Apple might be Making iPhone with Rollable

Noted Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple expert, has stated that a foldable iPhone will not be released until 2024. Apple appears to be a little late to the fold race, with Samsung, Huawei, and Motorola having previously released products in the category, and others said to be working on it.
According to Phonearena, Apple may be working on an iPhone with a rollable display, which is a different name for a foldable display. Mobile phones with foldable OLED panels that roll around one of the corners are known as rollable phones. We’ve already seen a few prototypes, the greatest of which comes from Oppo, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer.
Companies like Samsung and Xiaomi have secured patents for phones with rollable or pullout displays, which appear to be the next frontier for smartphone producers.

Samsung was granted a patent in 2019 for a phone with a motorized “rolling mechanism” that allows the display to extend from smartphone to tablet size. Samsung was granted a patent two weeks later for a phone that allows the user to increase the size of the display by 50%. When a user pulls on the right side of a 6-inch smartphone screen to make it larger, it transforms into a 9-inch tablet.

Apple’s new patent application, according to PhoneArena, contains a cross-section of a rollable iPhone. The screen of the phone bends around a roller inside the device. According to Apple’s patent application, “When the housing is in an unexpanded form, a portion of a flexible display may be stored in an internal region of the housing. The flexible display may have one or more bends and may double back on itself one or more times in its unexpanded condition.”

The Rollable iPhone

Apple also filed a new patent application in June, which is a continuation of a patent given to Apple titled Electronic Devices With Sliding Expandable Displays.

A rollable phone can also be described as having sliding extensible displays. In this situation, the screen would roll to the left or right. As a result, you could say the screen is sliding as it grows in size.

Apple’s filing of a continuation document appears to indicate that it is seriously considering this design pattern for future devices. The patent’s general phrasing might apply to foldable phone designs comparable to those offered by Android OEMs.

Apple’s sketches, on the other hand, are focused on a design that includes a rollable screen. A portion of the rollable screen would sit inside the phone when “folded.” The screen would slide out, moving around an axis, accompanying a section of the phone’s chassis when “unfolded.” Apple intends to make the rollable phone superior to the foldable phone.

Foldable vs Rollable phones

A rollable iPhone would have one advantage over a foldable model: it would not crease in the middle, where the hinge is located. However, Apple would have to make sure that the sliding metal frame that supports the screen is strong enough to withstand damage.

Foldable screens, on the other hand, can already use more durable, bendable glass. It’s unknown whether a rolling glass will ever be developed to protect rollable displays. Apple, on the other hand, may already have access to the type of glass that may be used in foldable and rollable iPhone designs.

However, there’s no certainty that Apple will release a rollable iPhone in the near future. However, the patent shows that Apple is working on phone-sized gadgets with larger screens. What if Apple released a rollable iPhone that could be turned into a mini-iPad?

Apple just filed a patent application for a foldable battery that would be used with its foldable phone, according to PhoneArena. This battery would be located near the hinge of the foldable screen.

Apple chooses to use a single folding battery for a foldable iPhone over two separate rigid batteries because it can fit a bigger capacity battery into the device. The smartphone also benefits from the usage of a foldable battery, which Apple refers to as “mechanical flexibility.”

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