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The Only Cabin Cleaning Tips You Need to Read Today

Cabins are smaller homes with compact floor space. It’s amazing how quickly such small spaces can get dirty and accumulate junk.

Moreover, it has several spaces that don’t get cleaned every day. Therefore, junk and dust accumulation is more prominent, which also gives rise to the need for effective cleaning. 

In this article, we will discuss important tips for cleaning and maintaining your cabin.

Take a look. 

Cabin Exterior

Wash the Cabin Exterior

Cabins are mostly made up of wood logs, so they require specific cleaning.
The exterior logs are made of softwood, which means they can’t be pressure washed. Therefore, instead of pressure washing the logs, we recommend using the car wash method. There are a variety of cleaners available specifically for logs. 

While spraying the cleaner on the logs, focus on cleaning areas with cobwebs and dust. After putting in the cleaner, please wait for some time to see the magic happen. It’ll shine like new within a matter of minutes.

Apply a Finish on the Logs

To add that sparkle or color to your cabin’s logs, consider coating/layering it up. You can add stain, wax, or a different finish to it. But before doing so, make sure to examine the type of wood it’s made from.

It will make your logs appear shiny and save them from being attacked by moss and weathering.

Inspect the Exterior for Termites

It is crucial to keep a check on termites that feed off of wood. We recommend checking your cabin for signs of a termite problem regularly. 

You can easily detect termite infestation by observing the presence of mud tunnels. Termites use these passages to construct moving spaces between one location from another. If you notice any possible signs of infestation, consult a professional and get rid of termites. This will help you keep your log cabin secure for generations to come.

Cabin Interior

Eliminate Sink Odors by Using Lemon

Cooking inside the cabins more often may lead your kitchen sink to stink. To avoid this, simply run a lemon rind through the garbage disposal. 

It will help eliminate unpleasant odor and clean areas of the sink that aren’t able to reach. After the lemon has gone through the sink, wash it off with cold water.

Cut Through Grease On Appliances

Cooking in the cabin also leaves grease stains on the surrounding areas and kitchen appliances. The easiest method is to boil the water in a bowl with a few lemons and some vinegar in it. Let the bowl heat in the microwave. When it’s finished, all you have to do is wash away the grease and other smudges.

Consider a good property cleanout service to get rid of all the unused appliances and other junk for good. 

Refresh the Junk Drawer

To keep the drawers of your cabin clean, it is essential to sort them regularly. Better to dispose of items that aren’t worth your time and keep only the ones that you will use.

To make sure that the junk container is cleaned, vacuum up any leftover crumbs in it.

Dust Crevices

There are many hidden areas in a cabin where dust could accumulate. The beams’ tops, the narrow corners where beams meet, and the sloped areas can be overflowing with dust and challenging to wash.

For this, you would need specific tools to access the nooks and crannies. Eliminating dust, cobwebs, and other allergens from these areas will make living in your cabin a bit more bearable. Begin with the crevices first and later clean the floors.

Final Word

Your cabin requires a little more care and effort than the typical home. Make sure to take cues from the tips mentioned above and keep your cabin in its best conditions. 

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