Kendall Jenner returned to the podium

5 months later, Kendall Jenner returned to the podium triumphantly

Almost half a year has passed since the world's highest paid model, Kendall Jenner has not participated in fashion shows. Even though we did not see Kendall on the podium, he would not be able to stop shooting for brands advertising campaigns. The turquoise backstage at the Jenner's podium has recently taken place at the Versace Men's 2019 Summer-Summer show in Milan. Her friend Bela Hasti took part in the show. Men's Clothes In addition to the few other girls: Gray Elizabeth, Stella Maxwell and Iman Hamam have won.
Calvin Klein 205W39NYC
Designer Raf Simons Calvin KleinThe 205W39NYC collection created in New York on 205 West 39 Street reflects the designer's favorite films influence on his creations. On the podium we saw deconstructed clothes and fan-shirts movie for Jaws,And the classical rushes of dresses and pajakas with The Graduate's movie inspiration. Rafi has been working for the brand for 2 years and has great confidence in the collections, the two different films from Calm Klein's 2019 Summer Season.
Versus Versace Spring 2019 RTW
Versace's Tiny Line Versus It is true that in 2019, 30 years will be fulfilled, though it is considered a true milestone and is considered late-teens. In connection with the jubilee, Donatella has acquired Versus collection more historical value, written by Jani's handwritten "Gianni Gave Donatella Versus 1989" with the decor elements of Vesus's summer collection of 2019. The collection today is led by a group of young designers, their calculation is still massive - Versus for all young people, Versus in the streets.
Chloé details: the best accessories from the new collection
Chloé SS 2019

In the new season, the brands emphasized the massive accessories and leather bags and took into consideration the taste of any lady.

The new spring-summer collection of Chloé was presented by the brand new creative director Natasha Remazi-Levy for the first time, who previously collaborated with Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton. Changes in the French home have always been done without drama and scandals - it also emphasizes the specifics of the brand, the course of Chloé is not on the outdoors but the woman's nature.
Paris Fashion Week's Best Street Dress
Street Style at Paris FW
Part Two

Autumn fashion marathon is coming to an end. Most of the well-known brands have arrived at Paris Fashion Week. In the streets of the city there are various trends in dressing up the streets: Leopard, Python and Zebra. [/b] It is noteworthy that compared to the previous year, the French capital has already cooled. Photographer of British Vogue presents a dress from which inspiration is worth.
Fausto Puglisi SPRING 2019 RTW
All kinds of taste people can be found in fashion, and it is impossible to satisfy the desire to express the most sexual and shine[b]Fausto Puglisi Summer and cocktail dresses from the summer collection in the summer of 2019. [/ b] The designer repeats several trends in Sicilian stupidity that has been developed into her handwriting. The great image of the sun is printed in the form of prints and accessories in asymmetrical color and black seals.
Alberta Ferretti SPRING 2019 RTW
Alberta Ferretti The collection is exactly what is the followers of the fashion and the girls who are close to reality think about the summer collection. Palitra pastel wortifier, cistern, bass greens, jeans, crazy trousers and pants, rubber and crafty delicate cotton material. However, according to critics, the designer did not show the house's distinct handwriting and felt similarity to other brands, top models on the podium, and the attitude of the young girls towards the collection will positively improve.
London FW guests dress
London Fashion Week is always distinguished by the attendance of the guests, although it is true that the collections are less than expectations. The British are characterized by sharp breaks between aristocratism and punk, and guests and press representatives take the city's pulse properly.

presents the second report , dressing guests at the London Fashion Week [b] for the summer of 2019.
Ani Datukishvili's 2019 SS Lubricant
Georgian designer Ani Datukishvili The summer collection of 2019 will be soon, in November is Mercedes-Benz in the fashion week of Tbilisi. The audience has already seen the Fashion Week in Istanbul and has long been acknowledged.

Photographer: Lasha Bakuradze
Model: Lizi Godziashvili
Visage: makeup institute Georgia
Minimalist Glory: Stella Mccartney SS19
The next spring will be hot and quiet - Stella McCartney promises a similar prognosis. No loud colors and open clothes - it's not in his style. The English designer also puts us in the costumes, shippon dresses and jeans. It is ironic that Garney's opera theater was selected by the most remarkable palace of the epoch for such a minimalistic collection.
TREND: animal prints on accessories
Fashion trends are changing with the speed of lightning, and today many factors affect the trend. The most important factor is how fashionable girls and influencers are, how they will come up and present at the instrument and the street style photographers. The designers send their clothes, accessories and jewelry as gifts as soon as the end of the show .. After all,

One of the following trends in the fall of 2018: Animal prints on accessories Which is presented in the form of small size bags, also high-quality boots and belts by imitation of leopard and snake leather.
Isabel Marant SPRING 2019 RTW
Isabel MarantThe summer collection of the summer of 2019 was held outside the silver curtain in Paris's fashion week, along with the Bohemian-Shik designer's collection and testimony. On the podium we saw marine-cloth jackets, jackets, pants, shawls shoes, silver shorts and shimmering wax stripes, as well as combs and wide trousers in eastern style.
How do you look at Victoria's Secret casting girls?
Victoria's Secret has begun active training for the 2018 show. September is always loaded for models. Together with the New York Fashion Week, girls also visit the famous brand's office to merge onto the podium with the goddess of the planet. At the entrance of the Victoria's Secret, paparazzi are gathered and left without any attention. In the street style, there are mini-jeans, tapes, mini-bottom and high-quality shoes. No big clothes - the image should be exposed to the maximum.
Beach Robes - Marine Clothes
The best weather, swimming costume and of course a different and high quality marine chest that shows your unique style is what the ladies most need in the hot summer season. Beach Robes is a brand that offers you the desired and necessary clothing.

Marine clothes for unique women

Beach Robes's coats were well-known in the short time since the brand's brand, and they remained loyal customers.Besides marine cottages, the bridges are not only for ladies but also for children and men. Likewise models are also created. The most demanding of the brand is the Silk Flame Chain, which has been renewed in two colors this season. The coats are shifted to Georgia, in Tbilisi, and their order is available online.
The collection of water - Saint Laurent SS 2019 is still on the background of the Eiffel Tower
It is hard to imagine a more "French" thing than a grand show at Eiffel Tower.

Saint Laurent's The creative director, Anthony Vakarello, has already held a second time with the French maiden symbol, but this time, the models have created extreme conditions and high-water shoes have been on the surface of the water. The brand new glamorous collection certainly lacks vulgarity and the highest level of sophistication.