5 Ways to Continue Your Education

Continuing your education can be a daunting prospect for many people. Education is invaluable, giving you more scope for employment and satiating your thirst for knowledge, but knowing how to proceed is a complicated decision. Many adults feel embarrassed or overwhelmed by the process of pursuing further education. Know that it can be a long process and will have its challenges, but more people than you think choose to do this, so the options are almost limitless!

Whether you have always wanted to finish school, always wanted a college degree, or wish to pursue a new career direction, continuing your education is a brave decision that you will always be glad you made. The beauty of following the path of further education as an adult is greater maturity and perspective but remember that if you have a job or a family, scheduling can be difficult, so researching your options thoroughly is a necessity.

Finishing High School

Having a set of GCSEs will give you significant advantages in your adult life. A school level of education will put you in a great position for future employment or education opportunities. Plenty of adults wish to go back to school so there are lots of options available! Online education is a great alternative for those balancing their education with a job or a family and some areas even offer free online school-level education.

Adult learning facilities also widely offer continuation of school education, but be aware, whatever you choose, school will take both time and patience so be prepared to make a commitment. Testing will definitely be a part of this process, as will be learning material that may be difficult or unfamiliar. But having a school-level knowledge of core subjects such as English, Mathematics, and the sciences will open the door for employment possibilities with higher salaries and more challenging day-to-day experiences.

Online Masters

Do you already have a bachelor’s degree and want to elevate your knowledge in your chosen field? Getting a master’s degree usually requires previous college-level education, but is not only for the young. People of all ages follow this route, and it can be a great idea for those who are seeking new job options, whether that be due to availability, salary, or interest.

Master’s degrees range widely in subject matter, price and entry requirements, so there is something for everyone! A master’s degree will open up a large variety of employment opportunities for you, letting your future employer know that you are talented and serious.

Checking the requirements of the degree you want to pursue is important. Often science-based degrees will require previous scientific knowledge, the same going for humanities and arts. If you’re considering seeking employment in the education sector, a masters in education from a quality institution like the University of Exeter could be the solution for you.


Apprenticeships are a great choice if you’re looking for a more practical education. Job-based learning is a great way to pursue new learning prospects while earning a salary. So, if money is an issue as it often is while pursuing further adult education, apprenticeships are definitely something to look into. Earnings during apprenticeships vary greatly but rest assured, this is a cheap option that could have you graduating with no extra cost, keeping you away from loans and debt.

Apprenticeships are an especially good idea if you learn well in process-based situations, doing rather than observing. This may be a better fit for you than a traditional college degree and apprenticeships are becoming more and more popular in the 21st century as education becomes more valuable by the day. Popular types of apprenticeships include business and business administration, childcare, learning and development, various construction skills and health and social care. You can see that apprenticeships are diverse in opportunity and will lead you straight into your perfect job whilst learning irreplaceable skills!

Teach Yourself

If formal qualifications aren’t an issue for you, taking your education into your own hands can be a wonderful and low-cost idea, especially if you’re good at time management. There are endless education resources if you choose to follow this route, from curriculum-based apps and programs to more flexible options that you can dip in and out of when it suits you allowing you to broaden your horizons without the cost of a uni education!

Teaching yourself new skills is a popular way to pursue further education, with thousands learning skills online and on their own schedule. Learning languages is a particularly popular option with many apps posing interactive methods through which to stay motivated and on top of your learning. Consider looking for podcasts or videos which range on a wide variety of subjects if you’re seeking a broader overview of new information, these are available widely and often cost-free! Apart from this, if you need fully funded scholarships, you can take help from Google. 

Kickstart Options

Kickstarting a new venture could be a great decision if you want to learn the skills of business whilst throwing yourself into a new job. This is a great option for those wishing to pursue creative ventures or businesses, educational trips and learning opportunities that require raising money.

By raising money in this way, you will need to manage budgeting and marketing, which is often easy for those already familiar with the ways of social media but can seem like a large responsibility for one person. Consider collaborating or seeking professional advice if this option seems like a good route of education for you.

If you are one who believes creating your own job opportunities may be easier than finding a job then go ahead, but realise that this requires plenty of research and forethought, so be prepared to work!

If continuing your education is something that you are seriously interested in, know that you can do this in many ways: formally, informally, at all different prices and with all different levels of commitment. Making this decision is a wonderful thing to do and will be a valuable process that you will always be grateful for, so don’t be scared. Take advantage of the opportunities all around you and broaden your horizons!


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