Shrimps SPRING 2019 RTW
British designer Hannah Viland brand Shrimps is very popular among young people. Shrimps's 2019 summer collection preserves the unchanging brand: artificial fur coats, repeats the variants of the antioxidant bag with "bisers" that are blossomed with flowers, and the brand has a high rate of sales since 2015 and the brand does not stop production. The collection is very personal for the designer, the theme of flowers and paintings originates from his childhood memories.
Burberry SPRING 2019 RTW
Ricardo Tishim has brought under the Burberry's umbrella all generations - writes VOGUE. "The mother and the daughter, the father and the son, it's like a patchwork or a mix of the British lifestyle," describes herself as a fashion designer for the summer of 2019, where she presented women and men's clothes. The collection was distinguished by the abundance of accessories and jewelry, the London Fashion Week saw up to 140 hatches on the podium, presented by the world's leading top and veteran models of British lights. The queen of British and Evening Party queens have found her favorite, followed by young, conservative thinking and traditions following the free style of seals.
No. 21 : SPRING 2019 RTW
Alessandro Del Auja presented a refined, restrained and maximally minimalist collection for the summer of 2019. With just a few tons and a few types of material composed by the collection, the vestiges of the garment were repeated in several variations. The No 21 Collection is designed for an adult woman, who finds her dress and repeats it several times and a few colors.
Oscar de la Renta SPRING 2019 RTW
The Oscar de la Renta was fascinated by New Yorkers. Laura Kimi and Fernando García After two years of work in the brands, we can clearly see the design of the designers, the collection reflects their summer holidays: Morocco, Italian Komos Lake and India. Oscar de la Renta's woman in the summer of 2019 approves the colorful prints of a beautiful color-socket-style dresses and accessories. Neither brand's legendary handwriting lost in evening dresses.
Savage x Fenty Spring 2019
Show Ryan's linen collection
New York Fashion Week

The singer and designer Ryanam Fuyen's name is a collection of Savage linen. We saw Jiji and Bela Hades, Joan Smolz, Slick Woods at the show podium held in the New York Fashion Week. The show had a look of performance, with tropical catwalk models along with models of dancers. We also saw pregnant models and ladies of different races and figures that highlight the brand's universality: the collection includes basshalters of size up to 32A to 44DD and includes 3x sizes of XS. It is difficult to define a particular theme of the inspiration of the collection itself.
Re/Done SPRING 2019 RTW
Levi's Vintage Brand Re / Done will present a new collection of jeans processing. For the 2019 season, we offer jeansit-jeans and are reminded that the jeans style is practiced with practicality.
Christian Dior's new amazing dresses
Christian Dior
Fall 2018

New autumn collection of Christian Dior is filled with striking dresses. Marya Grachy takes a wonderful balance in each collection between finesse and sophistication. For the 2018 Autumn Collection, the designer appealed to the impressive image of the 70s, and the silhouettes were revealed with amazing inspiration.

The most unforgettable tattoos and silk dresses are likely to be seen on the red carpet.
The circus arrived! - Moschino Resort 2019
"Ladies, gentlemen and children of all ages! Welcome to Moschino!" Theater said the man was black cylinder and the audience could easily recognize Jeremy Scott. The brands showed the viewers really wonderful and unexpected. As a rule, the designer closes the testimony, but this time she decided to open it effectively.

Moschino Resort 2019
Scott is often characterized by unscrupulousness and a cruise display is manifest in itself: We all live inside a big circus, just like children are so excited!
Season Trend: Feathers
This summer feathers decorate not only in the wardrobe but also the fashion trends.

It is noteworthy that the Trend has fully covered the collections of 2018. Designers offer women a sense of self-confidence and lightness.

Feathers appeared on Tbilisi fashion weekends: Georgian designers have effectively acquired the trend and offered their options

The Georgian group KID JESUS ​​has been working for two years and actively promotes the listener
Indie and alternative rock music. The first performances of the band took place for "Aivani season 2"
After that, the group soon achieved great success in NEWCOMERS 2012.

Engel.Ge reads boldly that their music is quite quality and pleasant
Listening. Thus, the group decided to cooperate with us so much. Whatever
We received a positive response and you have the opportunity to share the basic information about the group
Find out from an exclusive interview. The group members of us
In the interview they talked about the band, new song, influence, inspiration and
Future plans. As we expected, their answers were really very much
It was interesting and convincing.

Fresh Sundays - Poolside OpenAir
Fresh Sundays - The Basiline Party
Poolside OpenAir @ Jiqia Swimming Pool | 19.05.2013

Fresh Sundays's next event is open on May 19th
Jikia was held on the swimming pool, which coincided with the Fresh Sundays - exactly one year anniversary.
Our photographer Ellen MP specifically for
The first half of the celebration of Fresh Sundays - a basin
Alain Delon Romy Schneider
"There's always two creatures living in it - a beautiful, vulnerable doll and a German woman with a metal character, but I hate the first one," said Allen Delon on Rome Schneider.