Lionel Messi – SUPREMESSI of The World Football

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This valuable diamond was hidden in a lot of small pieces of glass. Finding Messi is not an easy task. But a scout from Barcelona saw the diamond-in-the-rough playing in the dirt on a small field in Rosario Santa Fe. He is amazed by the cute little boy in dirty clothes who is good at football. Lucky for Jorge Rosario Messi, his luck turned around. Who is the child’s father?

The boy likes to dribble and dodge with the ball, which makes his father proud. Someone got him into Newell Old Boys, a club run by Rosario. Then, all of a sudden, the bad news came: the child had “Growth Hormone Deficiency Syndrome.” Father is too poor to keep paying for treatment for that disease.

Everything went wrong all at once! The beloved child’s color began to change. Father had concerns. Later, it turns out that the child is having trouble with hormones. This is the story of Lionel Messi’s childhood when he was 13 years old. To get better from this disease, he needs treatment that costs $900 a month. It was like the sky had fallen on top of my dad’s head. The resort he dreamed of going to when he was poor is closing down day by day. Just then, the football scout came to Rosario with some good news.

argentina win fifa world cup 2022

The football scouts led the 13-year-old boy into Barcelona. Everyone is amazed by how well the football player handles the ball. The deal was made quickly on tissue paper so that he could be taken to the team. After that, the child was cared for at Barca Academy, where he or she was getting expensive care.

Carlos Rexus was in charge of Barcelona’s sports at the time. He is the one who brought Lionel Messi to Barcelona when he was still a child. Messi Jorge Joserio lived. who works in factories doing small jobs. Mom cleans houses. They left Italy and went to Argentina. Who knew that the fourth son of this family would one day change the lives of this Argentinian couple?

Everyone knows what happened next. The Nou Camp club has helped Messi grow up. Fans have learned about what he has done over time. Messi is one of the 10 highest-paid athletes in the world right now. He comes from a poor family.

Has the seven-time FIFA World Player of the Year been changed by his fame and money? He is still the same old Messi. This little football whiz was born on June 24, 1987. He has his feet on the ground.

Gets married to Antonella Roccuzzo, the daughter of Rosario, his childhood sweetheart. They were related to each other. Messi moved from Rosario to Barcelona, but people could still talk to him. When he had time off, the Barcelona star would run there. This is the start of love. During the Christmas holidays of 2008, Messi went to Rosario. Before he got on the plane from Barcelona, he decided that he would come with his heart no matter what. Antonella had been waiting for this day to come. So, they started to fall in love.

Antonella is as simple as Messi. Don’t throw “page three” parties as other famous people do. Since then, three more kids have joined their families.

Lionel Messi's World Cup Wining Celebration

Let’s not look away from the fact that he played his first game for Barcelona against Porto in a friendly in 2003. 16 years, 145 days old. Then, the story of moving forward was only written by the magic of the two feet. Seven players from Little Magic have won Player of the Year six times. Club football has won every award. 10 titles in La Liga, 4 in the Champions League, and 3 in the FIFA Club Cup! Argentina came in second place at the World Cup and won Copa America.

The real work for the national team wasn’t being done. Argentina’s first game was in 2005. But Messi doesn’t remember his first game, which was against Hungary. He had just come on as a substitute player in the 63rd minute when he got a red card and had to leave the field. Messi played his first game with the full team on September 3, that same year, against Paraguay in a World Cup qualifier. Then, when his career was over, he caught the Copa. But what did Messi’s height of 5 feet 7 inches give him?

When Pranpan got to 35, he fought. Even Messi’s teammates thought he could do everything in 2014. This is something totally different. He led the whole team with his actions. The dream’s title was met on the way. Cup of the World. During the game, he scored two goals. Did one more. Then, in the excitement of the tiebreaker, the lantern of Argentina’s victory flew in the artificial light of the night at Luisal Stadium. 4-2 win! After 36 years, the World Cup is back. Messi after Diego Maradona!

Football is doing the work to keep it a noble sport for a long time. The greats no longer take away the golden trophy “Football God!” from the all-time greats. Almost all of the legends said goodbye with some things that people will remember. Not once, but three times, Pele won.

The World Cup has been won by Garrincha, Jorginho, Rivellino, Franc Beckenbauer, Bobby Charlton, and Gerd Müller. Diego Maradona, an Argentine football legend, was not left out either. Romario, Ronaldo, and Zinedine Zidane are also among the players who have won the World Cup.

The cycle has come full circle. Lionel Messi also got the trophy, which is made of 18-carat gold and weighs 6.175 kilograms. The end of that sad, lonely scene where you stood with your hands on your waist and said nothing. Still, the godchild cried again. Smile, laugh, and cry!

Oh, he may have just written the script for the last game he will ever play. No, if Rosario had been careless, the child could have been lost on the streets of Santa Fe. How did he become a gambler, a football god? Messi’s left foot makes football more interesting, and Lusail’s light shines on Sunday night!


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