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Top 10 Tips for Minecraft Players to Master The Game

Minecraft Players

So, you have recently started playing Minecraft. Maybe you are enjoying it. Maybe you aren’t. We don’t know. But, if there was one thing that could be done to improve your gameplay experience, what would it be?

Some people might say playing multiplayer is the answer. Others will say using mod s is key to an enjoyable game. But, these are not the answer. Believe us, we tried all of them.

No, what you want to do is to take some hints from professional gamers. These guys take it seriously. They wouldn’t be able to get paid if they didn’t take it seriously. There’s a lot that can be learned about Minecraft no matter how good you think you are at it. 

This article will give you 10 tips for Minecraft players in order to improve your game and possibly earn some cash while doing so!

10 Tips for Minecraft Players To Master The Game

1) Don’t break anything unnecessarily

We don’t know why this is such an issue for people but let’s be honest here…you’re playing in survival mode, right? So there should be absolutely no reason why destroying any part of the environment should be something you do.

It may not seem like a big deal to knock down some trees, make some dirt lands or create your own little tunnel system but remember this is all building up to the moment when the infamous ender dragon comes to kill you and take your precious XP. You don’t want that beast catching you unaware.

If it’s possible, place torches around your area at night to prevent mobs from spawning in an area where you don’t want them. If this isn’t possible then try remembering which direction the sun sets and build accordingly. The more time you spend in any one spot means a greater chance of dying!

2) Craft everything whenever possible

There are a lot of items in Minecraft that are very easy to acquire. For example, you don’t really need to put in too much effort to get your hands on some wood. All you have to do is either punch down some trees or go mining for it in one of the many caves scattered throughout the game world.

So why not take this course of action at every opportunity? If you can craft something without having mined for it yourself then always choose that option. Sure it might be a little more expensive but if making that pickaxe saves you from breaking twenty stone blocks then we think that’s a pretty good deal! You can refer to this Minecraft crafting guide and craft anything you want.

3) Look after your weapons and armors

As stated earlier, there will come a time when the ender dragon arrives and tries to kill you. Trust us, we’re experts and we know these things.

So, you’ve just spent days and days building your castle to make sure you have a place to hide from this beast…those precious minutes of hard graft are going to be wasted because the ender dragon will immediately spot your position! What can save you?

Well, what about all those unused swords, axes, and bows that litter your inventory? Sure they might not work as well as a diamond sword but if you’re quick enough then hitting the ender dragon with an iron sword should do some damage. At least it will teach him to keep his distance allowing for a better chance at survival!

4) Get out there and explore!

All of us Minecraft players who have been around the block a few times know the Minecraft map inside out. We’ve mined, we’ve built and we’ve hunted mobs for days. We know exactly where everything is and how to get from A to B without much hassle.

But this is no way to play the game! Sure it might be easy but what fun is that? The whole point of Minecraft is exploration! So why not do some exploring for real? Go out into the wilderness, or craft a boat and explore the sea and see if you can discover anything new or interesting!

If you don’t want to do this on your own then you could always try joining up with friends online. Remember, multiplayer can make things a lot more enjoyable…not just because there will be people around that you probably already know but mainly due to the fact you can do things like share items or go hunting mobs together.

5) You don’t need mods to enjoy Minecraft

Oh, we know that some people might disagree with this but let’s be honest with ourselves here…almost all mods for Minecraft (no matter how good they are) end up changing game mechanics in order to make playing the game more fun. This obviously makes it harder to appreciate what Mojang was trying to achieve when designing the game itself.

We understand that once you’ve played something like Call of Duty online then it can be hard to go back and play something like Minecraft – especially if your friends are largely responsible for getting you interested in FPS games in the first place. But trust us, there’s a lot of fun to be had in this game and it’s nothing that can’t be experienced without mods.

6) Don’t forget about the nether

It might not be as good as it was in the early days but the nether is still a really cool part of Minecraft. It can even become a real lifesaver once you’ve explored everything above ground and need a new place to explore before going back home!

But what if we told you that there’s more to the nether than meets the eye? What if we revealed that there are actually a few things hidden away down below? We’re talking treasure, mobs, and maybe even some special items just waiting to be discovered by those willing to look for them. If this sounds like something that interests you then why not try your luck at looking around? You never know, it might just pay off…

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7) Keep your eyes open for a village

We’re not sure about this one but from what we’ve been told it seems that there’s a small chance of finding a village when you first start playing Minecraft. We’re talking about the kind of thing where somebody somewhere decides to build a few houses and maybe even add some farmland around them.

It might sound simple enough but trust us, if you manage to find this sort of thing then things will become much easier. Not only will it mean that you have somewhere to stay whenever you want but also means instant access to almost everything in one place…a blacksmith shop, a marketplace, wheat farms, and even a community! The next time comes along looking for help then chances are you’ll have a few friends to rely on.

8) Try and avoid using mods that change recipes or alchemy

Now, we know that there’s no real reason why not to use these kinds of mods but trust us when we say they can ruin the overall Minecraft experience. If you’re going to play this game then do it right – go without mods for a while and see if the vanilla experience is enough to keep your interest. We think you might be surprised…

But what if you really want to make stuff like iron swords? Well, metal-related items require a furnace in order to be crafted so what better place than a village blacksmith as mentioned above? Sure it might take longer but at least everything will feel natural and there won’t be anything out of place. However, if you still wish to try mods, here’s a list of the best Minecraft mods.

9) Make sure you get the best tools and weapons money can buy 

Iron is important in Minecraft and it’s one of the few ores that isn’t hidden away underground. Instead, if you head to a village blacksmith then chances are they’ll be able to give you everything you need.

What we mean is this: blacksmiths sell pretty much all types of tools and armor but what many Minecraft players don’t realize is that these things can also be crafted! The recipes aren’t very expensive either so it shouldn’t take long before your inventory starts filling up with axes, shovels, pickaxes, and swords, each one made from an entire bar of iron!

10) Try and make better use of your surroundings

Minecraft may be a game about placing blocks down in order to build the biggest, best-looking things that you possibly can but what happens when it starts raining? Or worse still, what if there’s lava at your feet? Both are problematic because they cause certain blocks to become damaged beyond repair. 

And since many items will burn up or get washed away by water then chances are your inventory will start filling up with useless junk pretty quickly if you don’t know what you’re doing…

So unless this is part of your plan (if so, good luck!) then try and build something against the elements. Not only will this provide a safe place for you to hide whenever danger eventually

Final Words

In conclusion, now you know a few tips from those who have been around the block a time or two. If you take these simple but effective pieces of advice then we’re pretty sure your Minecraft experience will improve exponentially!

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