Do You Know How to Act after a Car Accident?

The increase in road travel means an increase in car accidents, so we explain the steps you must follow after suffering an accident.

Being prepared to react adequately to a car accident and knowing how to manage stress in these circumstances is very important if we want to minimize the consequences in the event of an accident. For this reason, we will discuss the steps to follow in the event of a traffic accident.

Stay calm

First of all, once the car crash has occurred, the most important thing is to try to stay calm. Then, get the other users involved to do so as well. Next, if there are no serious injuries, we must proceed to take as many photos as possible of the environment, the state of the vehicles after the impact, and the road marking, since it can help us when determining the guilt of the incident. It is very important to take the photos before moving the vehicles from the scene of the accident.

Witnesses of the car accident

The next step to follow is highly recommended, although most people do not do it because of the nerves of the moment. It is about requesting the data and a form of contact to the possible witnesses of the accident. Because they can clarify the events that occurred from an objective point of view. These data must be handed over to the police or the Civil Guard.

After that, it is essential to take the data of the other driver involved — personal data, make and model of the vehicle, color of the vehicle, license plate and the data of your insurance policy. Later you can fill in a friendly accident report. This document is very relevant. Because it allows the claim procedures to be carried out within a period of between 5 and 15 days. In addition, it serves as proof that the opposing driver acknowledges their involvement in the car accident. So it is essential that both parties sign it once it is completed and keep a copy each.


There might be casualty during the accident. The first thing to do is call the emergency helpline number and transmit as precisely as possible the exact location of the accident, and the state in which the injured are, so that medical assistance can arrive as soon as possible. The police or the Civil Guard will also go to the scene of the car accident to draw up a report of the incident.

During the waiting time until the arrival of the ambulance and the authorities, it is essential to place the emergency triangles on the road to mark the scene of the accident. Also, you should protect the injured and avoid further problems. It is very important to know that we must not move the injured or try to take them to the hospital on our own, since we could be aggravating their condition. What you always have to do is wait for the health services to arrive to treat the victims.

Finally, the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) recommends:

  • If the injured person is a motorcyclist, do not remove the helmet at any time.
  • If the injured person is unconscious, do not give him water to drink.
  • If he is conscious, talk and reassure the victim so that he does not become unconscious.
  • Prevent the casualty from losing body heat.
  • Do not leave the injured person alone at any time.

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