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ChatGPT Bug Exposed User’s Chat Histories: Report

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The chatbot ChatGPT has changed how people think about artificial intelligence technology and how authorities should monitor it to guard against hazards.

Users were astounded at ChatGPT’s capacity to clearly answer challenging questions, write sonnets or code, and provide knowledge on sensitive topics when it first emerged in November. ChatGPT was developed by the American startup OpenAI.

Even the exams designed for human students in law and medicine were passed by ChatGPT with great results.

But when the learning system and competing models are incorporated into business applications, the technology also carries a lot of hazards.

An article by Bloomberg claims that a recent issue in OpenAI’s ChatGPT may have allowed other users access to the titles of some users’ earlier conversations with the AI chatbot.

On Monday morning, OpenAI temporarily shut down its ChatGPT service after receiving reports of this problem.

A representative for OpenAI informed the news source that the titles could be seen in the user-history sidebar, which generally appears on the ChatGPT webpage’s left side. As the business learned about these reports, the chatbot was momentarily disabled, the representative stated. There was no way to see what was being discussed by the other users.

Unknown open-source software, according to accounts, is what OpenAI blamed for the error.

Only the names of previous talks with the chatbot, not their entire content, were made public, according to the news article.

The next-generation technology that powers ChatGPT and Microsoft’s new Bing browser, GPT-4, was made available by OpenAI last week with comparable security measures. GPT-4’s ability to file lawsuits, pass standardized tests, and create a functioning website from a hand-drawn design astounded many users in early tests and a company demonstration the day after its introduction.

The world’s response to artificial intelligence‘s potential in the future and the steps that will be made to mitigate its negative effects and technological flaws will be interesting to watch, nevertheless.



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