Tips and Tricks to Travel on a Budget in any Country

Traveling is always fun. Everyone among us wants to explore the beauties of the world spread all around us, but the budget usually gives us a hard knock. But traveling for years and years, I believe you can travel anywhere without spending too much on it. From years of experience, I have created a list of super-effective tips and tricks to travel on a budget. Just follow these crazy but simple tips, and your wallet will thank you later.

Travel via Cheap Flights

Don’t choose the super-luxury airline services for traveling towards the desired destination. You can save hefty amounts by traveling via economy class airlines which are safe and serve you well. Here you can find a complete guide on how to travel by cheap flight.

Choose your Destination Wisely

If you want to save some handsome amount of money while traveling to the world’s most beautiful destinations, then Asia has a lot to offer. Even in Asia, plan according to your budget. I prefer those locations where currency exchange will make your life easier.

Take your Own Ride

Traveling via Taxi or car-riding services will drain out your budget in no time. If you can spend a little, then buy a used car from some local market and explore the whole country in your preferred way. But make sure to check the history of used vehicles before finalizing any deals. Car history reports give information about insurance, accident, damage, finance, ownership, title, and other such information about the concerned vehicle. 

These reports will help you to make a well-informed decision. Resultantly allowing you to travel anywhere without waiting for hours for the taxis.

Select Budgeted Accommodations

If you’re visiting famous destinations of any country, it’s a definite thing that rates will be higher. So, instead of staying at famous spots, choose some off-road but safe destinations. These off-road destinations not only provide you with budgeted accommodations but also high-quality food at lesser prices than usual.

Travel Off-Season

Off-season traveling is a great blessing for those who want to deeply explore every inch of the desired location. During the off-season, tourists are way lesser, so usually, local hotels and accommodations are easily available at better prices. The biggest advantage of off-season adventure is sweet discounts on traveling expenses. If you are a novice backpacker, then avoid these common mistakes to make your journey colorful.

But make sure to double-check the opening of those particular spots. For instance, if you plan to visit someplace in the winter season, then government-imposed restrictions or natural blockades can spoil your whole plan.

Book In Advance

This is a tricky point. Book your flights in advance, so eleventh-hour cancelation or other such disturbances can be avoided. But keep an eye on expected discounts or offers and always be ready to avail themselves. For hotel booking, it’s better to negotiate with the owners directly instead of pre-booking, especially if you’re visiting off-season.

Travel Timings

Traveling time always plays a vital role in saving a significant number of dimes. Book your flights in mid-weeks as weekends usually go pricy. Additionally, traveling at night makes your journey faster because of lesser traffic on roads. If night driving is safe, then always prefer it. This will help you to save extra spent on night accommodations.


While traveling anywhere in the world, I prefer to build a strong bond with locals and try to live with them. Couchsurfing is an ideal partner for your budget traveling as you can stay with locals without paying anything. But make sure to stay with people with good reviews as safety and comfort is always a priority.

Get a Local Sim

If you visit any other country, Google maps is a must. Additionally, it’s unavoidable to break contact with your family and fans. But roaming with your own SIM from your home country will cost you hefty amounts. So, instead of using your personal number, buy some local sim and enjoy cheaper data rates.

ATM Charges

ATM charges can disturb your budget very badly. If you are visiting some other country, then make sure to withdraw amounts in a single go or visit exchanges to get better currency returns. Frequent use of ATMs will cost you bulky charges, which will be enough to drain all your savings. Though getting huge amounts on a single go can save you from ATM charges, make sure to stay away from theft spots. Additionally, secure all your cash in various pockets in your bag and body. SO, in case of any unusual event, you won’t run out of money.

The Bottom Line

Traveling is always a thriller. Just make sure to plan well before time so that last moment choices don’t spoil your budget as well as plans. Follow the above-given hand-picked tips to turn your traveling journey into a blessing. 

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