the future!

While leading brands were returning to the past trends in spring-summer collections, Nicolas Sackierre decided to travel in the galactic world and the audience moved 100 years ago. The collection includes the garment, which will then be a different opinion. The designer's famous futuristic sports shoes are replaced by leather boots.
Lalus summer 2019
Georgian designer Dies Duo: Lalo and Nina Dolidze will represent LALO's collection of summer 2019, which will be sold in November 2018. The brand, known by the woven jamper, still retains its business card. The model Lika Rigvava will show the collection of botanical garden with astonishing tenderness.

Model: Lika Rigvava
Photograph: Beka Cholikashvili
Style: Lado Bokuchava, Aka Pradiashvili
Impressive seams of Tina Kunki
On 24 August, Vesan Casiller married the second time - Tina Kunkia, a 21-year-old model of the actress. The controversy surrounding the wedding has not been resolved yet, the reason is not so much: the 30-year difference between age and the former wife of Venessani Monica Bellucci, who is the lady of many women around the world. Presenting one of the females of the world cinema, Tina Kunki,