7 Things You Should Never Apply On Your Face

There is no lack of cosmetics in the market. It is difficult to determine which items to use and what not to do with them. But you should always careful about some products that can damage the skin.

A report by Boldsky, India’s lifestyle and health website, says that applying them on the face is harmful for the skin. Let us know about some of these products: 

Body lotion

Many use body lotion on the face. Body lotion contains chemicals that can cause harm to the skin of the face. It is not suitable for the body. So it’s better not to use body lotion on your face.

Hot water

Bathing with hot water is very comfortable. But it is harmful to the skin on the face. Washing your face with excess hot water can reduce the moisture in the skin. This will cause various skin problems.

Nail polish

Many people also apply nail polish on their faces in the decorations of various festivals. Nails have allergic ingredients, which are harmful to the skin. Again, nail polish remover is more harmful to the skin.


Shampoo is a very good product for cleaning dirt. But it’s made only for hair. So it’s not right to put shampoo on your face. Shampoo softens the skin on the face. So when shampooing your hair, make sure you don’t put it on your face.

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Toothpaste fights acne but the chemicals present in it can damage the skin. So never apply toothpaste on your face.


No one wants sweat to stink and many people apply deodorant in different parts of the body to avoid it. Many people also apply it on the skin of the face, which is harmful.

Hair Color

Do you color your hair? Sometimes people paint the eyebrow to match hair color with these, which damages the skin.

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