6 Best Ways to Sterilize the Medical Equipment

Sterilizing medical equipment is extremely important. This is because there are many germs that a piece of medical equipment is exposed to. And that necessarily needs to be cleaned for the safety of patients and staff.

At the moment, some hospitals are using products of renowned companies like Agilent absorption spectroscopy to clean their medical equipment. And this product is indeed proving to be highly effective in sterilizing medical equipment.

So, if you’re also looking for effective ways to sterilize the medical equipment, go ahead and start reading our blog! We have brought you the six best practices that will help you sterilize the medical equipment quite well!

6 Ways to Sterilize the Medical Equipment

Let’s go through the following segment to find out what are the ways that help in sterilizing medical equipment are:

1.  Steam Sterilization

Steam sterilization is a method through which the pieces of medical equipment are sterilized at an extremely high temperature. Usually, the pressure is around 100kPa, and the heat goes up to almost 121 – 134 degree-Celsius.
Moreover, if you’re using this method, you need to ensure the autoclave allows the steam to get into the medical equipment. Only when this happens can you be sure the equipment is free from all kinds of germs.

2.  Dry Heat Sterilization Method

As the name suggests, dry heat is through which one can remove the germs from the medical equipment. In this method, the temperature is even higher than what it remains in steam sterilization. However, you must know that this takes a much longer time to get into the equipment and eventually kill the microbes present.

This is an ideal way to sterilize equipment like powder used for medical purposes, as steam sterilization might not be suitable for powder products.

3.  Some More Heat Sterilization Ways

Now that you know about steam and dry sterilization, let us talk about a few more heat sterilizations that might be helpful. Here are the following:


  • Boiling: People might use water or other fluids to boil at high heat through this method. Then, pieces of equipment are placed in the boiling water to ensure no germs are present in them.
  • Flaming: Through flaming, fire is used as an element to destroy the germs present in the equipment.
  • Incineration: This is also where the equipment is placed in the fire to ensure the destruction of germs and other harmful microorganisms.

4. Filtration Sterilization

In this method, several liquids that have the properties to kill germs are used to clean medical equipment. Generally, this method is used on things that might get destroyed through heating.

Also, we would like to mention that this is a way through which every piece of medical equipment can be cleaned in a short period. Only by passing the solution using a filter, the microbes flow out through them.

5.  Chemical Sterilization

Surprisingly, chemicals can indeed help in destroying germs and sterilizing medical equipment. It works best on things where the usage of heat is not an ideal option. Some materials that are not suitable for heat sterilization are electronic materials, biological samples, and plastics.

Some people even use gas sterilizers that can expose the organisms easily. A few of the highly reactive gases are nitrogen dioxide, alkylating agents, and ozone.

6.  Radiation Sterilization

As the name suggests, radiation is used to sterilize medical equipment. Electromagnetic radiation like gamma rays, UV rays, and X-rays are incredibly potent and effective in destroying organisms as they are easily penetrable.

Small samples like the laminar hoods can be destroyed using the UV rays sterilization method. And the gamma and X-rays are used on bigger samples, especially while they are manufactured.

Final Thoughts

The medical equipment can be anything from a tiny scalpel to a large machine required to check a person’s internal organs. But irrespective of their size, cleaning and sterilizing them becomes extremely important. Or else, it might turn into something severe or might be an irreparable loss.


As we come to the end of our blog, you know how vital sterilization is. So, the concerned people must take this seriously and use these ways to clean the equipment before using it on someone else.

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