How to Promote Your Website on Quora?

One challenge that every blogger has to face is where to bring traffic to their website.

Well, there are many great ways to drive traffic to your website. But today we will talk about how to bring traffic to your website with the help of Quora.

After creating a blog or website and after putting regular content on it, if there is no traffic, then it feels very bad. But with the help of the methods that we are going to tell you today, your website will get guaranteed traffic.

Some people think that we just have to make a website and put very good content on it and traffic will start coming to our website automatically.

But this is not true at all. Maybe this happens when the website was started, but in today’s time where there are thousands of websites for each topic, people cannot reach your website automatically.

You have to promote your website to bring traffic. And quora will be of great use to you in that

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What is Quora?

Many of you must have known about Quora. But for those who do not know what is quora, I want to tell them that quora is a question and answer website.

Although there are many question-and-answer websites, Quora is the most popular of them all. You will get questions on every topic here.

Thousands of questions and their answers are posted on Quora every day. Quora is a very good platform if you want to promote your website and bring traffic to it.

Why you should use Quora to drive traffic to your website?

Although there are many reasons to promote your website on Quora, let’s look at some of the main reasons.

  1. Quora is a very popular platform and due to its popularity, it gets millions of traffic every day. Quora is a very popular platform and due to its popularity, it gets millions of traffic every day. If you promote your website on Quora, then you can also bring that traffic to your website.
  2. Your blog is on any topic, you will find that topic on Quora. This means that you can write on any topic, and with Quora, you can bring traffic to it.
  3. Quora is not a small platform that is today and will not be there tomorrow. You will get traffic from Quora for months. Whenever someone searches the question and gets your answer, you will get traffic.
  4. Not only will you get traffic from Quora for your website, but if you regularly post on Quora, then you can also get noticed by a big publication or expert. So that you and your website can get huge exposure.
  5. With the help of Quora, you can establish yourself as an authority in your industry. This will bring you a lot of benefits in the long term.

How to promote your website with the help of Quora?

Now is the time to know how we can promote our website on Quora and bring a lot of traffic to it.

1. Find Your Target Audience

Understanding your target audience is a great way to get ahead of your competitors. Unlike other platforms, it is quite easy to find your target audience on Quora.

If you know your target audience, you can serve them better.

2. Choose Your Questions Smartly

If you want more people to read, upvote, and follow your answer on Quora, then just do one thing.

Answer questions that are being followed by more people.

This is a trick by which your given answer will get more views, upvotes, and comments.

You just have to keep one thing in mind that give the best possible answer as you can. Because people will like your answer only when your answer will be beneficial for them

3. Stand Out From Others On Quora

If you want to stand out from others on Quora, then you should follow these tips.

a) Add different credentials for each topic:

Whenever you post an answer, Quora allows you to give your credentials along with that answer, which appears next to your profile pic.

This lets the readers know about you and your expertise. Whenever you post an answer, write down your credentials accordingly so that your expertise in that subject is shown.

b) Never copy-paste your answers

Many bloggers have this misconception that they can copy-paste their own quora answers and use them in other relevant questions. But this is not right, it can ban your quora profile. You should write a new and unique answer for every question.

c) Create a blog on quora

Creating a blog on Quora is one of the best ways to make yourself stand out on Quora.

Most of the people give answers to only questions on Quora, but very few people create their own blog on Quora.

When you start posting your blogs on Quora too, then people will read and follow you after seeing your blogs on Quora.

 4. Give Your Website Links With Answers Smartly

Promoting your website on Quora does not mean at all that you share the link of your website in every answer.

If you do this, then Quora will ban your profile considering you as a spammer. You should share your website link only in one answer out of every three.

With this, people will like your answers and quora will also promote you.


Quora is a very powerful and best platform to drive traffic to your website. If you use it in a proper way, then you can bring traffic in the millions to your website.

This is the best time to use Quora to promote your website. If you don’t use it now, you might miss out on this great opportunity.

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