How to Fight Colds & Flu this Season and Boost Your Immune System?

You know how awful it is to feel sick, and recovery time seems to last forever. Your throat is sore, your head is pounding, you’ve got a fever, and everything sounds so lowered. However, everyone will say that it’s just the flu. But flu and colds can worsen really quick and spread even quicker. This can affect your health, and make you feel weak and tired all the time. You need to take more care of yourself, especially in these particularly hard times.

That’s why we’re giving you some tips to recover faster at home.

Generally, the flu or a cold can differ in severity. It can be anything from mild, to deadly, in worst cases. Most people who had virus experiences should stay at home to avoid spreading it to others.

Common symptoms of flu include:

  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Sore throat
  • Runny nose
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Cough
  • Muscle and body aches

As much as you would want to feel better quicker, it’s sometimes impossible to avoid some symptoms. This is how you should handle the flu and improve recovery.

Preventing Flu

This sounds almost impossible, but preventing the flu is the best way to avoid the symptoms. You can reduce the risk of getting a virus by being extra cautious during flu season. It’s the most critical time of the year, with more and more people getting sick during the fall and winter seasons.

It is recommended to follow what the doctor’s prescribing you, and although not all treatments prevent every form of the flu, once you get infected, it’s best to stay at home and take your meds. A safe and effective way to prevent viruses during flu season, or the risk of severe complications when getting the flu is to improve your immune system. A healthy immune system is strong enough to fight off viruses. But how to do it?

Fulvic Minerals as a Natural Way to Fight Flu

A good way to get well from colds and flu is to use Fulvic minerals. You might not have expected this answer, but the truth of the matter is that science cannot re-form what we need for optimal health. Synthetic supplements are pretty much everywhere, but they’re not always effective. So, what Fulvic Ionic Minerals can do for you? Plenty, actually.

You can start taking fulvic acid in many ways, including adding it to your morning smoothie! Fulvic acid is 100% BIO-Available and BIO-Active. Just remember that our bodies naturally demand food and nutrients to properly function. Fulvic acid is derived from lush, ancient rainforest, pristine, and plant matter. Our bodies are made to understand nature, and they’re going to respond best to a natural supplement.

A truly natural supplement is as close to a natural form as much as possible.

Did you know that 60% of the human body is water? Naturally, the human body needs 13 different vitamins daily to perform well.

Fulvic Acid Supplements Help You Stay Hydrated

As fulvic acid can potentially help with so many illnesses, including flu and colds, our main topic, you might also experience improvements in your sleep quality. You will feel refreshed, and concentrate better during the day.  Our general cravings for food can lower the immune system, and also lead to a mineral deficiency. Fulvic acid can restore your body’s missing minerals, which means that you won’t find it necessary anymore to snack all the time.

Optimally organic fulvic ionic minerals science reports that your immune system will continue to improve and recover, as this is a natural process when taking fulvic acid. It all comes down to how much harm has been done to a human’s body, after all. However, you shouldn’t take Fulvic acid for too long, if you feel any better. Most people see results in approximately 3 months since they first start taking fulvic acid.

It might seem like a long wait, but remember that fulvic acid is one of the fastest routes to take to experience the health benefits discussed above. Combine fulvic acid with a healthier diet, drink plenty of water daily, and you will have many chances to achieve optimal health and wellness. But most importantly, your immune system will become stronger, and you will manage colds and flu easier.

The quicker you decide to add fulvic acid into your life, the better and faster your results will come. Try fulvic acid even if you don’t have the flu! Add it to your daily smoothies, teas, and other beverages, and watch how your health improves, as days go by.

Some people might call it “The Elixir of Life”, while others see it just as a simple way to boost the immune system. Either way, you can give it a try and see if it’s the right supplement for you.

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