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Linked Booster Review: Everything You Need to Know about LinkedIn Lead Generation

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Are you looking for a Linked Booster review? Linked Booster is an incredible app for LinkedIn marketing, meant to help sales professionals earn more traffic and generate more sales leads. It offers a unique and high-quality solution that you need the most when using Linkedin for sales and recruitment. 

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Linked Booster provides everything you need to take your business to the next level, such as automated connection with personalized messages, automated profile optimization, personalized engagement suggestions, and more. With lifetime support and a range of competitive pricing plans, Linked Booster is the perfect tool for managing your LinkedIn connections and boosting your business.

In this blog post, we’ll review Linked Booster and tell you what makes it stand out from other similar services. Plus, we’ll provide our honest opinion of whether or not it’s worth the investment. So, read on and learn all about Linked Booster Review!

About Linked Booster Review

Linked Booster is an incredible app for LinkedIn marketing that offers everything you need to take your business to the next level. It features a unique and high-quality solution where you need it the most when using LinkedIn for sales and recruitment. Linked Booster automates, boosts, and manages your social selling and lead generation. It is not affiliated with LinkedIn but offers 7 trial days for free. 

This app also comes with some great features such as Email Scraper, Visitor Insight, Lead Segmentation, Lead Generation and Management, and more. DealMirror recently released a Linked Booster Lifetime Deal which provides great value for all users. With Linked Booster, users can generate more leads and increase their sales quickly and easily.

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How Does Linked Booster Work?

Linked Booster is a powerful social network automation tool that helps users to automate their LinkedIn activities and manage 1st-degree connections smartly. It offers the functionalities of Email Scraper, Visitor Insight, Lead Segmentation, and Lead Generation Software. The app is designed to make the process of marketing on LinkedIn much easier and more efficient. 

It helps users to collect their prospects’ Linkedin automation with customized tags, visit profiles automatically and send out personalized messages. Linked Booster also ensures data security and privacy through its advanced encryption technology. DealMirror Presents Linked Booster Lifetime Deal offers a unique and high-quality solution for users who need it the most when using Linkedin for sales and recruitment.

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Features of Linked Booster

Linked Booster

Linked Booster offers a range of features that make it an ideal choice for those looking to maximize their LinkedIn presence. The app provides email scraping, visitor insight, lead segmentation, lead scoring, and automated messaging. It also offers a lifetime offer that allows you to use feature upgrades and lifetime support services at no additional cost. Linked Booster is designed to help professionals leverage their LinkedIn presence and generate more sales leads. With its intuitive and easy-to-use interface, Linked Booster makes it easy to manage your connections and grow your network.

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Create Professional Content Quickly

Linked Booster allows users to quickly and easily create professional content for their LinkedIn profiles. The app offers an extensive library of templates, allowing users to customize their messages and posts, while still keeping a professional tone. With Linked Booster, users can quickly gain insights into user engagement and integrate with third-party tools, making it easy to manage their LinkedIn presence. Linked Booster is also safe to use, with the latest security protocols in place to ensure maximum protection of user data.

Gain Access to a Library of Templates

Linked Booster provides users with access to a library of templates that can be used to create professional content quickly and easily. With the library of templates, users can be assured that the content they create will always have the same formatting, design, and general look and feel. Users can also use the data from these templates to gain insights into user engagement and integrate with third-party tools. This feature makes Linked Booster an invaluable resource for sales, recruitment, and marketing professionals using LinkedIn.

Get Insights on User Engagement

Linked Booster is the perfect tool for getting insights into user engagement. By helping you to measure and manage employees’ perspectives, you can ensure that your customers and teams are actively engaged with their work.

Linked Booster’s advanced analytics also provide powerful insights regarding customer reviews, ratings, and brand voice. As such, you can use Linked Booster to stay up to date on how customers perceive your business. This way, you can use customer feedback to make informed decisions about how to improve your customer experience. With Linked Booster, you can stay ahead of the curve when it comes to customer engagement and satisfaction.

Integrate with Third-Party Tools

Linked Booster helps you to take your social marketing and lead generation to the next level by seamlessly integrating with third-party tools. With Linked Booster, you can easily connect with popular CRMs, email marketing solutions, and other tools to further streamline your workflow. This integration allows you to create a custom workflow that fits your needs and automates repetitive tasks. With this automated solution, you can be sure that your data is safe and secure. Furthermore, Linked Booster provides insights on user engagement, so you can keep track of your leads and optimize your campaigns accordingly.

Automatic Contact Requests

Linked Booster is an innovative way to automate contact requests on LinkedIn. With its automated contact requests, sales and recruitment professionals can quickly and easily reach out to their target audience. It allows users to customize their contact requests with templates that can include personalized messages and offers.

It also has real-time email tracking so users can see when their contact request is opened and responded to. Linked Booster helps sales professionals in a number of ways, from increasing their reach to helping build relationships with potential customers. Furthermore, with its 7-day free trial and lifetime support, Linked Booster takes the hassle out of managing your contacts on LinkedIn.

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Customizable Templates

Linked Booster offers users the ability to customize their message templates with AI technology and hand-picked marketing experts. With this feature, users can quickly create personalized messages for each contact, increasing the chances of effective engagement. Additionally, users can customize their templates according to their needs, giving them more control over their message content. With Linked Booster’s customizable templates, sales professionals can make sure their messages are tailored to each contact, helping them build better relationships with their prospects.

Auto-Connect on LinkedIn

If you click “Connect All” on the search results page or “Connect all profiles” on the Dashboard page, Linked Booster will make it easier and faster for you to make connections that matter. Relieve your work on LinkedIn. Relax, put your feet up, and enjoy your coffee. So what? Just enjoy how things work.

Real-Time Email Tracking

Keeping track of your prospects’ activity is key for successful campaigns. With Linked Booster, you can have real-time email tracking so you can easily monitor how many people are opening your emails, clicking on the links you’ve included, and what device they’re using. This helps you to optimize your campaigns and personalize emails to make sure that you’re delivering the right message at the right time. With link tracking, you’ll know exactly who’s interacting with your emails and what action they’re taking, helping you to make sure that you’re reaching the right buyers and prospects. 

Hunter Customer Rating is an additional feature that helps sales professionals easily identify their best-performing email campaigns. With a 4.6/5 rating from Capterra reviews, Linked Booster provides lifetime support and a 7-day free trial so you can experience first-hand how this powerful tool can help you automate LinkedIn actions, manage 1st-degree connections smartly, and get more from marketing or sales on LinkedIn.

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Benefits of Linked Booster

Linked Booster is a great tool for optimizing your presence on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional social network. With Linked Booster, you can easily manage your LinkedIn connections and generate more sales leads. The app also helps sales professionals earn more traffic and leads with automated activities and features like 1st-degree connection smartly.

Additionally, Linked Booster provides lifetime support, allowing you to get the most out of your LinkedIn marketing efforts. With its robust features, Linked Booster can help you maximize your reach and visibility on the platform, allowing you to network with potential clients and partners. Furthermore, Linked Booster’s intuitive interface makes it easy to use and understand so that you can quickly start promoting your business and growing your network.

What Kind of Functions Does Link Booster Have?

Email Scraper Functionality

Linked Booster’s Email Scraper functionality allows users to quickly and easily extract data from websites that are related to their business or target audience. With just a few clicks, users can quickly scrape website domains and collect email addresses as well as other contact information. The application also uses third-party services to extract extra data such as contact information from LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google. As a result, users can save time and effort in finding the right contacts for their business. Additionally, Linked Booster’s email scraper feature is highly secure and ensures that user data is kept safe and private at all times.

Visitor Insight Functionality

Visitor Insight Functionality allows organizations to gain valuable insights into their website performance and understand user behavior. With Linked Booster, organizations can track website visits and determine the most effective sources of user traffic. Additionally, Linked Booster provides data-driven insights that enable companies to optimize their marketing efforts and build better customer experiences. With this feature, organizations can create tailored experiences for their visitors, resulting in improved overall website performance.

Lead Segmentation Functionality

The Lead Segmentation Functionality of Linked Booster allows businesses to split their mailing list into smaller targeted groups. This way, businesses can send the right information to the right customers at the correct time, enabling them to deliver personalized customer experiences and solutions. Lead segmentation is also a great predictive tool since it allows businesses to anticipate future behaviors of similar target audiences. Linked Booster’s Lead Segmentation Functionality is a powerful tool that helps businesses get the most out of their marketing campaigns.

Lead Generation Software Functionality

Linked Booster’s lead generation software functionality is designed to help businesses find and capture leads with ease. It provides an easy-to-use platform to identify, segment, and export leads from various sources. With the help of the software, users can quickly generate leads from social media platforms such as LinkedIn, export them with one click to CSV, and many more features. Additionally, it also provides a CRM for managing these leads that can help businesses streamline the entire lead generation process. With Linked Booster’s advanced lead segmentation capabilities, users can easily customize segments and target their ideal prospects with precision.

Data Security and Privacy

Linked Booster provides strong data security and privacy measures to protect users’ data. It uses encryption technologies, password protection, and other security measures to keep user data safe and secure. It also has a strict policy in place to protect user information from unauthorized access or misuse. Additionally, it allows users to control what data they share with third parties, providing the ability to control who can access the data and for what purpose. Linked Booster is committed to protecting its users’ data and ensuring that it remains secure and private.

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How to Use Linked Booster?

Using Linked Booster is easy and straightforward. After signing up and connecting your LinkedIn account, you will be presented with an intuitive dashboard that allows you to begin automating tasks right away. You can start by scheduling personalized messages to be sent out on a regular basis, or you can use the advanced search filters to find and connect with potential leads. You can also use Linked Booster’s scraping tool to export all available contact information from your LinkedIn network. Once you have established your campaigns and processes, simply set your automation rules and forget them – Linked Booster will take care of the rest!

Linked Booster Pricing

Linked Booster offers a variety of pricing plans to fit the needs of any customer. All plans include a first-month discount of either 41% or 49%, depending on the plan. The Individual Plan costs $15.99 for the first month and $9.99 monthly thereafter, while the Three Month Plan costs $46.99 for the first three months and $23.99 monthly thereafter.

Additionally, Linked Booster now offers a lifetime plan with feature upgrades and lifetime support services included at no extra cost. With these various plans and discounts available, customers can find a pricing option that works best for their budget and needs.

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7-Day Free Trial and Lifetime Support of Linked Booster

Linked Booster offers a 7-day free trial to help users get familiar with the platform and decide if it fits their needs. During the trial period, users can enjoy access to all features of the platform, from automated contact requests to customizable templates and real-time email tracking. After the trial ends, users can continue their journey with Linked Booster and take advantage of their life support. With a lifetime subscription, users gain access to feature upgrades, making it easier for them to stay ahead of their competition.

How Linked Booster Helps Sales Professionals?

Linked Booster helps sales professionals to make the most out of their LinkedIn experience. It automates actions, making it easier to manage 1st-degree connections smartly. This can help to generate more sales leads and traffic. With Linked Booster, sales professionals are able to personalize every experience along the customer journey with Customer 360. The tool also unifies marketing, sales, service, commerce, and IT on the world’s #1 CRM.

This helps to make sure that they always stay up to date with their contacts and can maximize their outreach opportunities. Linked Booster also provides customizable templates and real-time email tracking so they can stay organized and make sure their messages are seen by the right people. With all these features combined, Linked Booster is an invaluable tool for any sales professional looking to increase their success on LinkedIn.

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Using Linked Booster for Social Selling

Linked Booster is a powerful tool to help you with social selling on LinkedIn. With its intuitive dashboard, you can easily track and analyze your performance, and even customize it to fit your specific needs. Linked Booster allows you to easily find prospects, connect with them and start conversations.

You can also use it to build relationships with them, create content tailored for them, and engage with their followers. Additionally, Linked Booster provides AI-based lead scoring, which helps you quickly identify the most promising leads for your business. With all these features, Linked Booster makes it easy for you to maximize your success in social selling on LinkedIn.

Using Linked Booster for Lead Generation

Linked Booster’s lead generation features are ideal for sales professionals looking to increase their traffic and sales. With the Email Scraper, you can quickly and easily obtain information on potential leads. Lead Segmentation allows you to categorize leads according to criteria such as location, company size, and more. And with Visitor Insight, you gain insight into who is visiting your profile and how they interact with it.

This allows you to target your messages with greater precision and accuracy. Linked Booster is an invaluable tool that simplifies the process of generating leads on LinkedIn, helping sales professionals drive more conversions with less effort.

Comparing Linked Booster with Other Options

When comparing Linked Booster to other options, it’s clear that this tool stands out from the competition. Linked Booster offers unique features such as flexible tag updating and advanced analytics for identifying safe-to-save money. It also has 4/5 stars with 9 reviews on SaaSworthy.com, which is higher than the 8/5 stars with 24 reviews of TrustedForm, another lead generation software option.

Moreover, Linked Booster’s pricing is very reasonable in comparison to other software solutions available on the market. This comprehensive solution is designed to help users get more LinkedIn connections and make the most of their online presence.

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Linked Booster vs. Linkedin

Linked Booster provides a unique solution to help you get the most out of your LinkedIn experience. It syncs your first-degree connections with tags and allows you to save time and effort when using Linkedin for sales and recruitment. Moreover, Linked Booster offers lifetime offer upgrades and support services that are not available on LinkedIn. With Linked Booster, users can easily keep track of their contacts and stay on top of their leads without any extra hassle.

Customer Reviews of Linked Booster

Customer reviews of Linked Booster have been overwhelmingly positive. Customers cite its ease of use and comprehensive features as the main reasons they are satisfied. Many customers also appreciate the lifetime support and the fact that it is offered at an affordable price point. Linked Booster also offers a unique solution for managing LinkedIn connections and generating more leads, making it an attractive option for businesses looking to maximize their presence on the platform.

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Furthermore, it has been praised for its intuitive interface and ability to quickly manage hundreds of contacts. With so many satisfied customers, it’s no wonder why Linked Booster is quickly becoming one of the leading LinkedIn marketing tools available.

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Pros and Cons of Using Linked Booster

Linked Booster is an automated social network solution that helps you manage your LinkedIn 1st-degree connections and automate your LinkedIn activities. But what are the pros and cons of using Linked Booster? Read on to find out.


  • Easy to use, requiring minimal setup time and effort.
  • Highly recommended for business users, as it makes managing 1st-degree connections on LinkedIn easier.
  • Collecting emails for marketing campaigns can be simpler and more efficient with Linked Booster.
  • Automate certain tasks on LinkedIn, such as sending messages to 1st-degree connections or searching for the right contacts for sales or recruitment efforts.


  • Can be prone to login issues, which require minor improvements from the developer.
  • Can be quite expensive compared to other solutions that offer similar features and performance.

Top Tips for Using Linked Booster for Sales and Recruitment

  1. Personalize offers with custom variables – Using custom variables to personalize offers can help you better engage with your network and increase their interest in your offers.
  2. Utilize LinkedIn automation tools – Dux-Soup’s LinkedIn automation tool helps to accelerate your lead generation pipeline and grow your sales.
  3. Use a chatbot – A chatbot is a great way to automate conversations with potential customers and provide them with answers quickly and easily.
  4. Engage with 1st-degree connections – Linked Booster provides a unique and high-quality solution for managing 1st-degree connections on LinkedIn, helping you make the most of your network.
  5. Give your presence TLC – You can give your personal LinkedIn presence the attention it deserves by using the tips provided by Linked Booster to help you optimize your profile and make it stand out from the crowd.

Is Linked Booster Safe to Use?

Linked Booster is a secure and reliable app for managing your LinkedIn accounts. The developers have implemented anti-detection functions which are continuously updated to ensure users don’t run into any trouble with the platform. Additionally, Linked Booster offers lifetime support, feature upgrades, and other services in its lifetime offer, so you can use the app with complete peace of mind.


In conclusion, Linked Booster is a great tool for those who want to take their LinkedIn presence to the next level. It offers a range of features that make it easy to manage connections and generate more leads. It is also reasonably priced and comes with great customer support. Linked Booster is a must-have app for any professional looking to get the most out of their LinkedIn presence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Linked Booster Review

What is a Linked Booster?

Linked Booster is a great app for marketing on LinkedIn. It is made to help salespeople get more traffic and sales leads. It gives you a unique and high-quality solution where you need it most when using Linkedin for sales and hire.

What features does Linked Booster have?

Linked Booster is packed with features designed to help you get the most out of LinkedIn. These features include automated 1st-degree connection requests, automated messages, profile viewers, and a profile analyzer. You can also customize the settings for each of your connections and view their profiles for further analysis. Additionally, Linked Booster allows you to easily manage your entire network with advanced filtering and sorting options. Finally, Linked Booster’s lifetime offer allows you to enjoy ongoing feature upgrades and lifetime support services without any additional cost.

How much does Linked Booster cost?

Linked Booster offers a variety of pricing plans depending on your needs. The most affordable option is the Individual Plan, which offers 41% off for the first month and 49% off for the first 3 months. This plan costs $9.99 for the first month and $23.99 for the first 3 months. For those who require more features, Linked Booster also offers the Professional Plan, which costs $16.99 for the first month and $46.99 for the first 3 months. Whichever plan you choose, you can be sure that Linked Booster is an affordable way to get the most out of your LinkedIn activities and manage 1st-degree connections smartly.

What kind of customer support is available with Linked Booster?

Linked Booster offers excellent customer support services to help users get the most out of their experience. The app provides quick responses through email and an extensive FAQ section, as well as live chat and phone support. Additionally, the app’s own blog and social media accounts provide helpful tips and advice on how to make the most out of the product. With these resources, users can find answers to their queries quickly and easily.

What do you like best about Linked Booster?

A great app for marketing on LinkedIn is Linked Booster. It has everything your business needs to get to the next level. I love the interface, the ability to export leads to a CSV file, the auto-scraping feature, and the way you can automate and control what you do. I’ve been using it for about 6 months, and I still find out new things every day. This tool has been very helpful to me, and the person who owns it is always happy to answer questions.

What do you dislike about Linked Booster?

The only thing I don’t like about Linked Booster is that we have to stay on the screen for it to work. I wish they would automate things behind the scenes, which would change the game and make them the best.

What problems are Linked Booster solving and how is that benefiting you?

Keeping track of my contacts and events became a chore for me. With Linked Booster, I was able to save a lot of time and just keep an eye on what I needed to pay attention to.



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