7 Lead Generation Strategies That Work for Startups in 2021

It takes a lot of effort to establish a business and launch a startup initiative from the ground up. It all begins with a unique business concept. Then you go over your business plan and look for investors that are willing to back you up. But what are your options now? How can a fledgling company grow and deal with challenges as they arise?

It’s now time to find clients and plan your marketing approach. A startup must consider all of the circumstances in which it develops and implements numerous new technologies. There are a lot of ways to generate leads. Making a name for themselves, acquiring client trust, and strengthening their brand reputation are the most typical hurdles for entrepreneurs. Some businesspeople choose tried-and-true techniques of reaching out to their target market while others rely on the best mobile app for lead generation.

Generating leads is an endless process. Recent years have seen an increase in the difficulty of generating leads. According to one study, getting traffic and leads is the largest difficulty for 61% of marketers, and 53% of marketers spend at least half of their money on lead generation. In this post, we’ll look at seven strategies that startups should consider.

#1. Conducting Market Research On Your Prospective Clients

You must first identify your target demographic to attract qualified leads. You should know exactly who you’re seeking and where you should look for clients who fit those criteria. This procedure entails gathering information about the client, determining his solvency, and evaluating the transaction’s success. This information helps you to create a client profile and forecast trade volume and probability.

You might begin by evaluating and creating profiles of competitors’ clients. You must answer the following questions about your clients:

  • Where a person works, their position within the organization, and the level of decision-making authority;
  • Demographic information, such as age, location, and popular social media sites;
  • What difficulties do leads have, what do they look for on the Internet, and what do they require?

It will assist you in focusing your efforts on the ideal prospects and increasing the likelihood of them passing smoothly through your marketing funnel.

#2. Constructing Landing Pages Wisely

Make a win-win offer for both you and your client on your landing page. Offering a free eBook download in exchange for a potential customer’s name and email address, for example, is a terrific way to lure them. As a result, you can get their contact information and have potential customers “land” on your website. By accumulating information, you can create a valuable contact list.

On the other hand, visitors should be aware of how their data will be handled and protected. Consider what items and services you could provide them in exchange for their personal information. And, of course, what they’ll get in return for giving you their contact information.

Keep in mind, though, that you must demonstrate the benefits of doing business with you by providing something different and, if possible, superior to your competitors.

To encourage visitors to finish reading the landing page, use attractive photographs, CTAs, and infographics to break up the body of the material.

#3. Adding Interesting & Engaging Content To The Website

Compelling content introduces potential clients to your company and draws them to your website. It is the foundation of inbound marketing, which is a low-key approach to attracting newcomers. The most important thing is that these people are interested in your subject; if they are, they will stay on your site to learn more about you and consider collaborating.

Showcasing your products and services on your website is a good idea. You may establish a reputation as a reliable source of information if you address the challenges that clients confront daily in your sector. You’ll also demonstrate that you’re an expert in your subject to potential clients.

Ensure you undertake keyword research and optimize your content to get customers to view it at the top of search engines. Your landing pages will generate leads if you optimize them, and your content creation efforts will not be wasted.

#4. Constant Online Chat Availability

Your willingness to speak online at any time demonstrates your desire to assist and support. Clients will feel more comfortable conducting business with you if they know they can rely on you to respond quickly. Always be prepared to provide advice and solutions to any difficulties that arise.

According to research, 73% of respondents place a higher value on the customer experience than the cost of goods and services. As a startup, you must establish a connection with potential consumers and demonstrate that you care about them and are prepared to meet their requirements. Allow your staff to take part in online chats at first. You can consider entrusting your customers to chatbots if you’ve built enough brand loyalty and rapport.

#5. Using Social Media to Promote Your Business

Everyone, including your prospects, is on social media. Some of your clients may spend more time on Facebook or Instagram, while others may spend more time on Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as other social media platforms, depending on their social and professional profiles. When posting material online, you should always reuse it to get the best results and conversions.

Another tried-and-true method for generating traffic and conversions is to post material on numerous social media networks over time. For instance, on Monday at 10:45 a.m., post on Facebook. Then, repurpose it for Twitter, but share it a day later and at a different time. You’ll be able to get the most out this way on each platform.

#6. Encouraging Customers To Leave Feedback

Do your utmost to deliver the greatest service possible, and then seek feedback from your consumers. Make it evident to them that you care about what they have to say. Your customers can post reviews on Maps or Google’s organization card. Other potential purchasers who are still undecided will be encouraged to act by testimonials.

All reviews should be posted on your website and should be accessible to your visitors. If your consumers have left feedback on specific products, make sure you incorporate it on the appropriate landing pages.

#7. Make Contact With Influential People

Influencer marketing is another popular lead generation strategy. Look for thought leaders in the niche you’re interested in and make contact with them. Request that they advertise your product through their networks, allowing you to generate more leads.

In fact, having thoughtful leaders on your side as a business founder is quite beneficial. Establish a positive relationship and maintain control of the connection. When you require the thought leader’s audience, you might ask them to promote your content.

Furthermore, thought leaders are influencers that may build a positive aura around your product because people follow these people daily. A blog post, a podcast shoutout with show notes that include a link to your website, or even an e-book can help you generate more leads.


Aside from the above-mentioned strategies, Mobile apps are becoming a vital strategy for lead generation because they will reach people faster. A mobile app is an essential component of every company. The smartphone app’s ease of use makes it highly user-friendly. Businesses can improve and grow their productivity and sales by using mobile apps to connect the virtual and physical worlds with technology.

Attracting new clients when your company is just getting started might be difficult. A realistic, targeted approach, on the other hand, can help you attract the best leads and grow your firm in the future. You can make use of the resources you currently have, such as your expertise in the industry.


So, get to work on some quality stuff. Then, determine which lead-generating channels are most effective and concentrate your efforts there. You’ll be one step closer to your first sale and growing your extended customer network after having a good list of quality leads.

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