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180 LosMovies Alternatives for Watching Movies and Series in 2024

losmovies alternatives

Are you on the hunt for a new go-to spot for your movie and TV show streaming needs? With LosMovies having taken its final bow in 2018, chances are you’re among the many viewers left scanning through the web’s vast catalogue, seeking a worthy successor.

Don’t fret! We’ve all been there—eager to dive into our favorite flicks or series but hitting a wall when our usual platform disappears.

Here’s something intriguing: Did you know that Vumoo alone entices roughly three million users each month with its rich selection of cinematic treasures? In this post, we’re going to shine a spotlight on 15 superb LosMovies alternatives that just might become your next digital sanctuaries for indulging in Hollywood blockbusters and binge-worthy TV shows.

We’ve got insights on user interfaces, content availability, and tips to ensure safe browsing—all aimed at enhancing your streaming experience.

Get ready to upgrade your viewing routine!

Understanding LosMovies: What It Is and What Happened to It

LosMovies was where many movie fans went to watch the latest Hollywood films and TV series. It had a big collection of movies in HD quality. But, in 2018, LosMovies said goodbye. The site closed due to legal problems with copyright infringement.

This meant no more free streaming of their favorite shows for its users.

People loved LosMovies because it was easy to use. They could find movies with just a few clicks, and they didn’t need to sign up or pay anything. It even had subtitles for lots of films, which helped viewers from all over the world enjoy them.

After it shut down, fans started looking for new places to stream their beloved movies without breaking the bank.

Suggested LosMovies Alternatives for 2024

Movies and TV shows are now just a click away, thanks to fantastic streaming platforms. One great option for 2024 is PutLocker. It’s super user-friendly and has a massive movie database.

You can find old classics and new releases without spending a dime.

Fans of diverse film genres will love Fmovies. This site has HD 1080p content that looks sharp on any screen size. Plus, the search engine makes finding your next binge-watch easy as pie.

With these sites lined up, get ready for hours of entertainment at no cost! Just keep safety in mind – use that VPN and ad blocker to avoid any trouble online.


For those seeking a treasure trove of films and series, PutLocker offers an expansive library that rivals the vastness of the ocean—dive into its depths to discover your next streaming adventure.

Key Features and User Experience of PutLocker

PutLocker tops the list as a go-to for free movies, making it a favorite among movie buffs. Without reaching for your wallet, you can dive into high-quality videos that rival paid streaming services.

There’s no sign-up fuss, either. Just hop onto their site and pick from a vast collection of the latest hits and timeless classics. The site’s layout is neat, with clear categories to help you find your film quickly.

Watching on PutLocker feels smooth across different devices thanks to its responsive design. You won’t face annoying lags or crashes mid-scene because it’s made for seamless viewing.

Plus, if you’re worried about ads, a simple ad-blocker can make your experience even smoother. Whether on phones, tablets or laptops—wherever you are—PutLocker keeps you in the movie magic without any hitches.


Navigating the vast sea of online streaming options, Fmovies emerges as a treasure trove for movie aficionados; with its sleek interface and expansive library, this platform makes discovering your next film obsession just a click away.

Key Features and User Experience of Fmovies

Fmovies stands out with its vast video streaming library. You can watch free movies, shows, and anime in 720p quality. Powerful search tools make it easy to find what you love. The site also offers subtitles for most of its content.

This platform is user-friendly and does not require signing up. Just jump right in for quick movie streaming fun! Fmovies has an excellent interface that lets you enjoy a wide range of movies and TV series without hassle.


Popcornflix offers a user-friendly platform teeming with an eclectic mix of cinematic treasures, from grip-the-edge-of-your-seat thrillers to heartwarming rom-coms. Dive into its seamless streaming experience, free of cumbersome sign-ups, and get lost in the stories you love without a hitch.

Key Features and User Experience of Popcornflix

Popcornflix makes movie nights easy with its user-friendly interface. You won’t need to spend a dime to enjoy its vast library of high-quality movies and TV shows. Finding your next watch is a breeze using the search box, or you can browse through various genres for something new.

The platform keeps things interesting with selections from different countries too.

You’ll find details like genre, cast, release date, and ratings right at your fingertips—no need to Google any further. Comments are welcome; share your thoughts on films directly on the site! Plus, there’s a news section keeping you posted on the latest in movies and celeb buzz.

And don’t worry about missing out on social chatter; sharing picks with friends across Facebook or Twitter is just a click away.


123Movies offers a vast library of films and series that cater to your cinematic cravings, making it an impressive alternative for LosMovies users seeking the thrill of discovery amid the world of online streaming—dive in to explore its features.

Key Features and User Experience of 123Movies

123Movies shines as a go-to for streaming movies and TV shows. It boasts a massive selection of titles, ranging from the latest box office hits to cherished classics. The site’s layout makes finding your next binge-watch easy, with clean menus and a quick search bar.

You can sort films by genre, release year, or IMDB rating—handy features that tailor your browsing experience.

Users love 123Movies for its high-definition content available at no cost. Navigating through the website is straightforward; there’s no sign-up hassle, which means instant access to all films and series.

Stream effortlessly on any device, be it desktop or mobile. Just remember to equip an adblocker to avoid pop-ups that might interrupt your movie marathon!


PrimeWire offers a vast array of movies and TV shows, engaging viewers with its easy sorting by genres or release dates. Its user-friendly interface keeps movie aficionados coming back for the latest hits and timeless classics alike.

Key Features and User Experience of PrimeWire

PrimeWire keeps you in the loop with the latest movies and celebrity news, right at your fingertips. You’ll dig the neat design that makes finding full-length films a breeze. Hunt down your favorite genre or check out what’s popular without any hassle.

Want to watch something specific? The search box has got you covered, and if it’s not there, just send in a movie request.

This streaming haven lets you dive into over 10,000 hit flicks without dodging annoying ads. Movie night gets an upgrade with their advanced recommendation system—finding your next binge-watch is smoother than ever! Plus, stay tuned for new additions; PrimeWire updates its selection regularly to quench your thirst for fresh entertainment options.


For those in search of a streaming experience with a sleek design and an expansive library, Vumoo shines as a go-to destination. With its intuitive layout that prioritizes user-friendliness, viewers can effortlessly dive into their favorite films and series without the hassle of complex navigation.

Key Features and User Experience of Vumoo

Vumoo shines with user-friendliness, offering an intuitive interface that makes finding your favorite movies a breeze. No sign-up hassles here; jump straight into streaming hits across genres like horror, romance, and comedy in stunning high-quality video.

Whether you’re craving old classics or the latest blockbusters, Vumoo sorts it all by year and country at no cost. The platform stands out for its vast library, packed with the newest releases and beloved TV shows.

Fans praise Vumoo’s smooth streaming experience, which connects them to a world of free content without any annoying registration steps. Three million users flock to Vumoo monthly for its reliable service—far from the risks of piracy or rogue security software plaguing similar sites.

With quick access to films in just a few clicks, you can dive into hours of entertainment from the comfort of your home. Plus, with such a large selection at your fingertips, there’s always something new to discover on this top-ranked movie platform.


Afdah dazzles with a sleek design that makes finding your next binge-worthy film or TV show effortless—dive into its vast library and explore endless entertainment possibilities today!

Key Features and User Experience of Afdah

Afdah brings a smooth web interface to movie watchers, making it easy to dive into the world of cinema. With over 10,000 hit movies at your fingertips, you won’t bump into annoying ads while enjoying your favorite flicks.

It caters to diverse tastes by offering films from different genres and countries in high-quality resolution. Users can easily hunt for titles using the search box or drop a request if they can’t find what they’re looking for.

Navigating through Afdah is a breeze with its user-friendly layout designed for quick access to new releases and all-time classics. You can also catch up on film industry news without leaving the site.

Commenting on movies and sharing them across social media channels is just as simple as building a community of fellow film enthusiasts right where you are!


Discover a hub for cinema aficionados with Bflix, where an extensive library meets user-friendly navigation—immerse yourself in a world of films and series without the hassle of intricate setups or endless buffering.

Key Features and User Experience of Bflix

Bflix brings a smooth experience to movie lovers everywhere. With no sign-up needed, you jump straight into the action. Enjoy fresh 2023 releases just clicks away on an easy-to-navigate site.

Explore over 30 movie genres without fuss or frustration.

Comment and share your favorite flicks, right from Bflix to social media. Looking for something specific? Use the handy search box or request a film directly. Switch between dark and light mode as you please, while daily updates keep your watchlist endless and exciting!


Sockshare offers a portal to a vast ocean of visual entertainment where you can dive into the latest movies and TV shows without the hassle of sign-ups—just click and stream.

With its user-friendly layout, this site simplifies your hunt for that next binge-worthy series or film night favorite.

Key Features and User Experience of Sockshare

Sockshare stands out with its huge selection of movies and TV shows. You don’t need to pay or make an account to start watching. Just jump right in! Its user-friendly interface makes finding what you want a breeze.

Plus, the latest 2023 releases are ready for you to enjoy.

Looking for something specific? Sockshare’s got your back. Use categories or advanced search to find it fast. Sort by date, name, or even your favorite stars! With quick streaming and simple navigation, this platform is top-notch for movie lovers everywhere.

alternatives to losmovies


Tubi Offering an extensive library of movies and TV shows completely free, Tubi stands out with a user-friendly interface that keeps your streaming experience smooth—discover more about its unique features as you read on.

Key Features and User Experience of Tubi

Tubi stands out as a top pick for free, legal movie streaming. You don’t need to pay or even sign up to dive into Tubi’s vast library of films and shows. The platform is user-friendly and works on various devices, making it super convenient for everyone.

With fewer ads than you’d expect, your movie night won’t be interrupted much at all.

This service keeps things safe and straightforward for viewers. Tubi supports an impressive range of genres to satisfy any mood—whether you’re into action-packed adventures or love stories that tug at the heartstrings.

Plus, the minimal advertisement approach means more time spent watching what you love with less hassle.


Myflixer dazzles with its sleek interface, offering an extensive collection of movies and TV shows that cater to the voracious appetites of cinephiles; it’s a haven for those seeking a seamless streaming experience without the interruption of ads.

Key Features and User Experience of MyFlixer

MyFlixer stands out as a top choice for streaming movies and TV shows. Watch your favorite films in stunning HD online or download them to view offline, all without needing an account.

The platform boasts a massive selection of latest releases and timeless classics, ensuring you’ll find something to enjoy.

Navigating MyFlixer is a breeze with its user-friendly interface. Thanks to an ad-free experience that allows you to start your movie marathon without interruption, you won’t either.

Get smart suggestions on what to watch next with their clever recommendation system. Plus, share your thoughts on movies directly on the site or through social media networks—perfect for connecting with other film buffs!


Movie25 offers a treasure trove of cinematic wonders, from the latest blockbusters to timeless classics—all at your fingertips. With its intuitive layout and vast library, finding your next movie-night favorite is just a click away.

Key Features and User Experience of Movie25

Movie25 stands out with its free video content, letting you dive straight into the latest movies and TV shows without signing up. You won’t waste time registering; just pick what you want to watch and hit play.

The interface is a breeze to navigate, offering neat sorting options so you can find your next binge-watch in no time. If something’s missing from their vast library, just request it; they’re all about giving users more of what they love.

Safety first, though—remember to fire up that VPN and ad blocker before streaming on Movie25. This combo helps protect against sneaky ads and keeps your viewing private. And while some countries frown upon pirated content online, Movie25 provides a treasure trove of new releases for movie buffs everywhere.

With an ocean of films at your fingertips, settling on tonight’s feature has never been easier!

Solar Movies

With its vast library of HD titles—from the latest blockbuster hits to nostalgic classics—Solar Movies shines as a beacon for cinema enthusiasts looking to stream their favorite flicks effortlessly, making it a worthy contender in your search for the best LosMovies alternative. Dive into this world where quality viewing meets convenience.

Key Features and User Experience of Solar Movies

Solar Movies shines with its user-friendly interface, making it easy for you to find and watch your favorite movies and TV shows. You don’t need an account or payment to dive into its vast library of HD content.

The platform keeps ads to a minimum, so you can enjoy your videos without constant interruptions. Plus, with fewer pop-ups, Solar Movies stands out as a safer streaming option.

Use a VPN and ad blocker for extra safety while you browse this free online treasure trove. The site’s popularity speaks volumes—it draws in around 70 million users! They come for the high-quality streams and stay because they love the hassle-free experience.

With Solar Movies, movie night is just one click away—pick your film, hit play, and sit back for an at-home theater adventure.


Dive into a vast collection of movies and shows on Viooz, where simplicity meets variety—this platform offers an intuitive interface that puts a world of cinematic adventures right at your fingertips, all without the hassle of cumbersome navigation.

Key Features and User Experience of Viooz

Viooz makes watching your favorite movies and TV shows easy. You don’t need to sign up, just find what you want and enjoy it in HD. It’s got a user-friendly setup with cool features like movie requests and a search box.

Plus, Viooz keeps things fresh with daily new additions.

The site lets you dive into Bollywood hits, Hollywood blockbusters, and more from around the world for free. You can download content or stream it live—your choice! Share your thoughts on films right on the site or bring the discussion onto social media.

With details like genre, cast information, and ratings at your fingertips, choosing what to watch is simple on Viooz.

AZ Movies

Navigate through a vast selection of films with AZ Movies, where extensive libraries meet quality streaming—a haven for cinephiles seeking diversity without the clutter of ads.

Dive into its sleek user interface and uncover hidden cinematic gems right at your fingertips.

Key Features and User Experience of AZ Movies

AZ Movies stands out with its easy-to-use interface and a wide selection of movies and TV shows. You don’t need to sign up to start watching. Just jump in and enjoy the latest 2023 releases.

The site is legal, so you can watch your favorite films without worry.

Use a VPN for an extra layer of privacy while streaming. An ad blocker helps too, keeping annoying pop-ups away from your screen time. AZ Movies makes it simple: find your film, click play, and get lost in the story.

No stress, just great entertainment at your fingertips!

Top 150 Alternative Websites to LosMovies

top alternatives to losmovies

Here is a list of the LosMovies alternatives for watching your favorite movies and series for free.

  1. Look Movie
  2. Netflix
  3. Amazon Prime Videos
  4. Disney+
  5. Hulu
  6. HBO Max
  7. Movies4u
  8. Movie4k
  9. StreamLord
  10. PrimeWire
  11. 123Movies
  12. WatchSeries
  13. Fmovies
  14. M4UFree
  15. Veoh
  16. Ibomma
  17. Megashare
  18. Download Hub
  19. Movie Tube
  20. Gomovies
  21. MKV Movies Point
  22. BobMovies
  23. Yes Movies
  24. Turkish123
  25. Archive Movies
  26. Vumoo
  27. Movie Watcher
  28. JustWatch
  29. HuraWatch
  30. FMovies
  31. Two Movies
  32. HD Movies point
  33. Movie BOB
  34. YoMovies
  35. PutLocker
  36. AZMovies
  37. Gostream
  38. SolarMovie
  39. Afdah
  40. VexMovies
  41. Alluc
  42. Onion Play
  43. PopcornTime
  44. Movies25
  45. HD popcorns
  46. Crackle
  47. GenYouTube
  48. SeeHD
  49. Solar Movies
  50. 123EuroPix
  51. House Movie
  52. Movie DLL
  53. 5Movies
  54. Moonline
  55. XMOVIES8
  56. Streamm4u
  57. ZMovies
  58. Noxx
  59. GoMovies
  60. Tubi
  61. Cineb
  62. Peacock Television
  63. HdPopCorn
  64. BestHDMovies
  65. Allowmetoobservethis
  66.  Infinity-free-movies.blogspot .com
  67.  moviesflixpro .net
  68. .in
  69. Hdmoviespro. in
  70. Moviesflix .icu
  71. Zxmovies .xyz
  72. Playnext .live
  73. Themoviesnet .com
  74. Moviesflix .vip
  75. filmywapind.blogspot .com
  76. Moviefreaks101 .com
  77. Moviesupdates .in
  78.  vendorpas .com
  79. Instantdown .xyz
  80. Mainstreetprivacy .org
  81. Moviesverse .in
  82. Firebaseurl .xyz
  83. Tiktokboomer .com
  84. Trudmetal .com
  85. Hdmovies4u .pink
  86. Yute-espadrilles .com
  87. Themoviesverse .com
  88. Drivebit .in
  89. Moviesverse .net
  90. dulltoshani .com
  91. Moviesflixhd .co
  92. Moviesfi .com
  93. Benwhorley .com
  94. Gusheez .com
  95. Kwartzlab .org
  96. Homes4yougc .com
  97. Packaging2 .com
  98. Hdmovies07 .com
  99. Prolinkz .xyz
  100. teknotanderi .com
  101. Ditto TV
  102. Jio Rockers
  103. Jalshamoviez
  104. Tamil Rockers
  105. Afdah
  106. SSR Movies
  107. Solarmovies
  108. Mp4moviez
  109. Couchtuner
  110. Filmy4wap
  111. Primewire
  112. Movie Counter
  113. Kickassanime
  114. Yts
  115. Kissasian
  116. Kissanime
  117. Bollyshare
  118. Bolly2Tolly
  119. Rdxhd
  120. Cinemavoult
  121. RDXpromovie
  122. Putlocker
  123. Madras Rockers
  124. HDpopcorns
  125. 7starhd
  126. Downloadhub lol
  127. Onlinemoviescinema
  128. Teluguwap
  129. Kuttymovies
  130. Cinemarock
  131. Gomovies123
  132. Pagal World
  133. Bolly4u
  134. Rainiertamayo
  135. Rainierland
  136. Letmewatchthis
  137. 9xmovies
  138. Filmyzilla
  139. Worldfree4u
  140. Project Free TV
  141. Prime Free TV
  142. Urlgomovies
  143. Ogomovies
  144. Moviehoney
  145. Moviespanda
  146. MoviesDA
  147. KananHD
  148. Onlinemoviesadda
  149. Moviesgone
  150. Isaimni
  151. Filmyhit
  152. Mydownloadtube
  153. 123mkv
  154. Moviesflix
  155. DesireMovies
  156. Bmovies
  157. LookMovies
  158. AZMovies
  159. CouchTuner
  160. Cmovies
  161. Soap2Day
  162. 123EuroPix
  163. BobMovies
  164. Moonline
  165. MovieWatcher
  166. WatchSeries
  167. GoStream
  168. Gomovies123
  169. Project Free TV
  170. Onlinemoviescinema
  171. MoviesDA
  172. KananHD
  173. Moviesgone
  174. HDpopcorns
  175. 7starhd
  176. Downloadhub lol
  177. Teluguwap
  178. Kuttymovies
  179. Cinemarock
  180. Pagal World

Considerations When Using LosMovies Alternatives

Before diving into the sea of LosMovies alternatives, it’s crucial to navigate the waters of online streaming safely; understanding the importance of legality and a secure user experience will enhance your viewing pleasure—read on to explore how.

Safety and Legality

Safety and legality are big deals when it comes to streaming movies and TV shows. You might face fines or jail time if you watch or download pirated content. This is because it’s against the law in many places.

Using a VPN can protect you while watching online videos, but don’t forget that downloading unlicensed movies is still illegal.

Always choose legal streaming platforms to enjoy your favorite flicks. That way, you keep yourself safe and support the movie industry too! Remember, websites offering free downloads often have malware or viruses hidden in files.

These can steal your password or harm your device. For peace of mind, use services like Netflix, Disney+, or other licensed sites where safety is a top priority.

Accessibility and User Experience

Getting to your favorite movies and TV shows should be easy. The best streaming sites make sure you find what you want without hassle. They let you search by genre, year, or IMDB rating.

Thumbnails show important details like movie length and quality right away. This means less clicking and more watching.

Good websites work on all devices. Whether you use Chrome on a laptop or an Android phone, streaming should be smooth. You don’t need to worry about geo-blocking either; these sites usually offer ways around it so everyone can enjoy the same great films and shows no matter where they are.


Finding the perfect spot for your movie nights just got easier with these amazing LosMovies alternatives. From PutLocker’s vast library to Tubi’s legal streaming, there’s something for everyone.

Safety comes first, so remember your VPN and ad blocker! Happy watching as you dive into endless hours of film and TV show bliss. Enjoy discovering new favorites and revisiting classics without a hitch!

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